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  • S4 in a bigger body - 2015 Audi SQ5
    By -

    Very fun car to drive. Ive had 2 S4s (2012 and 2014) and now own a 2016 SQ5 and couldnt be happier. The next Q5s are going to be made in Mexico.

  • What a dissapointment - 2015 Audi SQ5
    By -

    If interested, you may want to read my reviews on the 2002 Audi S8 (massive engine failure despite excellent service history), 2014 Q5 TDI (Expensive Vibrator). I also have a 2008 S5 Coupe (so far, so good but its going soon). So, this review is not in a vacuum, but with some real Audi ownership experience. OK, cut to the chase - in Florida Lemon Law circus at present. It was disappointing with delivery of the car. The interior is made as cheaply as possible and it shows. This is not the el cheapo standard seating. Buzzers going off, alarms going off all the time. Sport Utility Vehicle. Well, utility is a joke. Doors lock when you dont want them to, alarms and warnings going off. Between Health & Safety and the accountants, the car is pathetic. Cant even turn the radio off without shutting off the Navigation. These are but annoyances really. The real joy began on a long road trip, right after the 5,000 mile service. About 300 miles into the trip the add oil light came on. Pulled off into a service station and could not find the oil dip stick. Called the dealer (Reeves of Tampa, of whom Ive been dealing with with the other Audis and Porsche and think highly of) and informed that they dont have dip sticks. Well, the upshot of the trip was that I would add maybe 1/3 of a quart every 500 miles. The day I got home I brought it in and they had it for about a week, said it was fixed and within 110 miles it was telling me to add oil again. They then had it for two weeks (Total 15 days for Lemon Law) and again the light came on. Now the purpose of the car is my commute to work, from Tampa, FL to outside New Orleans, LA. I cant be late looking for Audi dealers to see if I really need oil or not. So, I then started the Lemon Law process. Audi had 10 days to respond, but took 14 days. I took the car back to Reeve for the final repair attempt. They are allowed 10 days, but took 15 days. I was told it was fixed, but the lights are on again. The Better Business Bureau that one must go through stated today that Audi considers the car fixed. Funny, I just took it to the dealer again today to have them manually check the oil before my next road trip. Im totally disgusted with Audi Engineering (which seems to be run by accounting these days) and their customer support. I have not ever had anyone from Audi give a courtesy call and sincerely state that they are sorry for my situation. Rather, they just basically ignore the timelines set forth by the State of Florida. Now whether that is due to arrogance, incompetence or being understaffed (due to more accountant management) I cant say, but it is not very impressive what ever the case is. I requested that this be resolved by 23 December as I have to travel for business again, but that request was not acknowledged. "Truth in Engineering"??? maybe they should revise to "Truth is, its Value Engineering". Just a suggestion....

  • SQ5 Great Drive But - 2015 Audi SQ5
    By -

    The 2015 SQ5 has a great drive! But the MMI system is the pits. Too many buttons, levers, dials, etc. to search for and too many actions with them before what you want to happen does happen and too much time looking away from the road while searching for what you want. But it is fun to drive, good size, fairly comfortable, too expensive, visibility not the best, and, considering cost, behind somewhat in technology.

  • SUV & Sports Car in 1 - 2014 Audi SQ5
    By -

    I had a 2011 Audi convertible which i loved. But I needed a little more room. After one test drive in the SQ5 I could not stop thinking about it until I bought it. I have the prestige model with the silver inlay dash accents. The SUV inside and out is a real beauty. The engine is so smooth and fast its amazing. I have only had a month but I can not wait to drive it everyday.

  • It just keeps getting better every time I drive it... - 2014 Audi SQ5
    By -

    I bought this car because I was dying for an upgrade, needed more storage than my previous sedan, and really wanted something that brought a smile to my face when I hit the gas. This car is the absolute best all around vehicle Ive ever owned. Its fast, elegant, comfortable... I cant say enough good things. Its so striking inside and out. I park it and stare back as I walk away. The LEDs are gorgeous, the interior is exquisite, and the engine sounds incredible. Add the 21" Wheel package which is a great value at $800, and the Bang and Olufsen sound system is a must. It sounds amazing and is worth the $850 price tag.

  • 2014 SQ5 - 2014 Audi SQ5
    By -

    Just got mine a month ago and love it! Ride, build, and looks are sweet. Too early to give much of a review... but for now Im loving it!

  • Super sporty for a truck - 2016 Audi SQ5
    By -

    Legacy of many sports cars here with a small collection, but first sport SUV. Traded a 2013 335i sport line which was an amazing car. Acceleration is less in SQ5 than the Bimmer, but everything else is extremely comparable. Handling tightly the curvy NC mountain roads, crushing light to light performance on the straight roads of Florida, limo like feel for the date nights with my wife, and of course Quattro safety. Cannot say enough great things. My wife is a hard sell on my sports car addiction, but this car is now her daily driver passing by our corvettes, BMW M4, and others including a Hummer that she calls "too slow" (and it is). Accolades to Audi. We keep coming back, and have had A6 4.2, S4 Cabrio, but this is our best Audi yet.

  • SQ5 Dream machine - 2016 Audi SQ5
    By -

    First of all Edmunds price promise was great.All dealers gave different discounts so we just picked the best one that had the SQ5 with all the options we wanted. Only had the car 2 weeks but just completed a trip to Canada and it is just a pleasure to drive. Ive had other sports cars before and we just traded a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee for the Audi. No Comparison. Besides the original price the Audi is in another league. Hopefully Ill be saying the same in a few years.

  • What a sleeper of a CUV! This vehicle scoots! - 2016 Audi SQ5
    By -

    I love my SQ5! I really thought I wanted the Porsche Macan S, which similarly configured would have cost me about $2 grand more. It had a better interior, certainly more head turning appeal and better steering. The practical side of me thought the Audi will net fewer tickets if for no other reason than the police wouldn’t get as big of a thrill writing a ticket on an Audi. Besides, this is my daily driver and bottom line was the best “practical” choice of the two. Now the pros/cons: The good – Wow! What a fun driving experience! It sits up high and accelerates like an S4/S6, even besting the hp output. I can’t say enough about how much fun this vehicle is to drive! It stops quickly and has a solid feeling stance as it hugs the road. The WiFi and Google maps round out a very nice technology package (I will always want Google Maps from here on in every vehicle). So the bad: no USB ports (really!?!) and a small 7.5” screen in a car today seems tiny. Rounding out my dislikes is storage space is not great and the steering, although tight is not what I would expect from a German-made premium vehicle. The overall sporty drive, understated classy looks, ride comfort and technology make this one of my favorite cars to own. I look for reasons to run out for something just to drive it! Lastly, golf clubs will fit fore to aft if you slide the rear seats forward a couple inches.

  • Debadged sleeper - 2016 Audi SQ5
    By -

    Can be driven quiet, smooth and refined or turn up the performance and still keep the smooth and refined ride but with an amazing soundtrack. So much more fun than a Macan, save the $$, express some individuality and retain some credibility. Its the thinkers choice.

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