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  • Made In China....China Can Keep IT! - 2016 Buick Envision
    By -

    Our car was in an accident on May 3rd. It is now August 10th and we still do not have our car. They cannot get parts and GM has been of NO help. I would NOT buy this car again, nor would I tell anyone to buy this car. It has been a complete disaster! I have never been as disappointed in a car as we have been with this car. Do not buy a car made in CHINA!

  • Best Bang for Your Buck$$$ - 2017 Buick Envision
    By -

    I have owned other mid-size and smaller SUVs and this one is as good or better than those that cost almost twice as much. I made riding in my Rav4 or CRV seem like I was in a tractor. Typical smooth Buick ride with all the techno upgrades. We have 3 smaller grandchildren and we all love it!!!

  • Envision yourself in an Envision - 2016 Buick Envision
    By -

    Believe the hype!

  • Shake&Bake - 2017 Buick Envision
    By -

    We have had the car for four months. Car shakes badly when taking off and even worse if you are turning left or right from a stop. The back up monitor is the worst I have every seen, can not see anything at all at dusk or dawn, exhaust has a bad rattle and the heater motor sounds terrible. All this is normal according to the dealer Thompson of Springfield Mo. nothing fixed

  • It is all that I envisioned! - 2016 Buick Envision
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    I purchased this vehicle after I was given one as a loaner car from the dealership. I loved it from the get go. I am a disabled veteran and had to switch to a crossover SUV, which are easier to get into. From the beautiful colors to the slick interior design and the awesome driver safety features, I love this SUV! Update: Ive had this vehicle for 8 months and still love it!

  • In for repairs for 45 days no help from GM - 2016 Buick Envision
    By -

    2016 Premium 1 has been at the dealership for repairs because of all safety systems faults (Air Bags, ABS, AWD, Power Steering, Stability Control, you name it) for 45 days now. GM Senior Advisor was assigned to my case bu would not answer my phone call or return them. Finally after several attempts to get some answers on getting this problem resolved I had an attorney write a letter to GM stating my states lemon law. Within 2 days my "Senior Advisor" found my email address and sent me an update on my case. Only stating that because I involved legal console that she could no longer assist me. Well she havent been assisting with anything to that point so Im not sure what changed. Now at 45 days out of service I continue to wait with no other feedback on a resolution.

  • Smooth, efficient, with great handling - 2016 Buick Envision
    By -

    Update: My best mileage is 32 mpg at 65 mph with just me or 30 mpg loaded at thr same speed. 12,000 miles and the oil life is saying it is time for an oil change. I love the freebies when it is 20°F out otherwise I be in thr unheated garage doing it myself. I love the heated steering wheel as it get very warm. The heated seats are appreciated by all four of us and thr heated mirrors work great too. The AWD is perfect on the white stuff and seldom slips unless you want to punch the throttle. With 3,000 miles on our 2016 Envision Prem ll, we picked up used in the mid-$30s, the moonroof and Driver Confidence Package are quite the deal compared to the more expensive German car companies. My in-laws are quite smitten with the Envision overall and are considering one for their next purchase. I searched new/used 2.0l turbo for months as it has AWD and torque vectoring included. The 2017 Prem ll discounted was capped my lower models starting at $35K. So our 2016 Prem ll GM executive driven with 3,000 miles in the next state over was lightly driven with no excessive tire wear, so I know it was not used for closed course driving events. New 2016 with no options were popping up for $10K off or $33K but I did not want white or silver, so it pays to shop with discounts like that and spend a few hundred to have it shipped. Currently getting 25 mpg on my half city/highway commute now that it is warming up. The ride is super quiet and smooth Im surprised how well it isolates from the road, it is refreshing after a day at work.

  • The Crossover with class - Envision - 2016 Buick Envision
    By -

    Great luxurious crossover- The vehicle is priced appropriately when compared to other luxury crossovers. Do your homework you will see for yourself. I had test drove the Acura RDX prior to the Envision and found the RDX road height to be a bit low with a very hard ride, stiff sport suspension, not sure if that is ever needed in a crossover/small SUV. So I took a look at the Envision while looking at a Buick/GMC dealer. This Envision fits a void in the Buck SUV lineup. The Enclave is fairly large while the Encore is well yeah, kind of small. I was very impressed by the quiet smooth ride of the Envision along with the interior and exterior styling. On the interior the first thing i noticed was the all digital instrument panel, which makes it feel that much nicer. The interior trim is fitted with leather, i went with black since it is a lease and has a less chance of showing marks even though the beige is beautiful too. The dashboard is also covered in leather this is a nice touch over a plastic one most vehicles have. The front seats seem a little stiffer than i would expect but the heated leather wrapped steering wheel make up for this minor issue. Rear seating is comfortable with separate controlled ventilation for rear passengers. The rear seats can recline ever so slightly and have the ability to glide forward to make more room for cargo in the back. Interior lighting is very well placed with accent lighting on the floor and very eloquently placed lighting on the door panels and front face of dashboard. This looks very nice at night. Exterior lights look very nice with the daytime running LEDs on the front and HID headlights and fog lights. Power lift gate is very convenient for loading and unloading. Now the real good part, the power that comes out of that little 4-cyl. is very impressive. I live in Colorado - high elevation and the vehicle has no problem with the thin air and steep roads. The turbo on the 4-cyl works wonderfully. Lag is in the seconds, like 1-2 maybe. Collision avoidance and lane keeping assist work wonderfully as well. Hard to talk to the reliability right now but so far so good. Really the only downside (reason for not giving this 5 stars) is knowing it is being built in China. Hopefully Buick brings the assembly line for US sold vehicles to the US someday, I guess it is nice to know your employing Americans with your American brand vehicle.

  • Start/Stop Nightmare From China - 2016 Buick Envision
    By -

    This SUV has many great features; however, they are completely off-set by the horrible aspects. It is the poster child for technology gone amok! The "start/stop" is awful! I leased weather was torrid (90+ every day). It "shut" down every time I stopped. The air conditioning stops working and it makes a clunking sound when the engine re-starts. Since the weather has become cold, the start/stop doesnt kick in any more? I enquired at the dealership if this "feature" could be shut off which they didnt know which is typical for them. The backlighting on the dashboard and media panels automatically adjusts to changes in the exterior light but doesnt work properly and will dim so much that they are unreadable. This "feature" can not be turned off and per the dealership this is a complaint of many owners but Buick does nothing about it. Gas mileage is awful at approx. 18 mpg combined city/highway and I drive conservatively. My previous car was a Buick Verano and I loved it but this vehicle was twice as expensive and I hate it. My last Buick!

  • Sporty & Luxurious - 2016 Buick Envision
    By -

    Love this car from the sleek exterior, the rich interior & its sporty ride. The 19" tires hug the road and its so quiet inside the car. All the little extras make this car a ride to remember. Full panoramic moonroof, Bose speakers, all the safety features you would want. Tailgate lifts easily with your foot or automatically with keyfob. Love the articulating headlights!

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