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This Year's Model Updates:

For 2013, the Toyota Camry Hybrid receives rear cross traffic alert functionality as part of the optional blind spot monitoring system. Inside, all Hybrids have the 6-inch central display screen as standard and slightly upgraded door panel trim.

  • Excellent fuel economy
  • Comfortable and spacious backseat.
  • Excellent braking distances
  • Quick acceleration
  • Numb steering
  • XLE trim level gets worse fuel economy.

User Reviews:

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    The Camry's suspension sacrifices ride and comfort for handling. I feel like the car has a sports tuned suspension. You feel every bump and hear the road noise. I am very disappointed in the ride and comfort of my Camry Hybrid LE.

  • beating the system by winning at the gas tank - 2013 Toyota Camry Hybrid
    By -

    Smooth ride and very happy saving money on gas!

  • Great Buy!!! - 2013 Toyota Camry Hybrid
    By -

    They're getting a great car!

  • New Hybrid Owner - 2013 Toyota Camry Hybrid
    By -

    Just bought a used 2013 Toyota Camry Hybrid - 24k miles. Love the color, the features, the ride, the gas mileage! One odd flaw: for some reason, the driver seat in my very well taken care of pre-owned car is not very comfortable at all! It feels like there is a box under the seat! The cushion just doesn't provide enough comfort - which sucks for me - because I commute about 40 miles one way to work and am stuck in traffic here in Houston more than I'd like. I'm average height and build, so I don't think my size is the issue. The car is a little hard to get used to - hybrids make strange noises that non-hybrids do not! But overall, it rides very smoothly and accelerates like a dream! I'm averaging about 40MPG highway - awesome. I love my new Camry Hybrid - just do NOT think the comfort of the driver's seat is all that great.

  • Not Getting neare 40 mpg - 2013 Toyota Camry Hybrid
    By -

    I have about 9K miles on my 2012 XLE and I have yet to get near 40mpg. I get between 36-37 mpg in Eco mode. What gives? Should I contact my dealer on this and/or is this normal?

  • Great Automobile! Loaded with features! - 2013 Toyota Camry Hybrid
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    Overall mpg is fantastic. I've never owned a Hybrid car before and I wasn't ready to go all electric. This car was a welcome treat coming from a large 4-Door BMW sedan that averaged 17mpg TO now averaging 31+ mpg in the Camry. Long trips averaged about 40 mpg! This model is several thousand more than the standard non-hybrid. For those that plan on keeping the car for at least 5-years or longer can probably justify the higher price being off-set by fuel savings - especially when gas starts to climb up again. If you keep your car for only about 3-years or like to lease, than I would not recommend this model due to the higher cost. My lease is up in 5 more months. The car is in excellent shape and will be turned in with less than the maximum mileage limit. However, my purchase option (residual) is higher than the retail prices that I'm seeing right now.

  • Hard to Beat (And I've Tried) - 2013 Toyota Camry Hybrid
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    Okay, so the front seats could be more supportive, lumbar and laterally. But this car is the smoothest, quietest vehicle I've ever had...seamless...with a surge of torque when you want it...it truly drives like a buttery V6. I love having the drivetrain Lexus deems good enough for the $39000 ES. My 2012 got 38mpg and it was so good I'm now leasing a 2013 so I'm curious to see if the mileage will be exactly the same, should be. Excels in urban traffic 50-65 where you have to slow down a lot, always gets over 40mpg there. Recent trip of 1200 miles got 41mpg. Tires are great, quiet with actually good cornering grip (for a hybrid).

  • 61.1 MPG - 2013 Toyota Camry Hybrid
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    I commute 40 miles a day. Traded in my 2010 Camry SE I4. for a mid-size hybrid under 25k. Test drove Optima hybrid, Sonata hybrid and the beautiful Fusion, sadly they couldn't keep up to their EPA estimates. Bought a Camry hybrid LE. 185 miles on the ODO and I am currently averaging 55-61 mpg. 67% city/33% hwy. I don't care about the looks but some rattles are unbearable. The sound quality is good. Seats don't support well but hey, I don't get to work tired..

  • Comfort in a Camry - 2013 Toyota Camry Hybrid
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    Great comfortable dependable car. Never a single problem mechanically or otherwise. I can't say enough good things about this car.

  • NEVER LEASE OR BUY TOYOTA over rated reputation - 2013 Toyota Camry Hybrid
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    2013 Camry LE Hybrid never obtained gas mileage. 5 Recalls in 1st year and rust found. Dealership stated when you turn car in it's our problem don't buy this car. Maintenance package a JOKE . First mandated Service was Start and SHUT off car THREE times to remove CODE. Dealership at 23 months would not change oil or service car make an appointment when YOU PAY. Deafening road noise, dangerous BLIND SPOT needed to add mirror to side mirror. Interior Quality of car completely PLASTIC and seats equivalent to park benches. Have to Hand Pump Front Drivers seat. Non existent compatibility for today's electronics. Do not drive in the SNOW very low body clearance, gas mileage drops like a rock. Listed sales price $32000 absolute gouging could never RESELL this car at any price over $10,000. Toyota as a BRAND has NO customer service, stated GET A LAWYER. Dealership went out of business had so many Better Business Complaints of not honoring car maintenance package as advertised ON TV. Toyota Headquarters representative stated: "We do not deal with dealership issues, maintenance issues, or customer complaints. TOYOTA has NO Reputation and stated we are honorable come back after acceleration deaths DO NOT BUY TOYOTA

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