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This Year's Model Updates:

The Volkswagen Golf has been completely redesigned for 2015.

  • Great fuel economy from available diesel engine.
  • Versatile and roomy hatchback design
  • Refined interior
  • Strong acceleration
  • Slightly more expensive than rivals
  • Gas engine's automatic transmission lacks refinement
  • Lacks some more contemporary features.

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  • An Audi in Wolfsburg Clothing - 2015 Volkswagen Golf
    By -

    I needed a more fuel efficient and affordable vehicle to replace my 2 year old Mercedes GLK350. Our income was downsized and after a lot of research, I kept coming back to the Golf. I finally bit the bullet and traded for a Night Blue 2015 Golf TSI SE with standard equipment plus the bi-xenon lighting system. After just a few days with this car, I'm totally impressed with the vehicle. Driving dynamics are impressive, well equipped, fit and finish are to German standards and the gas mileage is so much better than the GLK, plus no more premium fuel! It is fun to drive, punchy turbo power, bank-vault tight and roomier than what I had. I feel like I'm driving an Audi with a 50% off coupon!

  • TDI - Dirty Emissions - 2015 Volkswagen Golf
    By -

    I'm motivated to post this review in light of the news that Volkswagen installed a "defeat device" algorithm on its emissions systems for its TDI vehicles that, in short, makes it appear it emits far less nitrogen oxide during emissions testing than it does during normal driving conditions. In short, folks, the TDI Golf and other TDI vehicles in the lineup from VW emit somewhere between 10-40 times the upper limit of acceptable (as determined by the EPA) of nitrogen oxide, a compound that is implicated in smog and worsening of pulmonary diseases such as asthma. Volkswagen apparently did this for years. When I learned about them, I wanted to buy a TDI vehicle in 2010, waited some time and eventually happily bought a 2015 VW Golf TDI in 8/2015. One month later in 9/2015 this issue comes to light and I find that the vehicle I bought in part for high MPG numbers inviting comparisons to some hybrids emits a huge amount of air pollutant. And while this is an issue VW will address with the EPA, it is me, the consumer, who was deceived by the marketing of the TDI lineup which resulted in a sale for VW. Talk about being suckered. If it was a bad component of the suspension or something less maleficent than intentionally misleading the consumer, I would not be so hot about this. Trust me, waiting a few years to buy something and then finding out you should have waited one additional month *really* sucks. Does the car perform well? Yes. Do I get 39-40MPG regularly with spirited driving and 40-50% city driving miles? Yes. Is the interior high quality? Yes. Did I love it prior to the 9/2015 news reports about the emissions being hugely misrepresented? Yes. Is my heart broken? Yes. And this will result in the loss of my business for the manufacturer in the future. There are perfectly lovely Mazda 3s and Ford Focus hatches out there for you. Edmunds rates them highly. Buy them. Save yourself a headache and stick it to a manufacturer that made its business over the last few years in part by intentionally misleading its customers.

  • tornado red tdi - 2015 Volkswagen Golf
    By -

    This is an outstanding car. I drive it like [non-permissible content removed] and my average mpg is 40.6. I thought the suspension change would be a negative, but it handles great.The only issues I have are the stereo being on 87.7 when I start it(sometimes) and the rear washer leaking. Oh, and the passenger door is hard to close... your door isn't shut...your door isn't shut....nope, nope, there you go.

  • What a Great Golf! - 2015 Volkswagen Golf
    By -

    I have been a VW driver for over 25 years. 86 Scirocco, Jetta's and Passats. I thought my 06 2.0 Passat was the best VW ever, but this Golf is giving it some competition. Eye candy on the outside and inside. The interior looks and feels as luxurious as an Audi, BMW or MBZ. Great design too with easy to use technology and awesome sound system. Love the simplicity VW provides. The 1.8T is peppy and provides plenty of power for this car. It's not a GTI, but it is quick. The handling feels a little stiff, but not too much and very secure. Overall it's fun to look at and drive. I had considered an Audi A3 & A4 but the Golf won and my wallet was all the more happy!

  • LOVE this Car!!! - 2015 Volkswagen Golf
    By -

    I was looking for an economy hatch (around $25K) that was extremely comfortable for long trips, quiet at hwy speeds, gave great hwy mpgs and had decent tech. The choice came down to 3 cars- Mazda3 2.5GT, Kia Forte5 and the 2015 Golf TSI SE. The Kia has the best technology and creature comforts including heated and cooled driver seat, heated steering wheel etc... But I did not enjoy how it drove and the interior felt sort of lower tier. The Mazda3 was extremely impressive in just about every area but a lack of storage around the driver and no option for a lighter blue had me look toward the Golf. When I finally test drove it I felt like I was home. Just perfect in every area. Quieter (cont..)

  • Fun car for the money, but you get what you pay for - 2015 Volkswagen Golf
    By -

    I bought this car brand new in October 2014. A few positives are that it is surprisingly quick considering it is the base model. It handles fairly well and the touch screen interface is the best I have ever used. I love the exterior design of this car and the subtle interior styling is very nice as well. I have gotten better than rated mileage. up to 41hwy. Now, the not so great things I have noticed. Right away I realized the engine mounts are crap. They are too soft to handle firm shifts. At 2,000 miles it developed a hefty crunch when put in reverse. The throttle is very sensitive and takes getting used to. Right now at 11,000 miles I am ready to trade it in.

  • From BIG to small - 2015 Volkswagen Golf
    By -

    I was tired of pumping gas for my LX570 2 times per week so i made a big move or shall i say a small move.I always liked my daughters 2008 rabbit and have loved diesels in the past so i sold the suv and bought the golf. What a great car to drive. it is so responsive and fun. I am 6''5" and cannot have the seat all of the way back. I have more legroom than in the big LX. Go drive one, you will love it. my first tank took me 500 miles of mostly city and some highway driving. I am impressed. They look great too.

  • Great value! - 2015 Volkswagen Golf
    By -

    I have had a series of fun cars - SVT Focus, GTI, GLI, Cooper S. I purchased an Audi A4 as a compromise between what I wanted and what I thought I needed and really missed the relative simplicity of a VW and also missed a manual transmission. I picked up a silk blue launch edition and am in love. It is a fantastic value! If you want to shift your own gears and don't mind two doors, this is by far the best deal in the 2015 Golf line.

  • Audi quality at discounted price - 2015 Volkswagen Golf
    By -

    I absolutely love my Golf TDI. I do wish VW had kept the independent rear suspension, but I honestly don't notice that much of a handling difference. The solid quality build structure I think really helps the handling. VW can get away with the inferior suspension and it still drives like a car built for the Autobahn. I love the torquey diesel, and I've been getting 38 mpg city, which is awesome. On the highway, I have gotten 55 mpg under 70 mph. If the GTD had been available I would have bought that, but this little diesel is an awesome second choice. I've wanted this car for over two years...it's been worth the wait. I'll probably never go back to a gas engine or a non European car.

  • the Class of this Class - 2015 Volkswagen Golf
    By -

    Great ride, superior handling (low profile 17 inch tires) QUIET interior, even on the highway, terrific interior, awesome (Fender 400 watt) stereo. Surprisingly spacious back seat and good headroom. VWs are not known for reliability, but it has a 5 year warranty on the engine and powertrain. Planning on using this car for a trip to FL, rather than my Mid-size, because it's actually more comfortable (not to mention easier on gas).

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