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  • So far, mostly great - 2016 Toyota Prius c
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    Why I bought this car: I wanted a Toyota. I wanted a hybrid. I wanted heated seats. I needed an automatic transmission due to a shoulder injury. I wanted a compact or subcompact car. I didn't want an SUV. Things I knew going in: The acceleration would be pathetic, not at all zippy like the manual transmissions I have driven for decades. I knew this would be a very tech-y car. I'm a scientist. Of course I'd like that. Things I have found to be pleasant surprises: The car is quiet. It has a smooth ride even on a street that is notorious for its potholes, rough patches and "tank traps". It's quiet compared to the manual Toyota I drove on that same noisy street for years. The climate control is great. I set it and I don't have to mess with it. The backup camera is cool. I like the eco savings display. It's fun to monitor. The things I don't like that sort of surprise me: The rear window is really small. It doesn't matter much because between the backup camera, the mirrors and my own cautious habits I don't think it's a problem. The cornering is a lot less stable than I am used to. I'll adjust. I'm used to tighter handling. The cargo space is tiny. On the other hand, that means I won't load the car up with junk I don't need.

  • Steers like a boat & can't get comfortable! - 2016 Toyota Prius c
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    The slightest crosswind, or crown in the road sends the car left and right. It could be in part due to the heavy battery ballast under the seats. Or, maybe it was just designed wrong. I've verified the alignment twice, and even scheduled a test drive with the service manager. He told me he didn't think there was anything wrong. Serves me right for thinking I was accompanied by an "expert"! My 94 Corolla wagon with the bent tie-rod steers much better than this vehicle. I am 6 ft tall. The front seats make me feel like I'm sitting in a well/no headroom. You can never get a comfortable driving position. The best part of this ride is when the cars stops, and I exit the vehicle.

  • Small car saves big - 2016 Toyota Prius c
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    I got this to be a commuter car. It's perfect for that, in my opinion. The gas mileage is through the roof. After 25,000 miles I average 52 mpg overall and higher under certain circumstances. It's not the quietest car but it's a lot quieter than my minivan. It's comfortable. The controls are easy and logical. The built-in USB support is really nice. Cargo space is tight if you have the back seats up but great if you fold them down. I really, really enjoy just tooling along in this car.

  • Worst Car I Have Ever Driven - 2016 Toyota Prius c
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    Buy this car if you want to fulfill your eco penance. I rent a car 4 months of the year for work, and this is the first time I have ever returned a car mid rental (it was 2 hour round trip to do so). First thing I noticed was totally numb controls. There is absolutely zero feedback from the pedals and the steering wheel. Trying to brake smoothly is almost impossible because the brakes go from not gripping to suddenly clamping down. Acceleration is non-existent. Handling, what handling? I would get body roll when changing roads on a freeway interchange. The ride is rough and loud. The seats hurt (I am in my 20s). The interior is cheaper than an 80s Escort. Last but not least, this car has a CVT, which just drones loudly and mocks you for pushing on the gas pedal.

  • Persona Prius C - 2016 Toyota Prius c
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    Great car and reliable for city driving!!!!

  • Compare - 2016 Toyota Prius c
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    Do your homework and use all the internet assistance. I was all prepared when I arrived at the dealer and had a pleasant experience.

  • An Unexpected Surprise! - 2016 Toyota Prius c
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    I bought this car as a secondary commuting car to save massive amounts of gas money, as I drive probably 70-80 miles a day during the week. I figured it would just be a means to get me from point A to B, with four wheels, a steering wheel, and great gas mileage. I was pleasantly surprised, even on the test drive, but even more so after driving it daily for the past 5,000 miles. Let me start off with my complaints, although they are somewhat trivial: - The driver seat needs some lower lumbar support, at least for my back. My Jeep has an adjustment on the seat that does that; this car does not. - The forward view from the driver seat is great; however there are enormous blind spots on the side and the rear windshield is tiny. Makes changing lanes in Chicago traffic interesting to say the least. - The front collision "sensor" on the windshield gets "blocked" by the slightest rain/condensation/dirt on the windshield, and flashes an irritating warning on your dashboard until it is corrected. That's really it. Everything else about the car I really enjoy. The sound system is surprisingly decent, I love the Audio controls of AM/FM/CD/XM/Pandora/Spotify, it's so easy to switch between them and the information provided is great. The Nav works well, although I still prefer to use Google Maps on my phone when that is available. Acceleration you could say is an issue, but this is a 99hp *hybrid*. If you take that into consideration, it's more than fine. I have no trouble merging into horrific Chicago traffic every morning (Advice: Turn off "Eco" mode when you do, however). Gas mileage has been way more than stated so far, I have been getting usually 55-60mpg, and that's with absolutely no consideration on how I'm driving the car. I've gotten a few 66mpg driving days as well! Handling on both curving roads and straightaway highway has been fine. When you have a crosswind on the highway though, use two hands on the wheel, this car is pretty light and can veer in heavy wind. Driving it at night is a joy, the dashboard lighting and the LED highlights are fantastic. Also, driving the kids to a friends house on a rainy day just a few blocks away in EV mode (all electric) is amusing, also be careful in parking lots as the gas engine doesn't usually turn on and you can sneak up on people! Anyways, I could go on. The point is this car is much more than just four wheels to get you to your destination. At this price, for the gas mileage and Toyota quality you get, after a thorough test drive it really was a no-brainer for me.

  • Moved UP to the FOUR - Great choice - 2016 Toyota Prius c
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    If you are looking for a strong engine, this is not the car for you, but if you want improved style, easy on the wallet, great gas mileage, and excellent technology - go with the Prius c 4. So happy with the daily drive now. The view of the electronics is perfectly placed, no more peeking around the steering wheel to see what's up. I would prefer a leather seat, but the current interior is easy to maintain and the seat warmers are lovely on a cold morning.

  • Great Bargain $$$ - 2016 Toyota Prius c
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    I had a standard size Prius. I loved it for 5 years. I wanted something smaller. The price of my 2016 Prius c (compact) was good and I got a great trade in price for my 2011 Prius. I had very little left to pay. They let me put it on a credit card. It gave me a cash rebate. My insurance is less. With the free road service for two years, I cancelled my AAA. Toyota gives free maintenance for two years. I get better mileage, over 50 mpg in town. Even the cost to ride the ferry is less, because it is shorter. Edmunds gave me a $100 gift card. The savings just keep on coming. Check out photos 27, 28, 29, 35, 36, 37, 43 and 49. That is my Prius c Persona Special Edition, Black Sand Pearl with Electric Lime Metallic accents and 8 spokes black alloy wheels.

  • Good little commuter car - 2016 Toyota Prius c
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    While this is not the car you want for long trips (wouldn't be comfortable after a couple of hours) or the car for a family with lanky teens (Back seat legroom is tight even for my short wife!) it will get you from point A to point B with great gas mileage and in relative comfort. Acceleration isn't great, but I didn't expect it to be with an engine smaller than many motorcycles. It will hold weekend luggage for three, but not much beyond that. Sound system and Bluetooth are adequate, and the microphone for my phone is actually better in the C than in my V!

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