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  • I feel good in my new RAV4 - 2016 Toyota RAV4
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    It's a great little car25

  • big bang for your buck - 2016 Toyota RAV4
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    Just got the SE trim last week, and the more I look at this car and the more I drive it, the more I love it, the seats are comfortable, although fake leather for the price you are paying is a bummer, it still looks and feels great. The ride is smooth, sometimes a bit noisy from the road, but handles great, for my day to day driving, the pick up is fine, we didn't buy it to be a racer. the entertainment well, was disappointing to find out, with the higher priced JBL system, it didn't come with a CD player, first car since the 80's that didn't have one, but, the Nav is great, the sound is good and easy to control. The room for the back passengers is great, plenty of leg and head room, the cargo area is great, especially when you fold the seats down. All in all, a great ride for the money, and I have no regrets, except maybe for the dealership I went to, but, that's for another review.

  • great two-year lease - 2016 Toyota RAV4
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    Great interior quality, reliability, entune/bluetooth, fuel economy. Surprisingly roomy (especially cargo space when seats folded down) for a compact SUV. Decent handling. However, 50hp+ would be great. Aside from slapping on your own turbo or NOS canisters, putting the car in "sports" mode and manual shifting yourself DOES keep revs a bit higher and provide you a bit of pep.

  • Ralph the Rav! - 2016 Toyota RAV4
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    I love the little car and the fact that you sit higher than in a sedan. I am still learning how to use all the features but was not real impressed the few times we have tried the navigation. I went with the Limited to get some higher end features but some of the features could be tweaked to a higher level.

  • HATE it LOVE it - 2016 Toyota RAV4
    By -

    My version of the 2016 rav 4 is the most expensive with the bird's eye view and thinking that spending 40,000 on this car would last me a lifetime, but I am slowly starting to count down the days until I am able to trade it in. Don't get me wrong the bird's eye view is great, the blind spot sensors are great, the car is awkwardly high and low at the same time, but what bothers me the most is that I can never get the Pandora or Iheart radio to work. And the apps for Toyota are really horrible. The car itself is spacious if you are no taller than 5"10 so far the I've only had one oil change, and seems to be running fine, but I only get 23mpg city which seems very low for an eco friendly 4 cyl. car.

  • FirstToyota - 2016 Toyota RAV4
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    I was on my way to purchase a (Nissan Pathfinder), reluctantly. I purchased a beautiful Black Currant (new color for 2016) RAV4 XLE AWD right off the lot on my way to the Nissan dealer instead. The color is AWESOME, the drive is absolute FUN and Incredibly competent, visibility is wonderful, love the power lift gate, not a CVT (sigh of relief), it's cozy inside, decent sound system, awesome Michelin tires I insisted be on any test driven or purchased Toyota, etc. It's sporty, sexy, unique, and I've only heard excellent things about Toyota reliability (maybe goes with out saying). It is the closest thing I have found to perfect in this class. After six months of research I.e. Consumer reports, jd power, car gurus, the car connection, multiple extended test drives (Mazda CX-5 2016, BMW 328x drive, MINI's, VW, Volvo, Audi A3, Honda CRV, Subaru crosstrek, 2015 Toyota RAV4, Nissan Rogue, and I owned a 2014 pathfinder (loved it, but so big). I had it for 7,000 miles with no problems (long story). I owned a 2013 CRV loved that, too (the 2015'sand 2016's are totally different; in a BAD way). The Mazda felt cheap and I'm glad I didn't get into that due to the recent CX-5 "total recall". I did try the 2015 Rav4 and I wasn't a fan for multiple reasons, but this 2016 is so AMAZING...I can't believe it (beyond grateful I loved the 2016). I'm glad I didn't go luxury, because I'm not printing money in my living room. I owned and loved a VW for 6 years. Although I loved it, that taught me a lesson about reliability. Reliability, handling, visibility, comfort, and asthetics are all extremely important to me in my early thirties. I believe this RAV4 has it all. Thank you, Toyota! Hopefully, this is the start of a great relationship for years to come. I will update on reliability after a road trip.

  • Tradind Down - 2016 Toyota RAV4
    By -

    It's like going from a three bedroom house to a condo.

  • 2016 RAV4 - 2016 Toyota RAV4
    By -

    We bought a 2016 RAV4 and are really disappointed in the headlights. It does not have auto lights. It does have running lights but the problem is at night the tail lights are not on. Who in Toyota came up with running lights. It is a safety issue and we are very disappointed. At this lievel of a car it should have auto lights. Toyota what are you thinking or are you thinking? Would not buy again.

  • Loved my last one! Stepped up to a snazzier model! - 2016 Toyota RAV4
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    On a whim I traded up for more style than my 2012 Rav 4 which I loved. My new Rav 4 has some additional safely features to help with back up and blind spot, the technology meets my needs, the ride is smooth and quieter than the past model, and It is more sleek in appearance. Its snazzy!

  • Spring Break trip to Colorado from North Texas - 2016 Toyota RAV4
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    Let me get my complaint out of the way first. When driving on snow and ice, you come to a stop at intersection. Then you press the gas pedal to go-and nothing happens! The car will not respond to the driver, it will only move forward at a speed where the tires do not spin. Meanwhile the car behind us starts to honk, etc. This happened to me numerous times in the mountain town we visited. Once the car responded, it was great. The gas mileage was OK, about 24 mpg running 75 mph. We put 2220 miles on the car in the week that we were out. Holding that speed on I-25 between Raton, NM and Denver, the transmission gets a little "shifty" on the uphill slopes, but you get used to it. - I was very impressed at how quiet the cabin remained at high speeds. The car was easy to drive even in the crosswinds. We made use of the manual shift option on the mountain roads. It worked effectively. The car has a smooth ride. The interior is roomy and comfortable. The telescopic adjustment steering was nice. The dashboard controls were good, but I did miss not having a compass. Maybe there is one, but we never found it. And the maps feature must not have been working, but it did display. With all the other technology on the car, it should tell you your altitude, direction of travel, current location, weather conditions, amount of moisture on the pavement, eg. Ice, snow, rain, etc. You need this information driving in the mountains at nighttime. You don't know your location, and cannot be sure of conditions as you change altitude, etc. - The spare tire was full size and easy to access. Five adults fit comfortably in the car. Acceleration was good on dry pavement, not so good on the snow. Getting in and out is good. The car sits high enough as not to stress these "old bones". - I give the car a solid B+

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