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This Year's Model Updates:

A new Technology package for the Limited model bundles last year's blind-spot monitoring system with a lane departure warning system and automatic high-beam control. Otherwise, the 2014 Toyota RAV4 is unchanged.

  • Strikes a good balance between ride comfort and sure-footed handling.
  • Roomy interior for people and cargo
  • Usefulness of available Entune smartphone features are diminished by cumbersome setup process.
  • No engine upgrade option

User Reviews:

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  • A bunch of 4's - 2014 Toyota RAV4
    By -

    1500 miles and three weeks since purchase. Black with Terra Cotta - I like the interior colors versus all black. Just finished a road trip. Milage since purchase 26.8 - estimate highway at close to published 29. It is not a race car but I knew that. Wanted the range of milage we are getting. Enjoy the wide storage in the rear. Better than competition. Front seat comfort is good - visibility is good using mirrors. Interior style is appealing. Challenges - none of which would change my decision. No Homelink - even in Limited trim. Didn't realize and would like. No rain sensing wipers - spoiled with this on another vehicle - and had a very rainy road trip.

  • 2014 Toyota Rav4 XLE AWD - 2014 Toyota RAV4
    By -

    I was having several problems with my 2013 Ford Escape, needed something reliable. I had always owned Chevrolet and Ford. Decided to give Toyota a shot for reliability. I am very pleased with my purchase. The transmission is smoother than the Escape. Voice commands are much better than the Microsoft Sync System. Interior room is wider and back seat leg room is bigger. For the value, the XLE comes with sunroof and several other features standard. The APPS button on radio is great, Weather provided by Weather Channel, along with traffic. Works in areas with HD FM signals, I did not opt for the Navigation. MPG much better than Escape. I would highly recommend the Rav4.

  • Very Let down! - 2014 Toyota RAV4
    By -

    We are a Toyota family having owned 6 cars and a truck but this car has really let us down. The gas milage is terrible. We average 22 and the best we have gotten is 24 on a trip to Florida. The seats are uncomfortable and the back seats have no cup holders or a power outlet. 4 adults fill this thing to the brim. There is no button inside or on the key fob to open the lift gate. It is an option that must be paid for extra. One would think this would be standard on the XLE edition. The touch screen is hard to use and the navigation will not let you make any changes unless the car is in Park. The car does ride and drive smooth but that doesn't make up for the other downfalls.

  • Not worth it - 2014 Toyota RAV4
    By -

    This is my first Toyota but will be my last. It has problems from the first month and the dealer is not willing do do any acceptable resolution. The car runs OK but not better than competitors and there are numerous quality issues. The navigation is not working properly and lost on the road at least once ever 5~6 uses. I now use my iphone more due to its reliability. Seat-belt locks when I put on, so I have to try many times to unlock it. I often locks when I need to reach the glove box while parked in a parking lot, so I had to take it off. The rear brakes make strange noise. [HTML removed]

  • Meet my expectation in every way - 2014 Toyota RAV4
    By -

    After a year and several thousand miles, It is time for a review so others can use as a reference. The gas mileage is as advertised. Average about 26m/gal (mostly highway). City is about 21. Some people complaint about the transmission and the car's power, but it is not true. They must learn how to use eco mode and sport mode to bring out the car true performance (play with shift paddle some time also). With my personal experience, I use eco mode on highway and sport mode on back road or city road. The car has good surrounding view and I love the rear view camera. The cargo area is almost as big as my 1998 grand Cherokee and the rear seats could be folded real flat.

  • Great except for bluetooth... - 2014 Toyota RAV4
    By -

    The Rav 4 is a responsive, small SUV and well appointed. The auto liftgate is handy and all the features you might want are available in the Limited. HOWEVER, if you have an I-Phone 4, you will not be able to load the contacts from your phone on to the bluetooth system! Wish they had told us that the contacts would load on the base models, but NOT their top of the line model. If this is important to you, and it should be, look elsewhere.

  • Meh - 2014 Toyota RAV4
    By -

    Recently traded a 2003 Hyundai Santa fe for the 2014 RAV4. Based mostly on price I leased the car, it's okay but styling is boring, ride is firm, interior is cheap. If a Hyundai dealer would have been closer to home I think I would have stayed with the Hyundai, or a KIA. Inconvenient storage(coins, phone). Seat fold downs in back are okay, but the front seat could have been included to maximize full length hauling . The doors sound cheap/hollow when you close them. Overall a little disappointed, I have never owned a Toyota before, don't think I would get one again.

  • 2014 RAV 4-XLE-FWD Gas Milage Terrible! - 2014 Toyota RAV4
    By -

    I purchased a new RAV 4 in April of this year. My 2014 RAV 4 was the XLE with front wheel drive only which was rated for 24 city and 31 hwy mpg. I have over 5000 miles on it and have taken multiple highway trips and driven it to work locally each day. No mater what driving condition, I have only achieved 24 mpg. I tried different gas octanes and no difference. My Mazda's always achieved there rated mileage so the idea of my driving habits have nothing to do with it. This car is a lemon and the dealer will not even talk to me about it. I cannot promote this car that does not do what it was advertised to do.

  • A great and fun vehicle to drive - city or hwy - 2014 Toyota RAV4
    By -

    I got the top trim level and added remote start, homelink, and a trailer hitch. Remote start and heated seats are great on those chilly, Midwest mornings. I am a conservative driver, having traded in a 2008 Prius, and I am routinely getting between 32-33 mpg on the hwy, and about 27-28 in city driving in Eco mode. This vehicle is fun to drive, and dollar for dollar is the best deal on the market. I test drove the Honda CRV, Subaru Forester and Crosstrek, and the Mazda CX-5, and none could compare pricepoint and features. Reliability and comfort have been fantastic!!

  • a real lemon - 2014 Toyota RAV4
    By -

    The Rav 4 has had 25 recalls, which should say it all. I have had to replace both front and rear brakes at only 50k miles. The sensors went at 25k. The battery died at 49k. The front end is so far out of alignment that I must replace tires every 16000 miles or drive on badly, unevenly worn tires. I have had the car to 3 different alignment shops which verify the car is badly out of alignment. This is an unfixable problem. Unfortunately it still falls within Toyota's specs. I guess it is easier to change specs than admit this problem should also have been recalled. I have also had repeated computer problems. I feel that this car is unsafe to drive and a money pit.

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