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This Year's Model Updates:

For 2013, the Toyota 4Runner returns with no significant changes.

  • Outstanding off-road capability
  • Pleasant on-road demeanor
  • Strong V6 engine
  • Ample cargo capacity.
  • No V8 option
  • Cramped third-row seat.
  • Some disappointing interior materials

User Reviews:

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  • great for our off road trips - 2013 Toyota 4Runner
    By -

    I just picked up a 2013 trail edition. I paid extra for Nitto Terra Grappler ATs as I've had so many problems in the past with the standard HTs that come with all 4Runners. I realize that most folks don't off-road but we do a few times a year. I traded in a 2011 trail which ran perfectly. This should be exactly the same but it does feel a little different with shift points and throttle response.

  • Great car - 2013 Toyota 4Runner
    By -

    This is my second 4Runner. I love this car.

  • My 4-runner - 2013 Toyota 4Runner
    By -

    Very dependable SUV. Very neat body design. Larger size vehicle then the past 4-runners.

  • Awesome vehicle - 2013 Toyota 4Runner
    By -

    This is one of the very few mid sized truck based SUV's out there. I like to do some mild off road activites and have a boat to tow, so a car based SUV is not an option. So far I have loved it. Even though it is a mid size SUV, it has a very commanding stance on the highway. It feels larger than it is, people even comment on how large it looks. The handling is good for this type of SUV, especially since its truck based. It takes some adjustments at first, but once you figure out how to drive it, you'll be pleased. The ride is a little on the bouncy side, but again its a truck! It does well on basic off roads. A great alternative to a full size suv if you need 2 rows of seating.

  • After one year, love it as much as the day I bought it. - 2013 Toyota 4Runner
    By -

    An extremely solid, truck-based SUV. Purchased new in 2013. After 13-months now has 20k miles and it's only been to the shop for oil changes. Ride is better than most trucks, but the build is solid and body stiffness is superb. Seats are quite comfortable, as are heater/AC and the overall ride. My wife -- the ultimate judge of comfort, with a bad back -- has no problem taking road trips in this vehicle. I mostly use this as a commuter vehicle, but occasionally haul stuff or go camping off-road. Average 21.3 MPG in combo city/highway. Engine is more than adequate. It's the perfect vehicle for my needs. A well-engineered, reliable ride.

  • Highly overrated - 2013 Toyota 4Runner
    By -

    in cold climate, it takes unreasonably long for the engine to get into normal operating range. (about 8 miles of driving) the interior heater is weak even at the max and takes very long to warm up the interior. Suspension is hard when driving over bumps and potholes, not good for the spine running boards are useless for a taller person as they are in the way front dives and rear moves up under hard breaking engine is loud and sounds rough around 2500rpm sheet metal is very thin, waves can be seen on the hood when going through car wash dryer

  • The first 1320 (miles not feet) - 2013 Toyota 4Runner
    By -

    Storage (lack), the roof rack is 43 inches long. Short for transporting a kayak. Interior has no small storage areas. A small tool box or cross lug wrench would have to be left loose in the back. Console is one large deep box, just dump everything in there and take 15 mins to find something. I made a second shelf with another divider. Spare- on a steel wheel. Either I buy a another alloy wheel or let a new tire go to waste. Can't be put into normal rotation. Gas mileage- 190 miles local city driving 13.6 mpg. Driving 70-75 mph 21.2 mpg. 70-75 mph mountainous roads 18.5 mpg, 60-65 mpg 22.8 mpg. At 1k miles can't comment on quality or reliability. Basic model is nicely equipped.

  • Back in a 4runner - 2013 Toyota 4Runner
    By -

    I have had 4Runners in the past, so I knew I would be getting a quality product. I was right. I enjoy everything about the 4Runner. It is equally at home in "high society" or pulling a boat down a gravel road. I will say that I'm shocked at how harsh the media has been on this new model. IMO, that is due to the fact that most review agencies are centered in urban areas. They would prefer everyone drive compact cars, so they naturally prefer car based SUV's and have trouble understanding people that actually plan to use an SUV outside of grocery and soccer duty. Do not let subjective reviews get to you. They are comparing it to a car in every respect. It is not a "car".

  • I do not like this vehicle - 2013 Toyota 4Runner
    By -

    This is my 2nd 4Runner. My last 4Runner was old and I wanted a new, reliable vehicle for my daughter and me as I was worried I would start having problems. New 4Runner is not reliable. I really, really don't like this vehicle at all. I have had it since Aug. Every time something hits the windshield, it cracks. It's cracked 3 times since Aug. Major hassle to get it fixed every time it breaks and it seems like it always breaks. Prior to this vehicle, I have replaced 1 windshield. Also had a major electrical failure, which put it in the shop for 5 days. Still doesn't seem right but the techs say it's fine. Waiting for it to break again. It shifts totally weird. I don't recommend

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