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This Year's Model Updates:

The VW CC gets a slightly revised interior for 2012, including an ornamental analog clock and wood accents on upper trims.

  • Ample features list
  • All-wheel drive on VR6 model.
  • Well-built and stylish interior
  • Fuel-efficient and energetic turbo four-cylinder
  • Only four seats
  • Smallish trunk.
  • Limited rear-seat headroom

User Reviews:

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  • 50k needed a new engine - 2012 Volkswagen CC
    By -

    Out of warranty, valves are shot $4700.00. Since purchasing, the low tire warning is always on VW cannot repair, acceleration horrible, don’t try to pass on the highway, engine light always on dealer can’t find the problem or were waiting for warranty to run out

  • good value - 2012 Volkswagen CC
    By -

    Purchased on 1/16/2012 and have yet to stop at the gas station to fill up....that includes driving to work on daily basis (10 mi.) and doing light errands most evenings. The 2.0 turbo is plenty of power for this car. I had an 08 Jetta W-burg with same engine so I know it's strengths. The car feels solid, comfortable, and I think it rivals the Infiniti G series, Acura TSX and other entry level Lux cars. The CC is essentially a Lux car without the typical Lux Badge like Audi or BMW. I think this car could probably sell for 3-4k more and still be a fair deal.

  • Simply Outstanding - 2012 Volkswagen CC
    By -

    I've owned an Acura TL, Toyota Camry Hybrid, Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland, and more, but the CC has quickly become my favorite of them all. It has more and better tech than the Camry (and that's saying something), it's more fun to drive than the Acura TL, and it has a richer interior than the Jeep Overland. Truly, this is a vehicle that is more than the sum of its individual parts. It's quick, smooth, comfortable, and offers the technical amenities a geek like me prizes. My real world gas mileage on the hybrid was 38.5 MPG, and my CC is routinely hitting 33-36 MPG and does it with a LOT more vigor and style.

  • Almost 2 years now!` - 2012 Volkswagen CC
    By -

    I wrote an earlier review when I first got my CC in Aug 2011- Now its Almost May 2013 and this car has been phenomenal. I had 2 BMW's prior to this vehicle and I was at first skeptical since I an a huge BMW fan, but the CC has surprised me! I have not had one issue with it, and I get a lot of questions about it- "What car is that?" "Is that a Mercedes?" I get around 31 hwy and 26 city, so the MPG is not too bad. The 2.0 turbo is pretty quick and I tend to drive on the performance side of things, so the CC has met my expectations! Its the black model and it just looks sharp!

  • 2012 CC - 2012 Volkswagen CC
    By -

    2012 CC is not bad but not all about the hype. The tubo is too small for the weight of the car, however the engine combo does produce good gas mileage. spacious and road compliant. stock tires are junk. The drivers seat is not somfortable to me at all. it lacks lower stability. Around an hour and I want out of it but I can race my bike for hours. Smooth road feel solid handling. Here's how bad it hurts. only 20K on a 2012 that had around 7K on it when I bought it. I'd rather drive my 94 Civic Replaced junk Airfilter with full K&N intake increased MPG and power band.

  • CC burns oil - 2012 Volkswagen CC
    By -

    I have had this car for 13 months and was enjoying its ride comfort, power and fuel economy when I discovered that it was burning oil at about 15,000 miles. I complained and VW tested it then confirmed that it is burning 0.29 quarts every 1000 miles which translates to 2.9 quarts between recommended change intervals. VW says that is okay, but automotive engineers state that it is evidence of an engine defect. The car is a marvel in many ways, but watch out for the oil burning: VW does not disclose this to buyers until after they have bought the car which I think is a bit sleazy.

  • Rarely Seen - 2012 Volkswagen CC
    By -

    I purchased my 2012 cc r line about a week ago. I had already bought the 2012 jetta tdi for my wife and then I fell love with the r line. I love the kit on the r line and 18" alloys, and I love the fact that its a RARELY seen car. It's a affordable and luxurious car, and very sporty. Alot for the american dollar. It rides really smooth and is a eye catcher. It has a desent acceleration for a 2.0t. Overall I am very satisfied and the tdi is nice too. I'd recommend this car to anyone and to be honest I am a very picky person but I have only good things to say about this car.

  • I miss my Jetta - 2012 Volkswagen CC
    By -

    The CC is a beautiful car, undoubtedly. It's likely the fast pedal and sleek exterior kept me from noticing the incredibly rough ride I have been experiencing since taking my car home 2 months ago. I cringe when I pass over a manhole cover in the city, or god forbid a pothole, OUCH! The car gets decent gas mileage, the interior is impressive and the standard wheels are just so attractive, I just wish they would have nailed down a quieter, smoother ride for city driving. The acceleration takes some getting used to, it doesnt just spring out of the gate- you have to learn to apply the right pressure so you don't jerk your passengers while trying to get to 45 MPH quickly (say, for merging)

  • 2012 VW CC Sport 6AM - 2012 Volkswagen CC
    By -

    I bought this car 2 months ago and have just under 2000 miles on it. I was also considering the Kia Optima and Hyundai Sonata. I do like not seeing many other CCs on the road as I do the Sonata. I have been very pleased with the car so far. I am 6'2" and have 2" of headroom with the seating position I have set. The seats are very comfortable and I think the rear seating is more than adequate, even for 6'ers. Since the CC has a lower ground clearance, it is tougher getting into and out of the car. I have been getting 22.5 -23.0 MPG in suburban driving using a light foot. I am very happy with accel, handling, and braking and do not experience the long brake travel I have read about.

  • Best In Class - 2012 Volkswagen CC
    By -

    I have owned a 2004 Audi A4 and a 2006 Lexus IS250, and this is a mach for the Audi and blows the Lexus away. What can I say? This car is quiet, it rides great, it handles nicely, it looks much more expensive than it is, and the 2.0T engine is a very nice compromise between power and efficiency. The engine feels stronger than 200 hp because the power and torque are available at lower RPM. Furthermore, fit and finish are premium class. The leatherette may actually be an upgrade. My wife has a Tiguan with 16000 miles that shows no wear at all on the drivers seat. Factor in the lease deals and this car is a must drive.

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