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The compact crossover SUV is larger and higher than a hatchback but more fuel-efficient and easier to park than a bigger sport-ute. This is a combination that clearly appeals to many car shoppers, including those who want a more premium automotive experience. For them, the Audi Q5 delivers much of what they should both want and need. Think of the Q5 as an A4 sedan with more cargo space, a higher center of gravity and a measure of off-road capability and you won't be far off the mark. It also boasts some of the sleekest sheet metal in a stylishly competitive class.

Audi is known for high-quality interiors, and the Q5 doesn't disappoint. The model's downsides include a rather firm ride and its price, which can get uncomfortably expensive at the upper trim levels. Even so, a new or used Audi Q5 is worth consideration for people interested in a smaller luxury crossover SUV.

Current Audi Q5
The five-seat Audi Q5 is available in four trim levels that correspond to engine: 2.0T Premium, 3.0T Premium Plus, 3.0 TDI Premium Plus and 2.0T Hybrid Prestige.

The 2.0T comes with a 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-4 that makes 220 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque. The 3.0T features a supercharged 3.0-liter V6 with 272 hp and 295 lb-ft. The TDI has a 3.0-liter turbodiesel V6 with 240 hp and a massive 428 lb-ft. The Q5 Hybrid pairs the 2.0T's engine with an electric motor and battery pack to provide a total output of 245 hp and 350 lb-ft. All come with an eight-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive. Regardless of engine choice, performance and fuel economy are impressive, especially so with the TDI. The Hybrid's fuel economy is actually 1 mpg lower than the TDI, and as such makes questionable buying sense.

Standard feature highlights of the base but aptly named Premium trim include leather upholstery, power front seats, tri-zone automatic climate control, Bluetooth connectivity, Audi's Multi Media Interface (MMI) and a 10-speaker sound system that includes an iPod/USB input. Higher trim levels offer niceties like a power liftgate, the available Audi Drive Select system (with selectable modes for throttle response, transmission shift points and steering assist), a navigation system and a Bang & Olufsen sound system

Inside, the Audi Q5 is quite similar to the A4, which is to say it features high-quality materials and an attractive dashboard layout. Maximum cargo capacity is unimpressive at about 57 cubic feet, but if hauling large loads isn't a top priority, the Q5 is otherwise a thoroughly competent crossover.

Of the many flavors to choose from in the luxury compact crossover segment, we think Audi's is one of the most appealing. In reviews, we've found that the Q5 strikes a remarkably satisfying balance between performance and comfort. Despite having more than 4,000 pounds of curb weight to contend with, all the powertrains are up to the task, furnishing more than ample thrust. The steering is accurate and nicely weighted, and body control is quite good for a taller vehicle. At the same time, the ride can be a bit too firm, with nastier bumps being sent into your backside more than they would be in some rival SUVs.

Used Audi Q5 Models
The Audi Q5 debuted for 2010, powered by a 3.2-liter 270-hp V6 engine matched to a six-speed automatic. The following year brought the efficient turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-4 paired up to the eight-speed automatic.

For 2013, the original 3.2-liter V6 was discontinued, but the supercharged V6 and the brand's first hybrid were added. A mild refresh also occurred, with a more angular theme for the lights and grille, along with simplified climate and MMI controls.  Apart from the 2.0T having slightly less power (211 hp versus 220 hp), the unavailability of the TDI and a slight shuffling of equipment, these latter Q5s are similar to the current version.

User Reviews:

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  • $55,000.00 Vibrator - 2014 Audi Q5
    By -

    No, it will not be satisfactory for that either! Seriously, I traded my 2002 Audi S8 which had massive engine failure at 118,000 miles for a new 14 TDI. I commute from Tampa, FL to just beyond New Orleans, LA. I was looking for the ability to tow a small trailer, get good mileage and like all wheel drive. Seemed pretty good, but there was a huge catch. Vibration. There is something called vibration tolerance. It seems the longer a human is subjected to vibrations, the more aggravating the particular vibrations (generally low in frequency) become. Every trip I made (10 - 11 hours total trip time) I was feeling pretty bad upon completion, nauseous and jittery. Ive owned diesel cars before and have been a ship captain for many years. Im accustomed to diesels. Ive never had this issue before. This is not something that could come as a surprise to engineers. It is well known. I got the impression that accountants were running the engineering. Its called "Value Engineering". After being fully prepared to follow Florida Lemon Law, Audi corporate made be a generous offer to trade for a 2015 Audi SQ5. Most regrettably I accepted this offer. You may be interested in my review of the 2015 Audi SQ5 when posted. At present Im engaged with the Lemon Law process but suffice it to say Im more convinced at ever that Value Engineering is the single overriding "Truth" in their engineering.

  • I wish I had stuck with the Acura - 2015 Audi Q5
    By -

    The car seems to ride OK except for the steering wheel which seems very loose. I find it particularly difficult to control in high winds or at high-speeds. The acceleration is fantastic as is the breaking. The ride is sort of smooth but the tires dont seem to provide much in the way of comfort than you would expect. For the price point of this car, the stereo system is abysmal. It is like listening to music in a tin can. My mistake was not checking that out before hand. Assumed it this day and age and at this price point that he would be as good as the Acuras. When I took it in to find out if there is anything I was so much is told that it cant compare. So I took it to an expert who told me it would cost me no less than 1500 to make it sound halfway decent. The whole navigation system seems OK just a bit complicated. Making phone calls is equally complicated. Im going to wait until I get a few thousand more miles on it and then Im going to trade it in. I would not recommend this car particularly for this price.

  • Cheap interior parts, avoid vaccum - 2015 Audi Q5
    By -

    Ive been a Ford owner for over 30 years from sedans to pickups very satisfied. First Audi Q5 bought with 30,000 miles on it now has 80,000 a year later to give you an idea of the miles I Drive. Overall was satisfied until had an issue with a vacuum ripping off a part on my console. Audi will not sell me that individual part for $20 they bundle it with the entire consol for $300 dealer said it was my problem to go online and see if I could find the individual part itself. I then called the national Audi customet service and did not get any better service there. very disappointing. I wont own another Audi. Im going back to Ford or Lincoln. Someone should buy the senior management team at Audi copies of the book raving fans their customer service is horrible

  • LUV my Q5 - 2014 Audi Q5
    By -

    Just buy it! Youll luv it, too!

  • Q5 TDI Perfect family crossover - 2015 Audi Q5
    By -

    So far with 7500 miles the Q5 has been great. Plenty of power, great gas mileage, very comfortable around town and on the highway. Good value for cost of ownership. Hope to keep it in our family for a long time.

  • Car of my dreams turns out to be a dud! - 2012 Audi Q5
    By -

    Ive wanted this car for 4 years. I finally purchased one after test driving all other vehicles in its class just to be sure. Only 35k miles when I purchased and was a lease return (keep in mind I made sure they put new rotors and break pads on the vehicle when I purchased it). I have owned this car less than one year and put 20k miles on it. I had completed the 45k mile service no problem. Just took it in for the 55k service and was told it needed new brake pads and rotors along with brake fluid flush, oil pressure valve replacement and of course thats on top of the $399 price tag for the normal maintenance at 55k miles. All of that totalling $2,300!! And I havent even owned the vehicle for a year. I knew that audis were expensive to fix but did not realize the poor quality of the factory parts such as brake pads and rotors. Im not a crazy driver and take pride in driving my car gently only occasionally speeding and braking when needed. On a side note the blue tooth is horrible and the navigation is useless. After this experience I have lost faith in Audi. I definitely will not be purchasing one again. I do not feel that this car is worth the price tag...disappointing altogether.

  • The best of all worlds - 2014 Audi Q5
    By -

    Acceleration is terrific at any speed, torque equivalent is a big block V8. Gas mileage is outstanding. Getting calculated 37MPG on a long trip is common. Im averaging 32.2MPG in 18,000 miles of ownership. Traction is outstanding with quattro. OEM Michelin Latitudes are ok, not great, so I think traction could be further improved with better tires. Shifting is smooth in all gears, although the shift from 1 to 2 only after the idle stop was engaged is the slightest bit rough. Interior materials are first rate, layout is very intuitive. MMI is very good, nav takes a few minutes to start up on initial startup, I really like the LACK of a touch screen nav system. Everything is controlled through the selector wheel and buttons, Hands are closer to the wheel, no stretching for the nav screen and less eyes off the road. Cargo capacity is ok, but you know that buying this vehicle - if you need a Suburban, go buy a Suburban. Audis tend to be a bit more sporty than the Mercedes, and on par with BMW. Consequently the ride is never harsh, but a bit firmer than you may be used to coming out of a Merc, or certainly a Lexus, which places a higher priority of comfort over better handling. Having said that, this is a heavy vehicle and center of gravity will be higher than any sedan you compare it to. Comparing this size SUV to any other comparably sized SUV, its hard not to like everything it offers. Price is a reflection of the technology, materials, and performance you get, which is to say, it doesnt come cheap. Comfort, room, performance, fuel efficiency, quality of materials, and build quality, Compare it to anything you like, you wont find everything this vehicle - as a TDI - delivers anywhere else.

  • Audacious Audi - 2015 Audi Q5
    By -

    The vehicle at this point (4K miles) exceeds my expectations ! The drive is excellent and the interior technology is well crafted and fun. My take on the car is that Ive purchased an SUV, with all the advantages of cargo space, passenger room etc.,that performs like a sports car. The panoramic roof is fantastic, I love that feature. But most of all I like the power and stability of the ride on the open road. In fact my favorite moments are merely cruising along the highway and just reveling at the quiet, yet powerful nature of its ride.

  • Love this car! - 2015 Audi Q5
    By -

    Not too big and not too small, perfect size SUV for me. Handling is great, nav tech can be improved (needs to be more intuitive but I have adapted), overall great ride. Bang and Oluf upgrade has awesome surround sound preferences. Its been 6 months, 2 long road trips with mountain driving, no flat tires or any other issues. I was worried about compact trunk space but my medium dog fits fine along with my groceries/travel baggage.

  • A drivers SUV - 2015 Audi Q5
    By -

    If you want an objective review, read Edmunds own. Compair to Accura RDX, Volvo XC60, BMW X3 and MB GLK350. Own a 2014 Q5 with 24000 miles, two trips from Florida to Boston and zero problems to date. AC is great, MMI is difficult but once mastered it becomes somewhat intuitive. Needs to be simplified. Bad position of the Cruise Control stalk. Confusing, gets mixed up with Turn Signal at times. Need to move controls on the steering wheel. ( Are you listening Audi? ) Would I buy again? In a heart beat.

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