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  • The most refined TLC yet - 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser
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    This is my second Toyota Land Cruiser. My was first one was a 1997 Lexus LX450 (a rebadge LC). Over the last 20 years, Land Cruiser has became a luxurious SUV and refined vehicle. While it doesn't have all the bling blings like the its sibling Lexus LX570/range rover/escalade, but I will take simpler suspension system over LX570 and reliability over range rover/escalade. All the new electronics definitely add complexity and cost to repair. However, most of them are safety oriented and are welcomed additions for daily driving and also add a sense security if you choose to venture into the wilderness once a while. For its intent purpose, being an overlanding vehicle, LC is by far in it's own category. The only cons is the fuel economy. I don't mind fill up the tank but I wish it had a greater range. You can get out of the wilderness if you're running of gas lol. Update after first 10K. There was only 1 issue over last 10K miles. The factory wireless headsets were defective out of the factory. DS headset worked intermittently, cutting in & out. Toyota quickly replaced with an updated set. The car drove flawlessly over last 10K miles and through 2 snow storms. Factory fitted Dunlop all season tires were sub-par in the snow/ice, will probably change them out for a set of BF KO2 AT tires when next winter rolls around.

  • Nice vehicle but NOISY - 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser
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    It took me a while to get used to the slow acceleration. The vehicle is comfortable but feels more like a truck than an SUV. Most disappointing is how noisy it is; the wind sound surrounding the car while driving is annoying enough that I have to turn the radio up. I don't know if perhaps it's seal problem but I would definitely inquire at the dealership. I bought my vehicle after it sat on the lot for over 6 months so perhaps some of the seal integrity was compromised.

  • First Land Cruiser - pleasantly surprised - 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser
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    If you lead an active lifestyle in a cold weather climate (see the Rocky Mountains) this vehicle is about as bulletproof as it gets. I've owned 3 Range Rovers and 3 BMW 5 Series over the past 20+ years. Lease was up on current vehicle, and I did a lot of research, as I want this one to last for a good bit, and haul the kids and gear, through crap weather, short and long distance, for multiple years. After a few trips skiing, and with reference to past vehicles owned/current vehicles on the market, I'm confident it was the right choice for my lifestyle. Now...if you just looking to get around the city, no big need for the off road features, my opinion may be different. This thing is a truck and, and really capable one at that. It makes no bones about it, and I love it for that. From a negative perspective, the MPG truly is bad by today's standards

  • I love it,Because no one has one - 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser
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    I bought this for my wife, because her Sequoia is too big and the 4Runner was to small. It's perfect size but it's very very expensive.Plus researching the Land cruiser has extremely good resale value . So long story short you're not paying for all of the MSRP unless you keep it for a long time you're just paying for the depreciation of the vehicle if you look at it that way your not paying a lot for the best Toyota out there.

  • Solid SUV - 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser
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    This is my first LC and I am very happy with my purchase. I bought this because I have always appreciated the LC's off-road capabilities; my father owned 4 over the last 20 years. As a land owner it is pleasure to drive this amazing vehicle on the highway or off. It is by far the most well-designed suv I have driven and would recommend it to anyone with the need to go off-road and do it in comfort. It is also a plus that it appears modest compared to similar luxury suv's; this definitely helps if you want to keep a low profile.

  • Nice vehicle - 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser
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    Wish it had more leg room up front. Like other Japanese cars, this is still an issue for even the Land Cruiser. Performs very well but poor efficiency. Expect it to be extremely reliable. Overall really enjoying the vehicle, but wish it was a little peppier.

  • Love Our New Land Cruiser! - 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser
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    I researched a long time for the right go anywhere, family hauler that had to double as my daily driver. I needed something with 3 rows of seats that could be a family vehicle with young kids, get me to and through a hunting camp and fishing adventures, and haul a boat or car trailer. Plus I wanted something a little more masculine than a minivan to be perfectly honest. I looked at most full size SUVs, but decided to limit my search to body on frame construction for ruggedness. That narrowed the field substantially. The Land Cruiser ended up checking the most boxes and being the right fit for our needs. So far it has been a great truck. It's very smooth and quiet on the road. I haven't got to test it off road yet, but with it's reputation, i'm not worried. The interior is very nice, but not up the the level of the Mercedes or Range Rover. The money is really going towards other things in this vehicle. I love how it feels so solid and well built. This thing should last a long time with minimal maintenance. Maybe i'm being silly, but I really appreciate how the LC has an old school beefy parking break lever and mechanical shift lever, not those dinky little electronic things everyone else seems to be going to. Most of the time the not too flashy, understated appearance, and Toyota badge is a welcome benefit when trying not to attract attention. I have been averaging about 16-17 MPG (per the computer) with an even mix of highway, country roads, and city. Not great, but better than expected. There are a few small criticisms that any potential buyers should be aware of. The fuel tank should be larger to accommodate for the gas mileage giving it more range. In other countries they have auxiliary fuel tanks, not sure why they don't offer it in the US, but they need to. Another is when the fuel light comes on and the gage reads nearly empty and the range is at 0, there is actually 6-7 gallons left in the tank. I wish they didn't design it this way, as I prefer to know what my fuel situation is with some level of accuracy. These two issues combined lead me to visit the pump after about 250 miles. Another small gripe is how the fold to the side third row seems to limit cargo space more than I thought it would. All these issues do little to diminish the overall package however. This thing is really the last of an era. If you need to move a family and you value top build quality, second to none ruggedness, serious off road ability, and rare these days long term reliability, there is no other choice.

  • You won't get valet parked out front...BUT! - 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser
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    This is my second TLC. I had the 2012. This is such an improvement in all the things that make a long drive comfortable or not. The adaptive cruise control on the early edition was overly sensitive. This one seems to know what is coming and gently accelerate or brake. The lane departure warnings and driver alert warnings are important/useful safety aids. The automatic brake thingy saved me front a very expensive accident! It is super quiet on the highway and this car just eats up miles! I traded in another vehicle that I liked that got better fuel mileage(RAM Eco Diesel), but the ownership costs of a Toyota are among the best. RAM had frequent service visits. I have had Audi Q7s with their brake jobs every 12000 miles and recalls. This thing is expected to be both reliable and cheap to maintain! My last TLC was! While it would be nice if the 3rd row folded flat into the floor, I'd rather have the toughness and reliability of the TLC. I love the rear tailgate, and again you may think you want a powered clamshell rear door, but a split tailgate is so useful in real life situations. The roof hardware is very stout, no need to get a stronger Thule support bracket, like I had to with my Denali. When you add it all up, this is the finest large SUV out there! People who know quality and actually need an off road capable, snow/ice capable, towing capable, night on the town capable, kid capable - large SUV will love their LandCruiser. Those who want the valet to park it out front will get a Range Rover. Only issue is that Toyota should add Wifi like the American vehicles.

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