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  • Gorgeous, elegant, sporty..but could use some work - 2016 Buick Cascada
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    I just recently bought the car in Graystone Metallic with beige/black interior. The car is extremely attractive, and I cant overstate this. Aside from how it looks inside and out, I love the way it drives. The handling is very impressive as it seems to hug the road tightly. The seats are phenomenally comfortable and well bolstered. I find the controls are in easy reach. The car is so quiet I cant hear it running. The acceleration is smooth and energetic. The sound system is great. The built-in wifi is a very nice. I honestly couldnt be happier with the car.

  • My Wifes New Convertible. Updated 11/16 - 2016 Buick Cascada
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    Our new Deep Sky Blue Cascada replaces our faithful old Chrysler Sebring JXI. My wife loves convertibles and this car is a nice one. So far she has logged just a few hundred miles but they have been surprisingly enjoyable. The turbo 4 has better then expected performance and the handling is crisp. Not a floaty ride like Buicks of yore. Much has been made of all of the buttons on the dash, but most are only used occassionally and you quickly get used to the layout. The seats are comfortable and the convertible top, and its mechanism, are awesome. So far we havent found much not to like about this car. Styling is extremely attractive from every angle and the car gets a lot of compliments. At $37K, the price seems reasonable for what you get. Our old Sebring listed at $27k when new back in 2000, and it is no where near as well equipped. The car has some nice Euorpean touches, like the redundant set of tail lights when the trunk is open and the side signal lights on the front fenders. As for fuel economy, we recently averaged 28.6 mpg on a day trip here the DIC showed an average speed of 46 mph city/highway. We are looking forward to enjoyable summer driving with this car. Update: November, 2016 - Enjoyable summer with the Cascada. Fun car to drive. Current mileage is around 3,000 with no problems encountered. Still getting a lot of positive comments.

  • The Cascada from Opal in Poland. - 2016 Buick Cascada
    By -

    Not enough safety features such as side mirror blind spot notification. No warning if your too close to the other car or parking in a garage. Back up camera is fair. NO beeping noise to notify the driver of something in the way

  • Not in the league of a (any model) VW EOS AT ALL! - 2016 Buick Cascada
    By -

    I was so excited & really wanted to like this car, but ended up buying a 2016 VW EOS "Final Edition." Quality of interior material is about as cheap as it gets in this price range & below (Think Pontiac Sunfire). Now, the EOS is FAST FAST FAST! 0-60 in 5.5 seconds, faster in the Sport model due to 18" wheels coupled with Pirelli P-Zero Neros. Cornering is flat on the EOS, & the Hardtop/Sunroof combo (The ONLY ONE EVER MADE, Period) is much more solid, quiet, warm in cold climates than any ragtop. Great gas mileage too. Ok, this sounds like a VW EOS review, so all I can say is TEST BOTH, & YOU WILL NOTICE A HUGE DIFFERENCE! At around the same price (And MUCH less for a Used, certified EOS, this car just must be passed by!) I cannot justify reviewing a vehicle when at the same price there are other vehicles that are MUCH MUCH better, in just about every way! Even the Mazda Miata, albeit much smaller & for no one over 6 feet tall, BLOWS THIS AWAY BY LEAPS & BOUNDS! But, the best Convertible, Lb. for Lb., maybe ever made, is the overlooked, very well made, extremely safe & reliable (Proven) VW EOS. And, IT DOES NOT LEAK A DROP (That was the very 1st model year, since fixed with better seals)! This Buick can best be described in total as a "Pontiac or Chrysler Sebring Convertible redux." But dont take my word for it, READ THE PROS REVIEWS!

  • Just What We Wanted - 2016 Buick Cascada
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    We wanted a convertible, I wanted something fun to drive with style. I owned a Lotus Elise, but that was too small as we aged, so we were looking for something a little bit more. We looked at the Audi A3, but if it had the features of this (German company Opel) car, it cost $12K more. I didnt buy it to turn heads, but to be honest, it gets a significant amount of attention. Maybe not like the Lotus did, but its a very good looking car. Its not fast, but it handles well, I love the front end suspension that handles the vagaries of the road and stops the odd bump from pulling the steering. Very nice feature. Overall this is a great touring car with an amazingly quiet interior even with the top and windows down. Its also got super spousal support, a moderate price, and solid overall performance. Take a look, I promise you wont be disappointed...IF you are willing to keep an open mind and realize a Buick can be pretty cool.

  • SUMMERS AROUND THE BEND - 2016 Buick Cascada
    By -

    It is a very solid car. It handles very well and holds the road/corners really well. It is not a high performance car, so if you want one get a mustang or camaro. The 4 cylinder turbo moves you down the road really well but your not going to use the car at a drag strip. All the controls are there in front of you and I like that it has a key to start. Im not a fan of start buttons, kind of brings back the 50s with the starter on the gas pedal. Everywhere i go people are very positive about the cars looks and should bring in lots of traffic to the dealership. Its fun to drive and thats what it should be about. Its a great go for a drive car with the top down and on those really hot days the a/c works really well and keeps you comfortable.

  • Great car, Great value - 2016 Buick Cascada
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    Bought my 2016 Cascada convertible Sept. 2016., took it down to Fla. for the winter.I had people pulling up to me at stop lights asking what kind of car it was, they all thought it looked Great.Drove it down to Key West, what a Great drive with a convertible.It was kind of funny, we started counting Mustang convertibles on the way down, it was like every 5 or 6 cars was a mustang convertible, I think we saw 1 Cascada. The one thing I think the engineers missed, if you are driving alone with the top down, the passenger seatbelt starts banging on plastic trim once you hit around 25 miles an hour.Ive looked at other convertibles and they have the belt clip up tite to the top so it is not loose to bang around.also could make Nav. System more user friendly.All in all ,Great car.

  • Classy convertible - 2016 Buick Cascada
    By -

    Had the Cascada for a month now and it is a joy to drive. It has a classy design and great leather interior that is extremely well designed. We recently went on first road trip of 1100 miles and it was great. We encountered strong winds in New Mexico and the Cascada went straight as an arrow while other vehicles were all over the place. We held the speed at 80 MPH and got 26 MPG which is actually pretty good considering all the headwinds. Cascada allows the user to get extra room in the truck if the top is up by merely pressing forward the device that holds the top in the trunk. We had lots of room for a very large suitcase and three other carry on type bags(also could easily hold a set of golf clubs in this mode). The sound systems is top of the class and can be easily heard because the road noise is kept at a minimum on the Cascada(yes even at 80 MPH).

  • incomprehensible rear end - 2016 Buick Cascada
    By -

    For some unknown reason, the car has double rear lights. Two sets. Beautiful outside lights. Then open the trunk, and there is a second set of rear lights with blinkers, and all. This takes up a large part of the trunk space (already naturally limited by the fold down top). I could not fit a set of golf clubs nor a suitcase because of these double lights. WHY???? No one knew. Then one salespersons said "well if you are stopped on a dark highway, with trunk open to change a tire, they are a safety" hmmmmm. How many times in my 40 year driving career have I stopped for that? None. Not valid. j I am looking to try and remove the inner rear lights. Just a tremendous waste of trunk space. And cost to build and what a cost to repair!!! Dennis Gates

  • Great car once it meets potential - 2016 Buick Cascada
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    Went to learn about cascada and test drive at Buick near me. Showroom car looked beautiful in and out. I wanted to see the trunk but it couldnnt be opened by anyone in the dealership. Trunk has no keyhole (does not use a key to open) or open lever or switch inside the car, the only way to open is to press a plate on trunk hood. Problem, is that the battery was dead and that wouldnt work! Disappointed the driver seat has no memory! More consideration for back seat passenger as seat stops if knees are hit. Problem is that I dont ever have passengers in the back seat. Fake alarm system above front windshield. Was told 2017 will bring an alarm sensor for when the top is down. Liked that however Started think I should wait for next model. Hands free microphone worked ok with top down. Radio speaker quality is very poor. Top went up and down amazingly. Not having to use latches to lock the top is a great feature. Premium accessories include a windbreaker that has to be manually attached each time to avoid draft on driver/ front passenger bak and same for back seat. Didnt like the sound of that. I didnt test it though. Really enjoyed the ride. Acceleration is "underwhelming" in that the downshift is slow even though it did pick up speed better than expected. Overall, I really want this car! This could very well be my next car and first convertible. But I will wait for next years model with improvements I hope will make me want to drive right out of the show room as soon as possible.

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