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  • Love my new Trail Premium - 2016 Toyota 4Runner
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    l had a 2005 Outback XT wagon (which I loved) for about 10 years and it was time to look for something new. The question I faced was, do I get another outback, or do I go with something new. I wanted a truck, but I do a lot of commuting in the city, so it wasn't really an option. I decided to drive a 4runner and that is what sealed the deal. I liked all the features of the trail premium, especially the 4 wheel drive options, so I settled on it with the addition of KDSS. I read a lot of reviews about KDSS that said it was worth it, and I have to agree. I love being up higher than previously in my outback, and I love the truck-like ride. The seats in the premium are very soft and comfortable. The interior is pretty much perfect, with real knobs for the radio and heat controls. I love the reclining rear seats, which are a really nice feature for the passengers in the back. There is definitely enough room with the rear seats folded down to be able to sleep in the back. I had a great experience working with the Mark Miller Toyota dealership in SLC and they were able to get me exactly the setup I wanted. While I loved my Subie, I really love my new Toyota. I look forward to easliy driving this thing for 10 years or more.

  • 4 Runner Won Me Over - 2016 Toyota 4Runner
    By -

    looking for a vehicle that delivers better 4WD performance than your typical 'Crossover'? Well the 4 Runner sure fit that bill for me. Looked at EVERYTHING in this segment and found the 4 Runner to be the best overall in terms of comfort, performance, quality and value. Don't be put off by reviews that talk about how body on frame vehicles cannot deliver the same ride and handling quality as the typical unibody. The 4 Runner does not ride or handle like a truck ( I have a 2105 Chevy Silverado so I know what a real truck ride is like). While certainly not car-like, the 4 Runner rolls down the road smoothly and confidently. My main requirement was to be able to drive up a very steep and long driveway during New England winters. Other AWD vehicles (Subaru, Rav 4, etc) could not handle the job if there was more than a couple of inches of snow on the ground. The 4 Runner has absolutely no problems with any snow depth. Sure, I could have bought and Audi Q series but for the money and maintenance costs over the long run, you just can't beat the Toyota 4 Runner

  • 2nd 4Runner - 2016 Toyota 4Runner
    By -

    Toyota keeps it simple a few improvements in the last ten years but a terrific car that holds its value

  • Reliable and comfortable - 2016 Toyota 4Runner
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    I had my 4Runner for one year and we absolutely love the ride. This SUV is exceptionally manufactured by Japanese engineers that understand quality and durability. It rides very quietly and powerfully. The navigation and is great. Very reliable and tough.

  • Honeymoon is over - and I still LOVE THIS 4RUNNER! - 2016 Toyota 4Runner
    By -

    Simple review: Buy one if you want to off-road more than the average bear! Reason for purchase: 4x4 alone quite often and needed a reliable vehicle to get me into the middle of nowhere. As an amateur astronomer, I also needed room for dry/clean storage. Also needed an interior long enough for sleep (I don't tent). To me it's a truck with extra seating and storage. The 4x4, including crawl, locker, and terrain select have been used quite extensively by this driver. I've been in back country fresh snow (a few times now), mud, and desert. The factory Dunlop GrandTrek tires remain as the Achilles heel when playing in fresh deep snow or mud. So far (knock-on-wood) the 4Runner has taken everything I've thrown at it. Of course keep in mind being alone miles from nowhere I've had to keep a conservative approach to things! Engine: (in my opinion) - this is a truck with a large but factory choked V6. Toyota probably keeps it detuned for long lasting and reliable reasons! I'm certain this rig is easily capable of 325+ HP if tuned. Transmission: The 5 speed is dated (albeit reliable as it approaches the end of the development cycle). Even with these minor noted issues, there are no driving complaints. There are no issues merging with traffic or anything like that. I have not towed with it (probably never will), so I can't comment on the 5000 lb rating. Interior - seats are great, heated too. No issues with steering or controls in general. Surprisingly no rattles yet; however I anticipate them as the vehicle ages and is used for intended purposes. Touch screen could be a little bigger. Love the dual map mode - use if often. Audio system is a non-issue - works great. Be nice to have more USB ports. REAR WINDOW DROPS. Yeah, capital letters there - big deal, that rear window....a BIG factor in my purchase of this vehicle. Hauling lumber in an SUV - no prob here. See if you can name all the current SUV's that can drop the rear window? I could type forever and bore you with details for which you will not really 'get'. Let's just say if you want a capable vehicle that will 'mostly' keep up with a stock Wranglers the 4Runner may be your ticket.

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