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At its debut as a concept car in 1995 and finally a production reality five years later, the Audi TT was one of the most dramatic cars to debut for the new millennium. Its organic and symmetrically styled front and rear profiles contrasted with slab-sided flanks to create a look unlike anything Audi had ever done before. Meanwhile, the TT's handsomely executed and in many ways ground-breaking interior left no discernible traces of the car's rather humble VW Golf roots.

Named after the Tourist Trophy race held on the Isle of Man (in which a predecessor of the Audi brand competed), the Audi TT is not quite a sports car, not quite a sport coupe or roadster. In essence, the front- or all-wheel-drive TT is a two-seat grand tourer. True, the coupe has a pair of seats in the back, but they are best left for little kids or used as an upholstered package shelf. For those seeking more thrills in the same package, there are the sporty TTS and TT RS variants.

Current Audi TT
The Audi TT is available as a 2+2 hatchback coupe or a two-seat roadster convertible. Only one trim and engine are available, the latter being a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder that produces 211 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque. Quattro all-wheel drive and a six-speed dual-clutch automated manual transmission (S tronic) are standard.

Handling is commendable, but hardly anything that'll remind you of a Porsche Boxster or Cayman. The TT is ultimately more about its unique style, a comfortable ride and its all-wheel-drive system that provides the sort of all-weather traction that few small coupes offer. The turbocharged four-cylinder delivers respectable power, while the quick-shifting transmission helps make the most of that output. Still, 211 hp isn't much in this segment, where 300-plus hp is more typical. As such, for driving enthusiasts the TT's acceleration will seem subpar.

One of the TT's most notable assets is its superbly crafted interior, which boasts a sleek and modern look. Standard features include xenon headlights, leather/simulated suede upholstery, Bluetooth connectivity and a 12-speaker Bose audio system with satellite radio. Options include the S Line Competition package (19-inch wheels, sport suspension, upgraded leather upholstery), heated seats, a navigation system and nifty baseball glove-style upholstery. Though the coupe's rear seats aren't suitable for anyone taller than 5 feet, they fold down to create a substantial 23 cubic feet of cargo space. The convertible has 8.8 cubic feet, which is sizable for a roadster.

Used Audi TT Models
The current Audi TT was redesigned for the 2008 model year and represents the second generation. The general look is a clear evolution of its predecessor, though character lines are crisper and the nose adopts Audi's now signature single-frame grille. Although longer and wider than the first TT, the latest version is lighter (by nearly 200 pounds in the case of the roadster) thanks to increased use of aluminum in the body structure. It also offers a more powerful four-cylinder engine.

Prior to 2010, the TT could be equipped with different powertrain options, specified as the TT 2.0T (200 hp and 207 lb-ft of torque up until 2011) and TT 3.2. The TT 3.2 featured a 250-hp V6. This was a lively engine and certainly offered more grunt than the turbo-4, but its added weight was a detriment to handling. Both engines came standard with a six-speed manual, while the S tronic transmission was optional. Quattro was always standard on the TT 3.2. Initially, the TT 2.0T was front-wheel drive only, then Audi offered Quattro as an option for 2009 before making it standard for 2010. Used car shoppers should also be aware that cars from early in this generation were available with a rather antiquated form of iPod connectivity (it would only play your first six playlists as if CDs in a six-disc changer) in lieu of the later standard auxiliary jack and optional iPod interface.

Introduced for the 2000 model year and initially available solely as a hatchback coupe, the first TT was powered by Audi's peppy 1.8-liter, 180-hp turbocharged inline-4. Buyers could choose either front- or all-wheel drive (Audi's Quattro system). A five-speed manual was standard, while a six-speed manual was optional. Along with its low-slung, avant-garde styling, the TT boasted an equally unique interior that featured polished aluminum accents, impeccable fit and finish and, unfortunately, a few ergonomic glitches such as a CD changer mounted behind the driver seat and counterintuitive climate controls.

After a highly publicized recall to fix the twitchy handling characteristics of early TTs, a roadster and a 225-hp Quattro version debuted the following year. In 2003, an automatic transmission (with six speeds) became available. But the biggest news for this generation came in 2004, when the 250-hp 3.2-liter V6 and Audi's superb six-speed automanual gearbox became available. The latter, dubbed DSG, provided rapid yet jolt-free manual-style gearchanges that put a Ferrari's F1 transmission to shame. The Audi TT stood pat through 2006, the last year of this generation.

Potential buyers should know that, although potentially fast in a straight line, this TT was never considered a true sports car due to its potentially heavy curb weight and softly sprung suspension. Still, the TT should satisfy those who prize comfort, style and all-weather capability in their sport coupe or roadster.

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  • My bomber - 2004 Audi TT
    By -

    Be aware of the dual clutch automatic needs regular (frequent) servicing at a dealer, the hydraulic shifting controller must be in top shape to prevent a jerky ride in traffic. On the interstate you wont notice.

  • Great little car most new cars still cant compete - 2001 Audi TT
    By -

    Ive owned my TT Quattro coupe since 2006. Bought it used from a guy that was as meticulous with it as I am. The only issue was the timing belt. it let go and cost a good chunk to get the engine rebuilt (my fault for not changing it sooner)... better than new now. If you are looking for one, ask for receipts on repairs/upkeep! In the 9 years Ive owned it... Ive replaced or rebuilt: engine, fuel pump (very spendy there), drive lines, rotors and the water pump(this has plastic impellers from the factory - change out for metal impeller pump). Total about 6K in repairs... but waaay worth it. I know what issues it has had and what has been repaired... no new can of worms in some other used luxury sports car! It is at 124K miles now and should last me another 145K easy! Close to 30 mpg on the highway, 24-26 in the city (depending on my driving tendencies). I still get people staring and asking about it. I have the Black/black quattro. People are blown away when i tell them it is a 2001! 14 years old and still looks better and drives better than most cookie cutter sports cars put out these days. Not to mention the gas mileage is equal to or better than most 2015 models! Tis a great date night car with the wife. She still gets all giddy when i let her drive it!

  • Nothing drives like an Audi! - 2008 Audi TT
    By -

    If you like precision, accuracy, speed then Audi TT is for you. Dont expect plush comforts. Its a real sportscar!

  • total quatro fun - 2000 Audi TT
    By -

    I have owned my tt for 15 years now and have just had my first bad experience with it. the repair shop charged me 400 bucks to replace an o2 sensor and it still ran like crap...they wanted another 700 to fix the problem...well...first of all this has been the best car ive ever owned, I normally do all my own work and have made some major upgrades such as brembo brakes and rotors, heavy duty torsion bars, larger turbo/ exhaust/ racing ignition..from audi..larger tires and rims but these were made when they needed replacement, except the turbo which I still have. I have driven this car from main to calif to florida to washington. fully loaded with my wife as copilot and were extremely comfortable. Even with the extra hp..about 300..I still get 34 mpg highway and have had fun with a few dodge challengers with their hemis. Im due for some shocks and a timing belt and hoping I find a reasonable shop to do that. my only [non-permissible content removed] is with audi, the dash acted up almost as soon as I bought it and they replaced it, then about a year later it happened again and I had to pay the second time. well it screwed up again but I have never gotten it fixed, the temp gauge never says its warm and the gas gauge light comes on at 1/2 tank saying its empty. in 2001 they changed the analog part of the dash and from then on their hasnt been a problem. but audi never admitted their was a problem until 2010 and then you had to be the original owner of the vehicle to have it replaced, well I was exempt because I already had mine replaced..another scam. so I live with it and its really not that big a deal. the car has been used for everything from hauling construction material, groceries, cement, windows and doors, 2x4s. camping gear, moving. and my work car everyday. I love it and wish audi would make a motorcycle.

  • A car with problems, but if you can live with them - 2001 Audi TT
    By -

    The 2001 TT had numerous electrical problems, and mine is no exception. I blame it on the used car dealer I bought it from, who messed up quite a number of things... seems like I have run into a series of issues that are annoying, but not debilitating. Due to turbo lag and AWD it is a bit slow off the line (compared to my old Z car and 79 Trans Am), but the car is very strong in the mountains and on the highway. It is a great cruising car on the open road, and handles well up to about 110 mph. My wife and I got silly while out on the plains of eastern Colorado and tried to find out how fast it was... at 115 it was still accelerating smoothly, but the car started to feel kind of like it was floating, and we lost our nerve. My goal is to actually FIX all the minor problems I have on this car and figure out how it goes when Ive got those sorted out... I refuse to be beaten by this car. It looks terrific, you dont see too many of them any more, and (when its not driving me nuts with a minor problem) is a pleasure to drive. Experience tells me though, there arent any "just okay" versions of this model year... you either got a good one and are among the huge fans of the car, or you got a money pit you cant wait to get rid of... have a mechanic you trust check the car out carefully, and you can get one heck of a car.

  • I love my Audi TT - 2001 Audi TT
    By -

    Im very surprised by most of these reviews. Ive owned mine since 2008 and it was my very first car with 93,000 miles on it. Paid 11,000 for it. Its now at 174,000. Over the course of 7 years Ive replaced the computer, water pump, all hoses, all belts, 1 ball joint and a great deal of the rear suspension. Most of these things I replaced just to do it. The water pump did fail and Ive had many issues with the rear suspension. Over all this car has ran great for me and has been very reliable over all these years. I plan on driving this car until the motor blows up.

    By -

    Super angry!! Had this car for 6 months and my car has 40,000 miles on it!! This car isnt a high mileage car. So where do I begin, lets start with the electrical, a bulb in the tail light went out and fried the whole lamp and some other electrical components- $1100. The radiator fans clutching system went out- $800. The cooling module went out- $900 (causing the turbo to malfunction). The suspension is going out- $????. At 40,000 miles I find this to be a little ridiculous!! In just 6 months! I think this is totally unacceptable!! Go look somewhere else!! I ignored the negative reviews because I thought this was what I wanted... Please dont make the same mistake as me!! Save yourself!!!

  • Disapointed with Audi TT - 2004 Audi TT
    By -

    I bought this car 5 years ago in 2008 with only 28K miles and even though its fun to drive the repairs has been ridiculous. The factory warranty expires at 48K/4years. The car was 4yrs and 5 months when I bought it. At 32k the instrument cluster needed replacement at a cost of 1,250. At 40K the water pump needed to be replaced 1,850. At 45k the transmission needed to be replaced 5,200. At 56k the alternator, belt and tensor were replaced 1,650. At 72k the alternator was replaced again for 595. Audi shouldve replaced the the instrument cluster and the transmission because both failed before 50k but they washed their hands. After this experience Ill stay with BMW,never buy an Audi again.

  • Ignore the reviewers! - 2014 Audi TT
    By -

    600 miles in on an S-line TT purchased Labor Day despite the reviewers hating on it. She is practically perfect!!! My 120 mile, mostly highway commute to D.C. often becomes stop & go. It often flurries and/or rains in rush hour. She is easy to park, has good brakes, fits 2+a small dog crate w/the seats folded down, has AWD w/ a reputation for being great on wet roads & gets decent mileage. I know its not a "real sportscar" (we have an S2000 so I know the difference) but I think most people who think they want a sportscar really want an eye-catching fast daily driver. Strangers compliment her. Her IBIS white is extremely visible. Build quality seems as good as husbands Mercedes ML.

  • Unique and Fun - 2011 Audi TT
    By -

    Great gas mileage for a roadster, fun to drive and a unique looking design make this car my favorite! The sound system is incredible.

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