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This Year's Model Updates:

For 2015, the Toyota Sienna gets a refresh. It doesn't look much different on the outside (updated grille and taillights), but under the skin there's a revised suspension, a stronger body structure and welcome improvements to the interior's design and materials quality.

  • High-quality interior
  • Available all-wheel drive.
  • Available eight-passenger seating
  • Comfortable and far-sliding second-row seating
  • User-friendly controls
  • Second-row seats are awkward to remove.

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  • Way better than a Town and Country. - 2015 Toyota Sienna
    By -

    Traded a 2010 T&C Touring Plus and the minute we drove our Sienna off the lot we knew we made the right choice. Bye Bye Chrysler never again.

  • 3rd Row cup holder issue - 2015 Toyota Sienna
    By -

    We just purchased this brand new 2015 Toyota Sienna XLE and we love it so far. The only issue we're having is the 3rd row right side cup holders get very very hot, to the point where my daughters drink gets hot within minutes. And it happens within minutes if cutting it on. We were told that there was a computer and it would get hot, but that's just crazy. Is anybody law experiencing this issue and what did you / they do about it!? I need help before I take it back to the dealership.

  • Great van! - 2015 Toyota Sienna
    By -

    We needed a rental vehicle and ended up with a 2015 Sienna because it was the least expensive. We didn't need a mini van at all. We were actually extremely surprised at how quiet it was. There was no road noise, even through all of the course highways in California. Usually it's so loud with every vehicle we've rented due to the course highways but this van was impressively quiet. I'm very picky with road noise, I'd say this was Lexus quiet. The ride wasn't firm or too soft, it was perfect actually. Very, very impressed. Even the little holding area where you can put a grocery bag under the radio area is perfect, and the area where you can put your drink holder which has some rubber so your stuff doesn't slide around. Overall Toyota did a great job. If I am ever in the need of a van, I'd definitely go for the Toyota!

  • The family loves the new van - 2015 Toyota Sienna
    By -

    Overall a very good van. The ride is smooth and the seating is comfortable. I'm 6'3" and have plenty of head and leg room. Accelerating to highway speed is quick (for a van) and stable. I haven't played with the sound system or bluetooth so can't give an opinion on those. The only negatives I've noticed are that the rear seat headrests slightly block the view out of the back window, but they can be folded down when not in use. It would also be nice if the center display screen was angled towards the driver a bit, or able to pivot left and right. Not a deal breaker at all, just wishful thinking.

  • Navigation issues - 2015 Toyota Sienna
    By -

    I love my Sienna and it is my most favorite vehicle. However the navigation shuts down while driving and freezes and the most disappointing this is that Toyota says there is nothing they can do about it. I bought a brand new car and there is nothing they can do. For that I give Toyota low marks for not finding the issue and not being willing to fix it.

  • Not so comfortable front seats - 2015 Toyota Sienna
    By -

    Pros 1.The handling is very nice and doesn't feel that you driving a minivan. 2.I see many users complained about cheap plastic materials, and I personally don’t see that as a big issue. I see lot of interior parts on Ebay and they are not very expensive. Cons: 1. The steering wheel center is not aligned with the center of the front driver side seat. The issue I personally see with that is ,the steering wheel center is little inwards to the seat. While driving ,I was used to holding the steering wheel with my left arm placed on the armrest. Now with this miss alignment, the hand is not conveniently reachable to place it on the armrest while holding the steering wheel. This is a big discomfort while doing the long drives. I am not sure if very tall people will have this problem, but I am 5'9" and I feel the problem. I am not sure if this is any way related, even the seats are too comfortable for long drives. I used to rent dodge caravan before having this van and I never felt this issue. I also rented Kia Sedona and even those seats are very comfortable. This steering and seat alignment I believe will also be for 2016 and 2017 models since Toyota did not redesign any major physical changes. 2. The Voice recognition is technically useless. My cell phone has much voice recognition system than my 35k van. 3. The USB port can't keep up with the Smartphone charging and its very slow. 4. The gas mileage is not as per the EPA numbers. On the high way I am getting around 23 and that’s 2 below the EPA 25.When checked with the dealer, he told that the mileage ratings were form EPA and they have nothing to do with it. I saw the KIA Sedon's EPA ratings and they are different for each model and the highest model has the least rating. I assume it has to do with the extra equipment they added on the vehicle. If that’s the case how come all the Sienna's have same EPA ratings irrespective of the sub-model. 5. Quality- My GPS broke in less than a year and it's been more than 3 months and the dealer did not replace it yet. 6. The seats are not 100% leather. Only the upper surfaces are leather. I have no issue until that part. But the adjustable hand rests are not in leather and that’s one of the pieces that you would touch a lot. I have a leather wrapped steering and they missed to add this small detail on the adjustable arm rests. 7. Not a big fan for their entune app except for their low fuel prompt and suggesting the nearest gas station. Also their live traffic update system is very slow and sometime its useless. I still rely on google maps for live traffic updates. I wish Toyota has android auto and that was really cool. I used it in an rental Hyundai Sanota and I really liked it. 8. The surround system for their audio is not calibrated correctly. You feel that all the sound is coming from the front speakers. I believe they calibrated it like for a car and ignored the 3rd row seats. I had to adjust the sound more to the back speakers to have that proper surround sound effect. 9. While making the U turn, I could hear a squeaking sound coming from the rear tires. I was not only the one with that issue. My friend went for a test drive and he complained the same and he did not ended buying a sienna. He bought an 4runner instead.

  • Great Van - 2015 Toyota Sienna
    By -

    very quiet, comfy, great for taking trips and hauling stuff. Engine is strong enough and always feels like there is power. Brakes are good for such a heavy van but could be improved a little bit to give it even better performance.

  • AWD Tires Frequently Replaced at High Cost - 2015 Toyota Sienna
    By -

    This Van is very good except for the tire problem. The AWD version comes with no spare and run flat tires. The run flat tires last between 14,000 and 18,000 miles and come without a manufacturers warrantee. I drive between 25,000 and 30,000 miles per year. I am now at 35,000 (16 months) and am on my third set of tires. the originals were replaced at 15,500. The second set lasted until 34,700 miles. I just put on the 3rd set. The way we drive, if we keep this van for 5 years, I would spend over $11,000.00 on tires. DO NOT BUY THE AWD SIENNA. You can put on regular tires, but you would run without a spare. If you add a spare, you have to buy a mount for the cargo area, but hen you can't fold down the third row seats for more cargo...

  • Very Happy with purchase - 2015 Toyota Sienna
    By -

    Only issue is Premium AWD limited has NO ottoman chairs ,no 3rd row automatic recliners chairs,and NO middle console that slide back. ALL these features are included in LIMITED FWD. other wise great car , interior and exterior great , feels like LEXUS VAN in toyota lineup.

  • Favorite bike carrier - 2015 Toyota Sienna
    By -

    Update: after a month-long cross country trip, still no troubles whatsoever. Everything just works. Drive, change oil, repeat. We have no soccer kids and no in-laws to haul around. But we have bikes, including a tandem, and we like to travel to ride our bikes. The Sienna SE at least has a few "sporty" touches to ease the male ego when, really, it has the sexy styling of a toaster. It does have very good navi (except map updates are stupid expensive), great bluetooth, very nice media center (love it reading texts to us), great climate control, room for our tandem and all our gear INSIDE, and all day comfortable seats. It hauls a Costco load that will incinerate your wallet. So far no reason to go back to the dealer except services. What's not to like?

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