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This Year's Model Updates:

The 2013 Toyota Avalon is fully redesigned and now offers a hybrid variant.

  • Upscale and quiet interior
  • Roomy seating front and rear
  • Exceptional fuel economy
  • Large trunk.
  • Traditional Avalon buyers may find the ride too firm.

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  • New to hybrids, bringing the average buyer's age down :) - 2013 Toyota Avalon Hybrid
    By -

    After considering everything from Passat, to Accord to BMW I ended up with the Avalon Touring Hybrid. I really wanted to get the new Accord Hybrid. However, there were several issues for me…trunk space is horrible, engine revs are hard to get used to, availability and only MSRP available right now. Plus it's a new system and who knows what reliability will be. Now, on to the Avalon Hybrid…I love it so far. Interior is sharp, hybrid drivetrain is smooth, Toyota has been building hybrids for a long time now so I expect this to be very reliable. I do, however, see them making a switch to Lithium Ion technology in the near future. For now, we have the "tried and true" nickel metal hydride.

  • Wow, prepare to be impressed - 2013 Toyota Avalon Hybrid
    By -

    Just traded wife's 2005 Acura TL w/Navi for the Touring edition Avalon Hybrid. My first wow was the price we acutally paid was only $3500 more than what we paid 8 years ago for the TL. The Avalon is so much more sophisticated and so well executed. Small side note is that the owner's manual is a must-read (there are so many small items available on this model) and is actually well-written and organized. Even during first week of operation it is easy to see vehicle will likely live up to EPA rating. Toyota gently seduces you into becoming a fuel-efficient driver and supports that conversion with a sophisticated hybrid drive system. Love the ride, the quietness, spaciousness and hybrid.

  • Fantastic car - one year update - 2013 Toyota Avalon Hybrid
    By -

    After owning this car for one year and 16,000 miles I I must say it is the best car I have owned. I have owned many cars. Among them Corvette, Lexus, Mercedes, and several BMW's and although each has their own claim to fame the Avalon hybrid Limited overall is the best. Comfort, quietness, interior and exterior styling and quality, handling, power and features, and best of all mileage put this in its own league. I consistently meet or beat EPA mileage estimates even at freeway speeds of 80 mph plus. I can easily travel for several hours without stopping and in complete comfort. My next car in three or four years will likely either be another Avalon hybrid or the Lexus variant.

  • Fantastic car - 2013 Toyota Avalon Hybrid
    By -

    My history of five BMW's, two Lexus's, one Mercedes added a 2013 Avalon Hybrid Limited with the tech package. I have put 9,000 miles on it since June and it is probably the best car I have owned. It is very stylish inside and out, luxurious, quiet, quick and very frugal on fuel. On a recent trip to Mesa. Az, the Kanab, Ut. to Mesa leg with speeds from 75 to 90 yielded an actual mileage of 38.2 MPG. Passing on the two lane roads was amazing. Accelerating from 70 mph and pulling back into lane over 100 mph…with a hybrid! This car does not lack for power! In Blizzard Pearl the car receives constant compliments and people often stop me to ask questions about it. What a car!

  • Best Kept Secret - The New Avalon Hybrid Limited! - 2013 Toyota Avalon Hybrid
    By -

    This is my first hybrid. I am loving the 40+ MPG I am getting!! This is amazing. The safety extras like cross traffic, pre collision, 10 air bags, etc. are great. I am getting spoiled on the warnings for backing up and changing lanes. This car is comfortable and roomy in the front and the back seats. Love the technology package, and the wireless charger! Love the heated and ventilation seats. Love the leather everywhere. It's an awesome car! I like the tighter drive. I believe they are attracting young drivers too. I had some 20-30 year olds stating they loved how this car handles, and were thinking about buying one. And my parents who are older love it! Best kept secret out there! Luxury!

  • An amazing Hybrid sedan ... Wow Toyota! - 2013 Toyota Avalon Hybrid
    By -

    For the last 9 years I've been driving my Sweet BMW 5 series and what a joy it was to drive on a daily basis. The power and road feel was superb but the maintenance was starting to get excessive. I have never owned a Toyota anything... The technology that is engineered in this vehicle is utterly amazing. I love the Hybrid engine and transmission, its really quite astounding. The car handles well, it has excellent low end electric torque. When driving in econ mode the entire hybrid system takes control and superbly enhances the Avalon's fuel consumption. The car is quite and has good rad feel.

  • Almost Perfect Sedan: Long Range Machine! - 2013 Toyota Avalon Hybrid
    By -

    Other than 2 interior minor problems due to cheap materials, this car has been perfect! I average 39+ MPG without babying it. I leave it in "Eco" mode unless in the mountains -- then I put it into "Sport" mode and have a great time shortening the winding roads! "Normal" & "EV" modes are worthless. Why I left Mercedes E Class: The limited Avalon has more safety features tan Mercedes even offers yet is over $20K less out the door. Front facing RADAR makes driving extremely comfortable. I arrive relaxed after a few hours of California Interstate Insanity... set the RADAR cruise to 75 MPH and have satellite music playing softly. Six thousand mile trip was flawless.

  • Best I have ever owned - 2013 Toyota Avalon Hybrid
    By -

    Purchased my Avalon Hybrid 2 weeks ago and cannot believe how Toyota developed a "near perfect car". During the first week, after being completely blown away at the overall quality, inside and out, the gas mileage was a shocker!! The first tank of gas delivered 47.7 MPG. Now on the second fill-up and am averaging 44.6 MPG. Driving has been mixture of highway and city/town. WOW. What a surprise. Great value!!

  • First Hybrid and loving it! - 2013 Toyota Avalon Hybrid
    By -

    I was skeptical at first, but as many have stated, Toyota has been making hybrids for quite some time. Every person I know that owns a Toyota hybrid raves about their vehicle. That was the convincing point for me. The vehicle is comfortable, stylish and gets the MPG advertised. We commute 180 miles daily. Owned and commuted with a 2013 Accord that was very reliable but extremely uncomfortable. So far, our new Avalon has exceeded our expectations...

  • Great car; questionable mileage claims - 2013 Toyota Avalon Hybrid
    By -

    Love the comfort and surprisingly peppy engine (outside of eco mode). Controls are ok, certainly better than our Lexus hybrid with the mouse set-up. Nice and quiet; handles well for a luxury car. Nice design and lines; much more modern than all previous Avalons. Have just 1,800 miles on the car, but don't ever approach 40 or 50 MPG as some reviewers have. I suggest you do the math, and not believe the car calculations. Heated seats heat up quickly and hot; and I like the ease of the climate control system. Stereo is average.

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