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This Year's Model Updates:

The V6 engine is now available only with the top-level equipment trim, the pricey VR6 4Motion Executive trim (the VR6 Sport model has been eliminated). Other than this, features have simply been shuffled between trim levels.

  • Fuel-efficient turbo four-cylinder
  • Well-equipped, stylish interior
  • All-wheel drive on VR6 model.
  • Only four seats
  • Smallish trunk.
  • Limited rear-seat headroom

User Reviews:

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  • Cruising - 2011 Volkswagen CC
    By -

    I have had my 2011 VW CC for one week and LOVE it! I'm a first time VW owner and I have no regrets. I'm leasing the car and already considering buying it when the lease is up. This car is for cruising. It offers a smooth ride, a sporty look and is fun to drive.

  • Best bang for the buck sporty sedan! - 2011 Volkswagen CC
    By -

    The lease ran up on my 2007 Jetta and my dealership was able to get me into a 2011 VW CC Sport for only $10 more a month so I jumped on the deal. I've always liked the looks of the CC. It looks a lot like a Mercedes but without the Mercedes price tag. I've only had the car about two weeks but I am loving it so far! Besides being great looking inside and out, the car is a lot of fun to drive with the 200hp turbo engine and all the amenities inside. I test drove the Acura TSX before leasing the CC, and while the Acura was very nice it just wasn't as much fun to drive. I am very happy with my decision to lease a 2011 CC. It is a very nice upgrade over my 2007 Jetta.

  • DSG = Terrible Transmission - 2011 Volkswagen CC
    By -

    The DSG transmission does this car a complete injustice. There is a significant hesitation from a stop, and the shifts are jerky and unpleasant. VW couples this half-engineered transmission with an engine that has significant turbo lag - turning every city trip into a manic journey along the torque curve. Everything settles down once you get the car up to speed, making the CC an enjoyable highway car. The exterior and interior styling is fantastic, but the transmission will be a disappointment to anyone who has ever driven a well built, thoughtfully engineered car or truck from a reputable manufacturer.

  • I just love it! - 2011 Volkswagen CC
    By -

    I love this car. It looks cool, functions well and just satisfy all my need. It is a BMW/Benz just in much lower price.

  • Don't waste your time nor money - 2011 Volkswagen CC
    By -

    Where do I begin? Let's start with; I've never had a new vehicle with so many problems. The power steering pump needed to be replaced after the first year. The water pump was just replaced due to leakage. The transmission, as everyone else said, is comparable to my dad's 1990 VW Golf (non-turbo) diesel when it comes to performance. Slap it in the manual shift mode and it's much better. The speedometer is 5 miles per hour off (shows you're going faster). This means your mileage adds up a bit faster if you do the math. Faulty tail lights. Can't wait to get rid of it.

  • This car feels more expensive than it is - 2011 Volkswagen CC
    By -

    This car matches well interior-wise to cars in the 40-50K range. The exterior is the most beautiful VW ever built. I am not a huge fan of turbo motors and if I were to cite any weakness it iss a bit of hesitation at times that you do get with a noramally aspirated engine. The Soundsystem sounds great. The controls are logically placed and is a pleasure to drive and be seen in.

  • hard to beat - 2011 Volkswagen CC
    By -

    I bought my candy white over black CC Lux a week ago. It's a great car to look at and to be in. Typical VW tight build quality. Due to the many lease offerings at year's end, I looked at M-B C300 Sport Sedan, Saab 9-3, Cadillac CTS, Lincoln MKZ. Just got out of a 2011 Sonata Limited, nice car, but....I miss the German!! The Caddy is too small, especially the center console to the accelerator pedal, not enough room, plus, along with the Lincoln, cheap interior materials. The Saab is still good looking but just plain old. The Benz is nice but to get the lease deal it really is the el cheapo version. None of them hold a candle to the CC with its beautifully finished interior. Get one.

  • Great car with some drawbacks - 2011 Volkswagen CC
    By -

    An exceptionally beautiful car - very disinctive. I think it's better looking than the Mercedes CLS. It's also nice that you don't see many on the road.

  • Worth it... - 2011 Volkswagen CC
    By -

    I've owned this car for 4 months now and still find it fun to drive... For a 4-banger, it sure drives like a 6. VW sure has a winner in the CC. Biggest problems... Being a heavy set 6th guy, it's a pain to get in/out of car. Other than that, it's worth it. I'm looking forward to taking it for a long trip to gage its comfort for long distance driving. Haven't had it for too long, so reliability at this point is kinda moot.

  • Just beautiful!!!!!!!!!! - 2011 Volkswagen CC
    By -

    This ride is a straight up head turner! sport feature is amazing and on the freeway going 60+ just so smooth. Interior / exterior are beautiful they really put effort into making this cc look more expensive then it really is. BEST THING ABOUT THIS RIDE YOU HARDLY SEE IT ON THE ROAD SO WHEN IT PASSES BY DEF. CATCHES PPLZ EYES.. BEST DECISION I EVER MADE IM VERY PICKY WHEN IT COMES TO CARS. I WANTED TO BUY THE AUDI A4 BUT ITS TO EXPENSIVE WHEN I TEST DROVE THE CC SPORT I WAS SOLD ON THE SPOT IM 24 YEARS OLD AND A PROUD VW OWNER !!!

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