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The 2012 Toyota Prius C is an all-new model.

  • Fairly sporty for a hybrid.
  • Stellar fuel economy
  • Roomy interior
  • Favorable pricing
  • Noticeable wind noise
  • Slow acceleration.
  • Poor interior materials quality
  • Ride can be stiff over some roads

User Reviews:

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  • I disagree with the haters...totally! - 2012 Toyota Prius c
    By -

    I just bought one today after doing research and driving one overnight. I have looked at and test driven many cars in the past month and this was my top pick. I am a small person-so the cabin space doesn't affect me. As for pick up-these cars get up and go better than my old PT cruiser did. I didn't notice any noise but I also blast my radio LOL Overall-this is an excellent price for the awesome mpg this car puts out-which mine has been getting about 51 mpg and that's with the air on and my driving. My bottom line-Don't believe everything you read-drive it for yourself and see.

  • Worth the money and more...... - 2012 Toyota Prius c
    By -

    I waited 11 and a half weeks for my Prius C Model 4. It was worth the wait and now i know why Japan is not exporting and there is such a demand inside the country. The mileage is unbelievable. Forget the 46/53 as advertised. On the highway I get between high 50's MPG and low 70's MPG. If it's bumper to bumper I get 70"s MPG. In city traffic I have gottem 99.9 MPG and it may be more but the reading only goes up to 99.9 MPG.

  • Now I get it... - 2012 Toyota Prius c
    By -

    Every Prius owner I spoke to while doing car research loves their Prius. After 2000 miles with mine, I get it. If you want great gas mileage, easy park-ability, great tech features--this car is it. Along with Prius c, I was considering the Hyundai Veloster, Subaru Impreza, Mazda3. I drove each car multiple times (car sales people love me). The Prius c 3 had all the features I required: Bluetooth, Navigation, Keyless entry. I need to transport my 10 year old, drive all over LA and I wanted 35+ mpg. The Mazda3's interior was boring, and adding my required features to Veloster and Impreza pushed both out of my price range. Plus, the owner reviews showed few people achieve the advertised mpg.

  • Great Commuter Car - 2012 Toyota Prius c
    By -

    Between a Prius C and a MINI, I ended up choosing the Prius, mainly because of the fuel economy, reliability, and cost. My other commuter car is a 1990 Honda Civic DX, also a small hatchbach, and my second commuter car for the household. Surprisingly, the Prius C engine is much louder when driving on the freeway in comparison to my 1990 Honda! You can tell the engine is working hard on the Prius to speed up, but you can still pass cars easily on the freeway if needed. The interior is spacious, and there is a nearly-hidden cup holder on the plastic compartment thing on the passenger door! I've never driven with a back-up cam and have no problems with the Prius C.

  • Bonnie Blue Great Car - 2012 Toyota Prius c
    By -

    Love the Prius C. Our first hybrid and it is a blast! Great mileage averaging 48.8 city and 51.6 freeway. This little car is sporty, great on gas and lots of fun to drive. Eco mode works well to get those miles up and when you want to get on the freeway at 70 mph just take it out of eco and press down on the pedal. The new technology is fun, voice activated phone calls through bluetooth, and iphone wireless tech allows you to listen to your tunes. Two year maintenance is provided free with purchase, touch door handle to open and lock. Plenty of room and comfortable seats (love the softex); room in back for 6 footers. Exterior/interior are sporty; test drive this one before you buy!

  • This car will kill oil dependancy! - 2012 Toyota Prius c
    By -

    Saving me $200 a month in gasoline. 53mpg avg. Stereo sounds incredible on Prious C (4) Confortable seats and I am 5.11, rear confortable for 2 full side adults, 5 tight for the center. Only complaint, no rear camera on level 3 & 4. GPS could be better. If you want to save money this car is for you, dont expect power or luxury ride. I'll use my CR-V for long trips. Can't go wrong for commuter.

  • Great little car - 2012 Toyota Prius c
    By -

    I bought a red Prius C Two a week ago, and it's as good as advertised. I live in a small town, so most of my trips are no more than 4 miles one way. I'm averaging 57 mpg right now. I owned a Prius sedan before this, and the Prius C hybrid system seems to warm up faster, which translates to better mileage on shorter trips. The ride is smooth. It really is a fun car to drive. I'm very happy with this car so far.

  • Better than expected - 2012 Toyota Prius c
    By -

    At six foot four, I expected to be ridiculously cramped. At 1.5 liters, I expected it to be ridiculously slow. Neither are true. I don't have an excess of room, but there's enough. It doesn't have an excess of acceleration, but it's enough. I just manage my drive carefully and am rewarded with 60+ mpg on my morning commute. I also own a BMW 740i that I bought used for 1/3 of what I paid for the Prius C. When I need to go fast, I take it out. Otherwise, I am very pleased with my little gas-sipper. Build quality is good, ride is quiet, and there is room for groceries. I'd buy it again tomorrow.

  • Fun to drive our Prius C - 2012 Toyota Prius c
    By -

    We have about 4000 (most city) miles on our Prius C and really enjoy it so far. It has adequate power to get onto the expressway and behaves well at 75 mph. What we like most is that this car is fun to drive. I don't try to baby it to get maximum mileage, but it still gets 42-44 mpg overall. We're still getting used to all the electronics, but are enjoying the Bluetooth feature and satellite radio. If you can live with a little less power and comfort, the Prius C is a really good buy.

  • I hate this car more than anything. - 2012 Toyota Prius c
    By -

    My fiance just bought this car a few months ago and claims to love it. Despite this she still always finds a reason to take my 2012 Golf TDI rather than her Pruis C. Way to often I get stuck with her loud, annoying, joyless, unrefined, hopelessly slow, dork box of a car. I'm a car guy not a Prius guy, so I don't and never will understand.

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