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  • Im in love! - 1997 Audi Cabriolet
    By -

    I can only say great things about this car. It has been a sheer joy to drive and it looks incredibly beautiful. Good luck finding one!

  • Be careful - 1997 Audi Cabriolet
    By -

    I love this car as far as ride and handling goes. Fuel economy is not what I expected. It has a tendency to be a money pit with regards to constant minor repairs. The quality of the car leaves one baffled when you consider the association of the name. Although, as I said I like the ride and handling, it is most doubtful that I would ever buy another one.

  • Sweet Convertible Cruiser - 1997 Audi Cabriolet
    By -

    Bought this one owner Audi Cabriolet 2 years ago, drive it only in the summer (top has never been up ). A real head turner, and always draws comments when parked. V6 not powerful, no electric seats, no tilt steering, but fun as all hell to drive, no problems to date.

  • Rock Solid Convertible - 1994 Audi Cabriolet
    By -

    This Audi Cabriolet is the most solid convertible at ten years old. We fell in love with the new Audi Cabriolet, but as a third car it was not affordable for us. The first generation of the Cab is an excellent alternative. We also own a 2004 Audi A4 Avant, and people think we have two new Audis.

  • Sad to see go - 1997 Audi Cabriolet
    By -

    The Audi cabriolet has been a fabulous car for me. Very reliable, very zippy and tons of fun. As a petite woman, it was the only covertible that I test drove where I had any visiability out of the rear. Have loved this cars for years and cant recommend the model enough -- trunk space is minimal, but so easy to dump things in the back seat. Happily, a relative is buying this car from me, otherwise, I couldnt part with it. I had three people lined up who said, if you ever sell, I will buy!

  • Audi Cab - 1998 Audi Cabriolet
    By -

    Fun car. Would prefer all-wheel drive but the front wheel is fine for a "summer" car. Low noise with the top down, good sound system, excellent mechanicals, very comfortable for large driver. Could definitely use a little more bhp but wonderful to cruise New England in the summer.

  • yougottobekidding - 1997 Audi Cabriolet
    By -

    I like the power compared to my 2.5 TL Acura ,it comes on soundlessly and over 60 has the pull of locomotive.Compared to my sold miata it is not the best handeling but if a SUV (driver/phone user on wheels) decides to back end me I wont be flatted like a bug. Very comfortable with top down and the windspoiler in place.

  • Awesome car - 1997 Audi Cabriolet
    By -

    This car was given to me by my dad, who loves audis. If youre looking to buy a car with a good name and good looks, this is definently a great pick! I havent had any problems with it, though sometimes the automatic top is stubborn.

  • 1998 Cabriolet in UK - 1995 Audi Cabriolet
    By -

    Ive wanted one of these for a long time. Difficult to find with low mileage these days over here in UK. ITs a pleasure to drive. And they hold their price well! Always turns heads.

  • Timeless Car - 1997 Audi Cabriolet
    By -

    This car is now 6 years old, and still draws attention when its parked with the top down. The design is absolutely timeless: it looks like it was carved out of a single block of steel. The 2.8 engine (Audis pre-5 valves per cylinder model) with 170 horses will not rocket this heavy car off the line, but thats not the point of the Cabriolet. Its a classic cruiser, and it fills that role beautifully. I will keep it 20 years.

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