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This Year's Model Updates:

For 2014, the Toyota Sienna is essentially unchanged apart from the tow prep package becoming standard across the board and the SE trim now offering a blind spot monitoring system as an individual option (it previously required the purchase of an option package).

  • Available all-wheel drive
  • Smooth and powerful V6 engine
  • Seven- or eight-passenger seating.
  • Some lower-grade plastics in cabin
  • Usefulness of available Entune system is diminished by a cumbersome setup process.

User Reviews:

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  • Great Choice After Lots of Anxiety - 2014 Toyota Sienna
    By -

    It was difficult deciding among Toyota, Honda and Kia. All have their good points and drive well. I bought the Toyota four weeks ago, and I am happy with the decision, though I'd probably be just as happy with the Honda and Kia. I have the blind-spot monitor option ($500) and like it a lot. On the Sienna it is on both side-view mirrors; on the Odyssey, it is only on the passenger side. The long-slide 2nd row seats allow for almost 19" of leg room in the 2nd row, though that would leave almost no leg room for the 3rd row. Both 2nd and 3rd rows have shades. Entune and navigation system are great. Lots of cargo space behind 3rd row. 3rd row seats store easily, but not as easily as Honda's.

  • 2014 Sienna XLE w/o Nav/Entune - 2014 Toyota Sienna
    By -

    I purposely looked for a "base" XLE without Navigation/Entune or rear entertainment (DVD) to get the more comfortable leather seats (front only, rear softex) and minimize options which would be expensive to repair after warranty. This is my second Sienna, with a 2011 Odyssey purchased in between. I've read comments about the Odyssey being a better van, BUT my 2011 Touring ended up having transmission and engine issues, and it was an expensive vehicle. The Sienna has a great engine/trans combo, and the interior is very comfortable and spacious.

  • Winter brake freeze - 2014 Toyota Sienna
    By -

    I just returned from the Toyota dealer. I had made an appointment to repair the rear brakes that freeze every time the van is washed in winter. I was told by the service advisor not to wash the van when the temperature is below 32 degrees. I have owned several other mini vans & cars & have never heard of anyone being told not to wash your vehicle. We will never buy another Sienna again. It is a 2014 XLE and was purchased new.

  • Practicality rendered in steel and plastic - 2014 Toyota Sienna
    By -

    Our Sienna is the vehicle we should have gotten years ago instead of an SUV. It is incredibly practical despite its geeky image. The interior is often a sore spot in Sienna reviews, but many confuse a minivan with a Lexus sedan. The hard plastics in the Sienna are designed for contact with snot-nosed kids with their greasy popcorn hands. The interior of the Sienna is much easier to clean and will hold up better to hard use compared to something with soft-touch plastics. The Sienna does not have the reliability problems that the Odyssey has. Honda V6 powertrains have a history of eating transmissions and, lately, engines. Too bad, because the rest of the Odyssey is very nice.

  • Review from Long-term Toyota owner: 2014 Sienna utterly disappoints - 2014 Toyota Sienna
    By -

    Perhaps the worst Toyota among 7 that I owned in the past 14 years. Had a pleasure to own two 4Runners, 2 GX470 and 1 GX460, 1 Highlander. This Sienna is wrong in almost every department but biggest is by far rattle and squeaks from cheapest plastic panels that 2014 Sienna has. Impossible to to mitigate those issues. 3rd row seats rattle loudly even after anti-rattle kit was installed. Inside the van it is obnoxiously loud, all road noise comes in at highway speeds that you need to crank radio just to hear it. Certainly, not good for long trips, we bought it to take on the cross-country trips but what a mistake it was.

  • Sixth Toyota; still love them - 2014 Toyota Sienna
    By -

    I love this minivan! A couple things about Toyotas that buyers should know: 1) Toyota is practicality and *quality* first, which means that there are sometimes design issues (especially with the interior) that may annoy, but they do not compromise the integrity of the vehicle, and the car will still last longer than any American-made pile of junk; 2) Siennas are made to be torn up by little kids, so don't expect Lexus-like appointments (my husband's '12 Avalon is far, far, faaaar superior to my top-of-the-line XLE minivan). So, don't be silly--understand what you're buying, and you will be be pleased for many years to come!

  • A little disappointed - 2014 Toyota Sienna
    By -

    Replaced a 2009 Oddy. Based on great 1999 Camry experience, expected the Sienna to be better. So far, not so good. The main problem is the speedometer is wrong. It overstates speed 3-5 MPH. Our dealer in Tyson Corner, VA says it's normal and Toyota seems to agree. Granted, better than understating speed, but not what I expect of Toyota. Another surprise I didn't notice pre-purchase is that the 2nd row seats don't completely remove from the car. There is a substantial harness that remains above the floor. Wouldn't be able to carry drywall for example without damaging it. Never occurred to me to check after flat floors in past 3 minivans - Honda and Dodges. Buyer beware.

  • Great Ride, loads of room, and no spare tire - 2014 Toyota Sienna
    By -

    I am pleased with this car, 15k miles in except for the run flat tires and lack of a spare. the AWD versions of these vans have this serious design flaw, and the run flat tires are twice the price of standard tires, and wear twice as fast. So the buyer can figure on a factor of Four times the expense for keeping rubber on this car. As a lessor, I am disappointed that I will have to buy tires at least once for this car, and the run flats are absolutely awful for AWD traction and performance once they get to 4/32.

  • Cheap interior materials and other parts - 2014 Toyota Sienna
    By -

    Cheap plastics, fabrics (floors), finishes in cabin makes its interior look cheap even though I've got XLE+Navi option. Comparing to previous Sienna model with same trim option, it has less leather surface than older models to save its cost. You will find other cost saving effort from Toyata, unless you are paying $40.000+ for limited edition. Check its keyless remote, interior finishes, XLE's leather finishes/quality, they are lower than average car. Especially you are also considering Oddysey Ex-L+Nav I chose Sienna because of its smooth engine feel, but now regret. In sum, $ per value, Odyssey is much better even though you may find Honda's MSRP is higher.

  • Excellent OVERALL Package - 2014 Toyota Sienna
    By -

    First minivan and I love it. I'm more focused on practicality in our family and after noticing that my 4 year old nephew had issues climbing into our Traverse, I knew it was time to think seriously about a minivan. We owned a 2010 Venza which we traded in after 75,000 miles and other a slight manufacturing defect with the 4-cylinder engine which was repaired under warranty, I took care of that car and it hummed along at 75,000 miles like that day we drove it off the lot. Needless to say I was sold on Toyota and noticed the difference in long-term build quality between it and our Traverse.

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