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This Year's Model Updates:

The TRD Pro model debuts with an assortment of off-road-specific upgrades.

  • Outstanding off-road capability
  • Ample cargo capacity
  • Strong V6 engine
  • Optional third-row seat.
  • Third row's only for kids
  • Cumbersome setup process for Entune system.
  • Low towing capacity for a traditional SUV
  • Poor fuel economy
  • Busy ride

User Reviews:

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  • Very impressive vehicle! - 2015 Toyota 4Runner
    By -

    I have driven 4wd vehicles (SUV and trucks) for 47 years, and this is as capable as any of them. I got it because I had been driving a 4wd F-150 for ten years and it was time for something other than a pickup. I have driven the 4Runner in all types of conditions, from highway to snow and rugged off-road, and it has done an excellent job in all. When one drives an SUV, especially one designed for off-road use, one has to understand that it will not be a car. I rarely tow a trailer, but when I do, this one has more than enough capacity to do what I need.

  • 2nd 4Runner: excellent vehicle - 2015 Toyota 4Runner
    By -

    Replaced a 2010 Limited 4WD 4Runner last year with the 2015. 2010 was close to perfect. Never spent a penny on the vehicle. This one feels the same and it should: it is unchanged for the most part. Front seating comfortable, build quality perfect, A/C-Heat excellent, Satellite Radio works fine, good braking. We get 22-23 mpg on highway. Areas for improvement on the 2017 redesign: better navigation system, improve torque on the 270, have to get the offset crash test results up to 5 star. The current model gets only 3 stars in the offset crash. A nice tight diesel would work well in this SUV, we would buy a diesel over gasoline model, but that will wait as 4Runners seem to just keep going. Consumer Reports unfairly compared the 4Runner SR5 to Pilot top model. SR5 does not have the soft suspension so the comparison and low rating by CR is not valid. The 4Runner is a well built SUV, of sturdy feel, and unquestioned reliability. The price is quite low for such an SUV with leather seating. Bi-Xenon lighting would be a great addition, halogens are just average.

  • Ouray colorado - 2015 Toyota 4Runner
    By -

    took it to Ouray Colorado and it was a blast. It did every thing I wanted. Jeep trails to anywhere I wanted to go. Great ride there from Texas and back. Drives like a Lexus climes like a jeep rides like a lexus.

  • What a great SUV - 2015 Toyota 4Runner
    By -

    I drove a 14 Lexus GX460 and the rear barn door drove me crazy but I loved the KDSS suspension on it so I moved to the 15 limited 4runner for three days and switched to the 15 4runner trail edition for the KDSS. I love this SUV the interior volume of storage is huge. I can put 4 bicycles vertically without the front wheels on fork mounts no problems. I love the flat folding second row seats which make the cargo floor flat. The truck corners pretty flat on road and rides exactly like my Lexus GX 460. It does have more nose dive than the limited and GX. Brakes are grabby. I put the TRD Pro front grill and wheels on it and it is one of the best looking suvs I have bought.

  • Love my 4Runner - 2015 Toyota 4Runner
    By -

    Living in Colorado, I needed a vehicle that would get me to work in extreme snow storms, take me to the mountains for recreation, and still be refined enough to use as a daily driver. The Toyota 4runner does this better than any other SUV out there. Ride quality with the KDSS system is outstanding, off road and on road. Dash is layed out well and very intuitive. Cabin is extremely quiet. Upgrade to NAV was comparatively cheap, and the stereo rocks! Very comfortable cloth seats, this is the first car seat I've had that has more lumbar support than I need. Price is very reasonable.

  • No idea how this ride gets poor reviews - 2015 Toyota 4Runner
    By -

    After much deliberating between the 4Runner, Ford Explorer, V6 Subaru Outback, and the quickly dismissed Nissan XTerra, I finally decided to jump aboard the Toyota bandwagon. I absolutely love this thing. Everything about it. Well, except a few things: I'm not a fan of the eco-drive, which cannot be disabled (if my research has proven anything). I'd rather have all six cylinders pumping 100% of the time, even at the cost of losing a few mpg. The power just feels like it lags a little bit, but then again, I did just come off a V8 Mustang... I digress. Speaking of mpg, my average mpg is very solid! From (odometer) 5,000-10,000 miles in the vehicle with approximately 10% off-roading, 50% city, 40% highway miles, I averaged 19.5 mpg - not bad for a 4x4. Another little nitpick I have is the 4x4 electronic knob - I mean, come on. If you have read any review at all on this ride, then of course you know about squirrely handling - that is on pavement. Sure it may not hug corners like a car; sure it may have more body rolling action than a Beyonce music video; and sure, I think it may be just ever-so-slightly underpowered. But let's be real, no car is perfect. This was just the ride that I felt would be most dependable, most comfortable, and have the best quality for MANY years to come. All in all, I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Personal opinion warning: The vehicle is very sharp and aggressive looking; it's main purpose may be to commute several miles to and from work during the week, but unless you take it off road, you'll never even get a glimpse of just how great it really handles or why it deserves to look so aggressively appealing. PS: The "Premium" adds the sunroof, (am I going to say it? Yes, I am) high quality leatherette upholstery, and upgraded stereo at a very reasonable price.

  • The 2015 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro is the best 4x4 of the year - 2015 Toyota 4Runner
    By -

    I was first attracted to the 2015 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro because I loved it's appearance; especially in the Inferno Orange color. After driving it, I fell in love with it. Ignore the other reviews that claim it is less than enjoyable to drive on the road; that just isn't true. This truck is just awesome. It's comfortable, handles well on road AND off, and the stereo system is the best sounding stereo I have ever heard in any vehicle. The TRD suspension, shocks, wheels, tires and 1/4 inch thick skid plates underneath it make it a street legal urban tank. You will see heads turning and get lots of thumbs up from total strangers. I wanted a FUN vehicle for once in my life, and I got it!

  • Toyota Quality - Not Just A Catchphrase - 2015 Toyota 4Runner
    By -

    First the obvious - it's a Toyota. If you take care of Toyota's they will run forever. My beloved 2002 4Runner Sport had 115K miles on it when I traded it in. The factory battery lasted 11 years. Original exhaust. Burned less than a cup of oil in 3k miles. No rust. You can't ask for much more than that. I decided it was time for that new car smell and traded it in on a 2015 4Runner Trail in Attitude Black Metallic. I got the KDSS suspension and the Entune Upgrade sound/media system. I have not had a chance to test out the KDSS offroad in the mountains yet, but the truck has done very well in snow (as expected) thus far.

  • Tough Decision - So Glad I Bought It! - 2015 Toyota 4Runner
    By -

    I agonized over buying a mid-sized SUV. I looked at all the usual suspects, including the Explorer, Tuareg and Grand Cherokee. In the end, I chose the 4-Runner because of its off-road capability. I also find that it handles very well, and is very smooth, on the freeway. Don't listen to many reviews of this vehicle, as it's great. I opted for the Limited for the interior upgrades. I love the stereo system - great sounding radio and CD. The one compromise, in my opinion, was the 20-inch wheels. They are more highway-ready than off-road capable, given that they are more narrow than their 17-inch counterparts on the SR5 and Trail. So far, it's performed great, even off-road.

  • Go anywhere, Do anything - 2015 Toyota 4Runner
    By -

    After looking at several other models from Subaru, Chevy, and Jeep, I decided upon the new 2015 4Runner. I have had the SR5 4Runner for about a year and 16k miles. Driving in the snow and mud is no problem even with the stock 'base' model. This SUV can take you anywhere that any car can go in comfort and keep that comfort going even on the most rugged roads. User friendly controls take no time at all to become accustom to. Even after a year walking out to the truck brings a happiness that 'I actually own that'. With amazing reliability that goes with Toyota and incredible resale value, you can't beat the 4runner when looking for the universal vehicle. I recommend anyone who is considering it to go for it!

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