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This Year's Model Updates:

For 2013, the Toyota Sienna drops the four-cylinder engine and gains a few added standard features.

  • Available all-wheel drive
  • Smooth and powerful V6
  • Seven- or eight-passenger seating.
  • Some lower-grade plastics in cabin
  • Expensive options packages.

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  • One Van-tastic Sienna - 2013 Toyota Sienna
    By -

    Repair costs can be pricey without maintenance warranty.The headlights cast a somewhat shadowy low beam.Carpet a bit thin but everything else is great,quiet ride comfy seating on all rows and easy smooth handling even on highways.Good on gas too

  • A grandfather's honest opinion - 2013 Toyota Sienna
    By -

    I previously owned a new 2011 Toyota Sienna LE, put 30K plus on it and traded for a new 2013 Sienna LE almost 3 years ago. I now have 54K miles on this new 2013 as of 1-29-2016. Overall, this is the BEST vehicle I have ever owned. The best features are: effortless electronic steering, fabulous turning radius, smooth ride, spacious cargo room ( I can haul full 4 x 8 sheets of plywood flat in the rear), dual front and rear climate control, blue-tooth tech for my Ipod and phone, and just plain high quality and reliability of the van. Negatives are: driver side middle seat is cumbersome to remove because of the built in cup holder and seat rail slider,and the poor quality new LIMITED MILEAGE TIRES that the only last for 30K miles is disgraceful ( both of my 2011 and current 2013 Siennas had these Michelin limited mile tires.

  • Sienna SE is the best Minivan yet - 2013 Toyota Sienna
    By -

    I recently purchased 2013 Sienna SE after careful analysis with Sienna XLE and Honda Odyssey(EX-L and Touring). Below is my verdict on who wins in each category- Exterior - Sienna SE Tires/Wheels - Sienna SE Tech - Odyssey Features - Odyssey Seating - Odyssey Access to 3rd row - Sienna Dashboard - Odyssey Cargo Space - Sienna Mileage - Odyssey Price - Sienna Drive - Sienna SE Steering/Handling - Sienna SE Winner - Sienna SE by a margin If looks and drive does matter to you, go with Sienna SE with Navigation pkg. If you want to opt for XLE, then Odyssey is a better choice. Odyssey pick up is not so good. Odyssey 2014 still looks bad when compared to Sienna.

  • THE BETTER CHOICE! - 2013 Toyota Sienna
    By -

    I test drove the Grand Caravan, Odyssey, and Sienna before buying. The Dodge felt cheap & rough, the Odyssey was good, and the handling was tight, but it felt like a sports car - transmitted every little bump thru the suspension in a violent way. Also, as I test-drove a 5-speed Honda, the Sienna had noticeably better acceleration. The Honda had less comfy armrests, and no available center console on the base model. For the same price as the base Honda, I got a Sienna LE with power seat, power doors, a nicer ride, satellite radio, and a better reliability record. Only complaint for the Sienna is the driver's "dead pedal" area on the left is too close for comfort. Awesome car & purchase.

  • good car for snowy locations - 2013 Toyota Sienna
    By -

  • Just bought my 2013 toyota sienna 1 week ago. - 2013 Toyota Sienna
    By -

    Seems to be a good reliable vehicle at this point. Have driven it a bout 300 miles so far. Have noticed no problems other than no satellite radio and not near as good stereo as what was in our 07 Saturn Outlook which had satellite radio from the factory. This is the first Toyota I have ever owned so it takes some getting used to. I have always been a GM fan. I guess only time will tell.

  • Great car - 2013 Toyota Sienna
    By -

    Great car, great resale

  • Toyota always moving forward! - 2013 Toyota Sienna
    By -

    I am a auto technician and I buy Toyota because at the end of the day I don't want to work on my own car. With Toyota I rarely ever need to, besides routine maintenance. I have owned other brands, but Toyota have always been the most reliable.

  • Great, versatile vehicle. Good hauler - 2013 Toyota Sienna
    By -

    I'M an empty nester and a 65 yr old female. I bought this to carry my 2 Kayaks Inside, to avoid the time-consuming and difficult Job of lifting the Kayaks to the roof. Works great. My friends love it, too. Also carries bicycles easily as well as a group of people. Runs well. I live in Wis. And one day I was In a snowy construction Zone and needed to make a short, quick right turn around a barrel. This Van did ' it gracefully. Far better than expected. My husband and I have driven nothing but Toyotas since the 198Os . We had a small 1994 pick up that ran 190,000 miles in 20 years and only stopped because the frame rusted. Only repair was ex haust system because of rust . a great value . We also have had a Corolla with absolutely no problems In 12 years and 170,000 miles. Can't complain.

  • DO NOT BUY NAVIGATION SYSTEM - 2013 Toyota Sienna
    By -

    We like the seinna in general. Its comfortable, best driving minivan we tested. Lots of space. What we dont like is the navigation system is one of the worst I've ever used. Its voice entry is slow and error prone, it's display is cluttered and hard to get what is important, it is hard to follow in a city with close turns. Its just bad. My $100 garmin is much better. Not only did I spend 15x that for this system, but they also take out the XM capable radio to do it. Other complaints are gas mileage is only 18-21, the heated seats dont let you turn on back vs legs, and in general the seats are not as comfortable as I would expect in this class. And the tires are expensive!

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