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  • This is the best car I have ever owned and its 19 years old. - 1992 Audi 100
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    really cant say enough about this car, it looks like it could be a 2000 or later model car, still. totally unstoppable in the snow, 5 spd trans smooth as silk. Everything still works after almost 20 years and 140k, the oil pressure gauge is testy but its no real mechanical concern as far as I know. Im keeping this car till its dead. were having a blizzard here in ny im going back out to drive around :)

  • gas pedal stuck in high speed 1 time - 1992 Audi 100
    By -

    Dependable car miles wise - but one incidence of having the gas pedal stuck in a very high speed while putting it in park, slamming on the breaks and finally turning off the engine was the only way to stop the fast acceleration that this car went into- It happened in a parking lot and luckily only hitting the car in front with minor damage- So frightening to go through everyone looked at me while it was happening and I got out of the car and said it was the car not me! My car repair man said it was a cross between the cruse control wires but not really sure. I only drove the car 1 time after- didnt trust it again.

  • 10.5 years with that 100cs Quattro - 1994 Audi 100
    By -

    Very good car, best car ever for Montreal winter driving, expensive to maintain if not followed closely, low foot print for used parts.

  • Simply a well build motor vehicle - 1991 Audi 100
    By -

    I bought this car with 75,000 miles on it about 12 years ago. I drove it for about 20,000 miles and started to have issues with many things. Brakes, power steering pump (that also powers the brakes! This must work!), radiator, air conditioning, door locks, muffler, catalytic, you name it. I decided to replace them all as they failed. I spent a bit, but the car now has over 240,000 miles and is running like a top. Its on the 4th power steering pump. These seem to be an issue with some of these 100s. The headliner is falling down and I had to glue it back up. The AC does NOT like 134 and you have to run 12a or REDTEK out of Canada. All in all, its simply a very well built car. I love it!

  • Nice ride - 1990 Audi 100
    By -

    After 19 years, the car looks and drives nice. What helps is that the suspension was lowered by about 2 inches, giving it a very tight ride (albeit a bit harsh at times) but man can it corner! Gets me about 20 mpg on average mixed around town driving, up to 25 mpg on solid highway driving.

  • Yikes, what have I done? - 1992 Audi 100
    By -

    I was without a car for 15 months, because a lady with no insurance totalled my Buick. A neighbor had this beautiful little Audi that they sold to me for $3500. It has had electrical problems. Now it is sitting in a parking lot 30 miles away with water hose problems. We are not talking cheap repairs, for someone to even look at it, costs more than the complete repair of a different brand. If you have the money and the patience I think it would be a "fun" car. For a widow it is not the ideal car.

  • Better than yours - 1993 Audi 100
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    I bought this car to use as a beater but after about 1200Km, I have found it to be my full time runnabout. I would rather drive this than my wifes 2006 Grand Prix, or my 2005 Sebring. Its just a better car, albeit a 14 year old car.

  • Audi 100cs Avant - 1994 Audi 100
    By -

    Of the 9 European cars I’ve owned, the ’94 Audi 100cs Avant wagon is by far my favourite. I paid $7,500CAD in September 2003 with 198,000 km (118K miles), from my local independent Audi/VW garage. Since then, I’ve clocked 80,000 km of relatively trouble free miles with the exception of front end suspension work, thermostat replacement and brake work ($1900CAD), all common repairs for any high mileage used car. As typical of late Audis, the body and paint are solid showing only superficial rust - not bad for a car that’s seen 14 years of winter road salt. As for performance, it’s no rocket off the mark, yet at highway speeds of 160 km, it’s like driving on glass - yeah its all about the Quattro!

  • Amazing - 1994 Audi 100
    By -

    I purchased the 94 100S from a family member who kept it in pristine condition. I love this car... it handles so nicely, its quiet and smooth and even though its 13 years old, it still gets looks and nods of approval. Its been across the country more than several times with no problems, and most recently moving from Phoenix, AZ. to Portland, Or. where I only had to fill up three times for fuel over 1350 miles on the entire trip! She had 173,500 miles on her when I bought her in Dec. 2005 and she now has 203,xxx miles on it and Im replacing the stock serpentine belt. Again, an amazing car!

  • Luxury. Perfomance? - 1994 Audi 100
    By -

    This is a great car. While it may not jump off the line, it is still fun to drive and is very reliable. I cannot find a nicer looking 12 year old car. My 94 100 cs has every feature imagineable, and for a 94 was well ahead of its time. The fine audi leather blended with rich wood grain trim is luxury at its finest. Complete with a v6, power sunroof, heated front seats, power seats, automatic adjusting power mirrors, electronic temp. display, and nice 16 alloy rims, this is a great car. Performs best on the highway, as the Germans designed it for cruising on the autobahn. Runs just as well at 100 mph as it does at 60 mph.

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