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Buick's Encore distills the brand's essence into a small, affordable compact crossover SUV. That means you get a comfortable ride and a quiet, rich-feeling cabin environment to go along with the Encore's fuel-efficient engine and available all-wheel drive. A fair amount of Buick's latest technology and safety features are also available to imbue the Encore with a healthy premium vibe.

Know that the Encore is smaller than other more established crossovers, however, and those petite dimensions cut down on the Encore's available rear legroom and cargo space. Tepid acceleration is another drawback. But if you're looking for an easy-to-drive and easy-on-the-wallet vehicle with an elevated seating position, the Encore makes a lot of sense.

Current Buick Encore
The Buick Encore is available in four trim levels: base, Convenience, Leather and Premium. All Encore models are powered by a turbocharged 1.4-liter four-cylinder making 138 horsepower. That power is sent to the front wheels through a six-speed automatic transmission. All-wheel drive is optional.

The base Encore comes standard with 18-inch wheels, a power driver seat, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, a rearview camera and a suite of tech conveniences like Bluetooth, OnStar services, Buick Intellilink smartphone integration, a 7-inch touchscreen display, and a six-speaker sound system with a USB/iPod connection. The Convenience trim level adds remote engine start, dual-zone automatic climate control and a blind-spot monitoring system. Pick the Leather trim level to get leather upholstery, a power passenger seat, heated front seats, a heated steering wheel and driver memory settings.

The range-topping Premium level adds a premium Bose audio system, parking sensors and lane departure and forward collision warning systems. A sunroof and a navigation system are also available.

A damped, hushed ride remains a Buick hallmark, and the Encore lives up to this legacy with an acoustically-treated windshield, side glass and headliner, and a specific "quiet" standard tire. The Encore even offers an active noise suppression system that fends off sound from the engine and road by emitting noise-cancelling frequencies through the speakers. But while this Buick may carry occupants in peaceful serenity, it won't carry much else -- maximum cargo capacity is noticeably less than what's provided by most other small crossovers. On the upside, the front passenger seat can fold flat to accommodate longer items, which is a useful feature when space is at a premium.
The Encore is enjoyable to drive around town. Its small size allows it to fit into small parking spaces with ease and gives you a tidy turning circle for U-turns. Less impressive, though, is the 138-hp 1.4-liter engine. This just isn't enough power for a crossover SUV, and although the Encore feels adequately powerful in city driving, it feels strained when merging onto the highway or making any sort of passing maneuver.

Used Buick Encore Models
The Buick Encore debuted for the 2013 model year. There have been no major changes since, though in that first year the blind-spot monitoring system wasn't available.

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  • Overpriced with mechanical issues - 2014 Buick Encore
    By -

    I've been driving this car now for 7 years, and this is what I've found which may be outdated. At 500 miles over my warranty, I had to pay $1000 to get something fixed with the turbo. The turbo line was leaking antifreeze. I paid the car off early, but within 5 months after paying it off, I had to spend another $3200 for all kinds of other issues, and the turbo was once again on the list. This was around 90,000 miles. 1 month after that, I had a problem with it sucking in air and squealing, and had to spend another $600.00. I've never bought a brand new car before, and in the past, I kept my vehicles for a lot longer with many more miles, and never spent this much money on mechanical issues. I would never buy another one. It also has very low visibility because of the shape of the back of the car. If you change lanes and turn your head to the right to check your blind spot, you still can't see if a car is there due to the slope of the back side of the car going up too high on the back window, hiding any vehicles who might be in the lane next to you in that spot. Others who have driven my car said the same thing to me.

  • Buick Encore big failure - 2013 Buick Encore
    By -

    I have a 2013 Buick Encore. I really liked it for the first few years. Now at 75,000 miles is it falling apart. In the last 12 months it have had; an electrical issue, corroded wiring to transmission control,that caused the car to be unresponsive, would not move when started. Had it repaired for $150.00. Then the reduce engine speed system was active, in traffic, could not go more than 2 miles an hour, very dangerous and scary. Next 4 gasket leaks, valve cover, exhaust gasket, cam phaser seal, oil pan, and needed to replace engine oil cooler and ignition coil, repairs on those $1200.00. Now I have to pay for repairs on a cracked turbocharger, $1000.00. I bought a Buick because they are supposed to be safe and reliable. I am stuck with a crappy car and frankly scared to drive it any distance for fear I will get stuck somewhere, especially in the winter. Oh, dealership and GM absolutely not help. This is ridiculous. I will never, never by a GM car again or go to Zimbrick for a car. Very disappointed.

  • NOT a family car - IMPOSSIBLE for REAR FACING - 2015 Buick Encore
    By -

    i jumped on this lease deal and have not owned the car for long but want to let others know this car does not accommodate a rear facing car seat. i had a car seat in my lexus that fit fine but was a larger foot print. i had a car seat specialist come out to help me properly install into the new buick. it absolutely would not fit. we went to the nearest store to "try on" other car seats. the ONLY car seat that did fit is the chicco nextfit. and it did require installation on the side (not center which would have been preferred) and the passenger seat has to be moved VERY far forward. I wish i would have done more homework on this as i would have reconsidered this vehicle.

  • donalds review - 2015 Buick Encore
    By -

  • One month old Encore performs beautifully. - 2015 Buick Encore
    By -

    Reports of underpowered engine greatly exaggerated. Gets smoothly and quietly to highway speed. Cruises easily and, again, quietly. Interior is comfortable, onstar is terrific. Blue tooth is, however, erratic. Rides like a Buick should. Seats fold flat in including front passenger side. Very nice. Warranty of 4 year/50k bumper to bumper, 6 year/70k drive train, and 2 year service included sealed the deal.

  • great little suv for the price - 2014 Buick Encore
    By -

    My wife didnt want a car or a large suv. The size is perfect. Shes had the Encore for one year and she loves it. 100% happy.

  • Sharons new ride. - 2015 Buick Encore
    By -

  • SUPPORT YOUR OWN - 2015 Buick Encore
    By -

    Altho not made in the USA, at Least an American company. I have not owned an American car that has not been as good as or better than an import. The Encore is a Delight all around. A great comprimise for Room, Luxury, Cost , and MPG. I am 62" and have NO problems with Room I do have several Classic cars, and a Corvette and I enjoy driving the the Encore. It has a great feel, and works well on Long trips. I do Love the 30 MPG.

  • First Impression - 2014 Buick Encore
    By -

    Just bought this used at 23k miles. Im 62" and theres plenty of room for me, front or back. For a 4 cylinder, acceleration was okay except for a slight lag. Handling is nimble with good steering response. Visibility is a problem out the back, especially with back seat passengers so learn to use the camera and side mirrors. Plenty of controls for the driver seat position, even lumbar support, but the seat was feeling a little hard after only an hour of highway driving. The main screen is bright and clear with intuitive controls. Only the driver gets an arm rest. Its odd, but there are only three vent configurations: foot, dash, and windshield. The interior has a refined appearance with a leather wrapped steering wheel and soft-touch dash. An auxiliary jack and USB are easily accessible. Plenty of storage bins and cubbies. The back seat has no air vents, but it does have pull-down drink holders. First impression: a nimble, fun-to-drive SUV that is unexpectedly roomy.

  • Fun, Sweet Interior, Efficient - 2015 Buick Encore
    By -

    The Encore is an ideal car for someone who ants more carrying space than a car, but not the 14MPG of a big SUV. The interior is really well appointed for the class that it is in. The engine is small but more than adequete for this speed limit driver. Acceleration speed is good, though the RPMs go a little high with foot onthe floor. But for me that situation doesnt come up much. Its comfortable, easy to park, and has lots of features that sont expect for a car in the $20Ks. Its quite cute, and people are generally surprised that its a Buick. Its made in the US in a UAW plant which matters to me. Update: I just submitted a review of this car and made an error in it. I said that the car is made in the US and it is not. It is made in South Korea. Otherwise the review was an honest assessment, but I want to be cognizant of people (like me) to try to buy US made products

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