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This Year's Model Updates:

For 2015, the Toyota RAV4 is essentially unchanged save for a couple of new options and features. Specifically, there is a new Blizzard Pearl appearance package for the Limited, while the XLE picks up new wheels and the option of a power liftgate. Toyota has also revised the RAV4's frontal structure this year to improve the vehicle's score in the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety small-overlap frontal-offset crash test.

  • Strikes a good balance between ride comfort and sure-footed handling.
  • Roomy interior for people and cargo
  • No engine upgrade option
  • Usefulness of available Entune smartphone features is diminished by cumbersome setup process.

User Reviews:

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  • Mixed bag - 2015 Toyota RAV4
    By -

    Pros: Roomy, great gas mileage, dependable, good dealer network, good driver lumbar support. Cons: Armrest placement awkward for trip comfort, suction cup marks on windshield, handles rough pavement poorly, wind noise very noticeable at highway speeds, outside rearview mirrors block side views, no way to judge your parking as fender height totally blocks any visibility for parking. Overall road comfort feel is like a truck.This is my seventh toyota and I feel the rav 4 did not meet my expectations.

  • Major defects - 2015 Toyota RAV4
    By -

    Had to take it in 2 weeks after I got it gir a faulty rear differential. There were 3 other brand new ones there as well for major fixes.

  • Awesome compact SUV! - 2015 Toyota RAV4
    By -

  • Nice nimble car but it has problems - 2015 Toyota RAV4
    By -

    The brakes are awful. Pedal sinks to floor while coming to slow stops. Requires pumping to bring pedal up. Dealer says everything in spec.. Next issue is steering. The electric steering is very nimble but car wanders around lanes at highway speed. You can hold the steering wheel rock steady and still drift in and out of you lane, Dealer says everything in spec. Last issue is the radio. It changes modes, volume goes up and down by itself and, on the way home from the last service at Toyota, it turned itself on with high volume. Less than 5000 miles since new. It's a cute, nimble car around town and the best snow vehicle we ever owned (traded in a Jeep). If someone would address these issues it could be a real winner. 06/2017 Rear camera is great at night. Completely worthless during the daylight hours or in rain The angle of the srceen is great for back seat people but worthless for driver or passengers up front. Cannot safely be used. Constant chimes and alerts are way overdone. Many times, the alerts point to no cause and we give up and walk away with the beeping or chimes. Sometimes not possible since doors won't lock. Crazy. Windshield is leaking some clear polymer. Strangest thing evet. First thought it was tree sap but it only appears in the exact same places. This 'legendary' Toyota quality is a fraud. So many simple things gone so wrong. Last Toyota in our household. Update 12.28.17 Still runs well and mileage is improving. Some other things you should be aware of include: FEW BACKLIT SWITCHES. Very dangerous at night since placement of switches is downright silly at times. Not knowing what a switch does make it dangerous. EXTREMELY POOR INTERIOR LIGHTING No lighting would be a better description. Now that days are short you realize that there are virtually no lights throughout the interior - but especially in the rear areas.LACK OF A TRUE ADJUSTABLE STEERING WHEEL It moves about 4 inches up/down and theup lift height is a joke. INFORMATION PANEL IS A JOKE Utterly worthless due to small size. INTERIOR PANELS LIGHTS DIM TOO MUCH If your put your headlights on with your wipers (a law in our state) display lights like the clock are invisible.. CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH HOW POOR THE INFOTAINMENT SCREEN IS Because it does not adjust it is only useful at night. And even then you must lean over the center console to see it. Dumb, dumb. WATCH YOUR HEAD WITH THE POWER TAILGATE LIFT TUBES. Unique propblem here. They are positionned perfectly to smash your head. I also have a Dodge Grand Caravan that does not cause brain damage.

  • Good overall transportation - 2015 Toyota RAV4
    By -

  • Reliable, handsome vehicle - 2015 Toyota RAV4
    By -

    I get about 25.5 mpg overall. Gas mileage is up 3 mpg since a moved near the expressway. The cabin is fairly quiet and the ride is decent. Acceleration is adequate. The seats fold down flat for over 73 cf of space. I love the way the sound system reads back texts aloud and the bluetooth is easy to pair and works flawlessly. Braking is excellent even on wet pavement. I have not heard any wind noise. The interior plastic scratches a bit easy, and that is my only gripe. I plan on leasing a new 2018 Rav4 LE come May. That model has all the safety features that are missing from the 2015 Rav4 LE.

  • Speedometer purposely inaccurate - 2015 Toyota RAV4
    By -

    My speedometer is reading 3 to 4 mph below actual speed according to radar and confirmed by the dealership. An average speed of 40 mph is a 7.5 to 10% discrepancy. The warranty is 36,000 miles. That equals to a loss of 2,700 to 4,000 miles of warranty. Actual warranty miles will be 32,000 to 33,300. Toyota refused to fix or replace the speedometer. I went through arbitration on July 8, 2015. I lost because there are no laws governing the accuracy of speedometers and that the 3 to 4 mph is within Toyota specifications. In other words, Toyota dictates the accuracy of its speedometers and can therefore reduce the mileage warranty without the buyer being aware that this is happening. In my view this is corrupt as I would not have bought the RAV4 if I had known that Toyota is actually selling me a lesser warranty. Otherwise the vehicle operates fine. However the screen is very touchy and has a habit of going bonkers. I recommend using the tip of a pencil or a similar device. Discard the navigation and have a separate GPS handy. Great for hauling stuff. Again if I had known about the speedometer, I would have purchased an alternate brand as there are many out there. Have taken a couple of 3,000 mile trips: Speed averaged 75 on one and 83 on the other over plains and mountains. RAV4 performed flawlessly and had no problems passing other vehicles. MPG was anywhere from 27 to 29. JOn secondary roads on trips the gas mileage averaged 33. Very quiet engine but outside road noise was very pronounced (loud).

  • Toyota isn't what it is in Japan - 2015 Toyota RAV4
    By -

    Worked for 8 years in Japan (Okinawa) and had three "used" Toyotas (fantastic vehicles - only thing I had to do was replace battery - tires - brakes ... AC on my Noah Lite Ace Van (8 years old when I bought it) didn't even require maintenance in 8 years of use in a the tropical environment of Okinawa)!!! Alternatively this vehicle has disappointed, to say the least. Acceleration is dangerous (in that you must wait 1 - 2 seconds for the computer to figure out what pressing on the accelerator means). Here in Denver when you change lanes you need to make your move upon turning on your signal - have had close calls when other drivers (whose vehicles accelerate crisply) shot into a lane I was trying to get into. Also, worse yet, this vehicle rolls backwards if you're on a steep upward grade when you put it in drive!!! Very dangerous if anyone is behind you (dealer told me to increase revs when I'm in this situation ... if this was a manual that'd be a given ... but this is an automatic)! So if you live somewhere like San Francisco this is the last vehicle you want to buy. I'm very disappointed in Toyota ... perhaps it's because it's made here (as stated, the Toyotas I had in Japan were head-and-shoulders better than this Toyota-Japan-wanna-be).

  • Factory Defects! - 2015 Toyota RAV4
    By -

    I bought a new 2015 RAV4 in February. Have had issues from the start. Door locks worked intermittently, often I couldn't get back into my car - big safety issue! Took it into the service dept FOUR TIMES before they finally figured out the problem. This after my complaints being met with either disbelief or being told that I "must be pressing the wrong button." (Huh??) One of the times, they simply let it sit in the service bay for an hour and a half, then told me they had checked it out and everything was now working fine. (yeah, right.) Turned out it was the actuator in the front drivers door that was defective. (Had no idea what an actuator even was until then.) Since then, I've had 2 other "factory defects" - so far! It looks great, drives great, rides comfortably, but... I will never buy another Toyota!!!!

  • RAV4 XLE AWD best car for price and value and safe - 2015 Toyota RAV4
    By -

    Looking for safety features, Roof Bluetooth AWD XM no blind spots simple to drive with plenty of pep and almost 30 miles to the gallon on the highway nothing comes close to the RAV4 and for the price it's a steal trust me and it had plenty of storage space with the cargo cover factory tiny is amazing for visibility

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