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This Year's Model Updates:

Outside of a few features being shuffled around, the Volkswagen Golf remains unchanged for 2011.

  • Stylish look inside and out.
  • Excellent interior materials
  • Versatile hatchback body style
  • Available diesel engine
  • Refined driving dynamics
  • Many desirable features unavailable on base model.

User Reviews:

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  • My dream car but better - 2011 Volkswagen Golf
    By -

    I was in the market for something that was a) more fuel efficient than my 2002 Civic, b) had more power than my 2002 Civic, c) have something more environmentally conscious, and d) drive something more fun. The VW Golf does all of this, but does it better than I could have imagined. The clean, simple exterior belies the well assembled interior and its turbo diesel engine. Getting where you need to go should not be as fun as this car makes it (but I'm not complaining =p)! DISCLAIMER#1- For me, this car is totally worth its premium price, but it is nearly the same price as a GTI (budget beware!). DISCLAIMER#2- Diesel can be a task to find, but VW has a locator on their site.

  • My new commuter car - 2011 Volkswagen Golf
    By -

    Driving 100 miles per day to work & back was not doing anything for me or my 335i. I needed something comfortable and economicle-Diesel seemed to be the best thing. I had just bought a 2011 Jetta for my wife, & loved it. The golf was more fun to drive, and now after 1500 miles I can say that driving across Houston's traffic and getting 46+miles per gallon, makes me happy!! The seats are great for a slightly overweight 5'10" guy, it has all the "Pep" that I need (It supprises me frequently) ok, its not a twin turbo Beemer, but it goes. My only fault with it are the heater controles, which are a little "Cheap" but other than that, I love it. Bravo Volkswagen !!

  • Love my TDI - 2011 Volkswagen Golf
    By -

    I bought my 2011 VW Golf TDI new on March 19, 2011. I currently have just over 1800 miles. The interior is well designed, friendly, comfortable, stylish and all around enjoyable. The exterior looks are not flashy or exceptional, it is a basic wedge hatchback shaped vehicle. I am am happy with picking this vehicle because of the diesel power supplied by the turbo as well as the economical driving experience. I refer to my car as zippy, she maneuvers well through traffic, great brakes, and the engine is powerful enough to zoom past trouble if need be. The sound system is powerful and clear, the road noise is minimal, and the handling is great. I am averaging about 43mpg so far. :-)

  • Big disappointment - 2011 Volkswagen Golf
    By -

    This car was underwhelming. Coming from a 200 HP Saab, I did not mind the weak engine except the manual transmission would fight any attempt to downshift quickly. The heater/AC moved so little air that you were either cold/hot or had to listen to the fan drone away on high. The steering feel was nonexistent. You could not feel the front end break loose on snow. The final straw was a fuel cut off that caused it to die in traffic if short shifted. It was fun to make fun of the driver who stalled in traffic until we were hit from behind because the car would just stop without brake lights. There was no warning. You would be driving in slowing traffic and it would stop.

  • Why consider anything else? - 2011 Volkswagen Golf
    By -

    I purchased my '11 Golf 3 door Manual transmission straight out of college. Prior to making this decision, I tested many similarly priced compact cars like the Dodge Caliber, Various Hondas, and even some subarus. While I really liked the Subaru's and had a hard time deciding between the two, the VW Golf was simply in another league. This is probably the best compact car on the us market for the price. The interior and exterior build quality and craftsmanship are excellent and there are no rattling noises. I have put 17,000 miles since I purchased the car in June of 2011. Thats right, 17000 already. This car handles/performs exceptionally well. At all speeds it feels secure/ planted.

  • Fuel Efficient Family Friendly Fun - 2011 Volkswagen Golf
    By -

    I purchased a 4 door Golf TDI with automatic (DSG) transmission in late July (2011). I've just passed the 2000 mile mark and so far I have been thrilled with the TDI. I'm 6'5" tall and find the driving position more comfortable than that of my Honda Accord. There is plenty of room for a family trip, and the rock solid build quality and quiet interior make it a pleasure to drive long distances. It handles like a go-cart and the diesel torque provides abundant passing power. To date I am averaging 35mpg in miced City/Hwy driving. [violative content deleted]

  • Just bought... Amazing Vehicle - 2011 Volkswagen Golf
    By -

    This is an amazing vehicle. MPG is huge and it feels like you are driving a far more expensive car, especially at night when you can see the illumination of the cockpit. Customization options abound - love the details, like being able to adjust the lighting level of the footwell area. Just one example of getting what you pay for. This is my first german vehicle and I think I am sold on VW moving forward if they can offer these types of products moving forward. You will not be sorry if you buy this car!

  • What a great little car! - 2011 Volkswagen Golf
    By -

    I was shopping Mini Coopers and other small economical hatch backs when I decided to try out the Golf TDI. It handles like a go-cart, feels like a mid-size, nice and quiet inside, rarely 'sounds like a diesel', plenty of power - you REALLY have to watch as its easy to speed in this car. Mine came with: DSG Auto, HID headlights and touch screen sound. I really was not looking for 'flappers' on the steering or 3 way shifting tranny (auto, sport auto and manual/auto) however I'm very pleased with the DSG even leaving it in "D" %99 of the time. It shifts smoothly without jerkyness. The TDI is a bit surprising - most of the time feels like a gas engine - other times some 'turbo lag'.

  • Great alternatives to boring hybrids - 2011 Volkswagen Golf
    By -

    All I can say is go drive a Volkswagen / Audi TDI engine equipped vehicle and you won't be disappointed.

  • For mpg/power mix there's nothing better - 2011 Volkswagen Golf
    By -

    I traded in an Audi A4 which was costing $$$ at the pump w only 22 mpg. I previously had a VW diesel and longed for its combo of power and efficiency that the Audi was unblanced on. VW makes a great car. Design is well above the rest of the class with clean lines and a very plush interior for the price. Puzzling, though, is VW"s decision to disable features in the software that were previously there such as comfort closing windows, coming home lights, etc that just take a check of a box in the system. How much $$ can you save by just not checking a box? That said, mpg's are great, passing power is there, utility is there, and it looks nice. Hard to complain.

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