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This Year's Model Updates:

Besides some upper trim interior materials making their way into the lower trim levels, the Toyota Prius C returns unchanged for 2013.

  • Fairly sporty for a hybrid.
  • Stellar fuel economy
  • Roomy interior
  • Favorable pricing
  • Noticeable wind noise
  • Slow acceleration.
  • Poor interior materials quality
  • Ride can be stiff over some roads

User Reviews:

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  • It is what it is - 2013 Toyota Prius c
    By -

    I have owned my PC2 for 6 months now and have put just over 7k on it. I purchased it to be my commuter vehicle. I wanted something simple, reliable, and efficient. The PC is all of that. My wife and I took it on a 1500 mile road trip and found it more than comfortable enough for two people and gear. The only disappointments I have with it are some rattles coming from inside the dash and I have not achieved the fuel economy numbers others have mentioned. Averaging 44-45 over the life of the car. This is a small complaint since very few vehicles can get that on their best day. *Note to residents of colder climates. I notice about a 10% drop in fuel economy under 40 degrees F.

  • A Hybrid Accessible to Everyone - 2013 Toyota Prius c
    By -

    Thanks to some great deals, I managed to get a new 2013 Prius C Two for $17k, which was comparable to the non-hybrids I was looking for and came with many more features. The Two has all features I could ask for. There is obviously some initial adjustment if you've never driven a hybrid, but the fuel economy is as promised. There were complaints about lack of power but I drove a V6 before and had no problem adjusting. The car is a lot roomier than it appears, particularly the backseat. Headroom is great, and the trunk space is good as well. Of all the cheaper hybrids, this had the best features and room, and with a good deal it can cost you less than many non-hybrids.

  • Prius C One - The ultimate Econo-box - 2013 Toyota Prius c
    By -

    Most people see the C as a downgraded Prius. I see it as the ultimate Econo-box. Even in the basic trim (One) this car has built in bluetooth, turn signal indicators on the side mirrors, mp3/usb, a digital speedometer, and that 4" color screen chock full of information. Best part? 49-50mpg with A/C blasting in the summer and the heater blasting in the winter while driving it like a regular car (from stop & go to FWY speeds). Feels about the same as my previous car, a manual transmission Yaris Hatchback with a way more modern / techy feel and design. Price-wise, the cheapest C is comparable to the highest trims of the Yaris or Fit. Looking @ newspapers, I've seen the One advertised for ~$17k.

  • Great economy car - 2013 Toyota Prius c
    By -

    Picked this up as a lease - save more each month in gas than the payment is vs the Rav 4 I drove before. With snow tires had no problems this winter. Surprisingly agile it's fun to drive and the sound system beat the Alpine I had in the Rav. If the Leaf could actually do over 100 miles or the Tesla was only say 40k then something to consider. Until then the Prius C is very hard to beat.

  • All that I could want - 2013 Toyota Prius c
    By -

    I love my C! It is nimble, well-made, and fun to drive. Plus, unlike so many other hybrids, the mileage is no hype. I average 50 mpg and I've owned my car for about 4 months now. You go so long between fill ups that you almost forget about getting gas. Regarding the comments about acceleration, it's no Ferrari, but I've found it to be fine on on ramps and here in Philly that's no joke. Also, many of the comparable hybrids sacrificed reliability. I don't think I should have to choose between great mileage and being stuck by the side of the road. I picked the C, and am very happy with the choice.

  • love it - 2013 Toyota Prius c
    By -

    I've only had it for 3 days, but I'm in love with it because of the gas mileage. This is my first hybrid, and I'm kicking myself for not getting one sooner. I drive about 120 miles a day, and I've been averaging close to 60 MPG local, and have been right at 50 MPG highway. These are the mileage numbers from the onboard display; I'll check them when I fill the tank, but if they're anywhere close I'll be saving about $100 / month in gas compared to my current car. The Prius C cost about $1500 more than the Honda Civic I was considering, so I'll break even on price in about a year and a half; sooner if gas prices go up. As a plus I get to drive in the HOV lane on the NJ Turnpike.

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