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This Year's Model Updates:

For 2012, the Toyota 4Runner receives new sound system features, including Toyota's new Entune connectivity system. Automatic-deploying running boards are a new option for the SR5 and Limited trim levels.

  • Available third-row seat.
  • Outstanding off-road capability
  • Pleasant on-road demeanor
  • Ample cargo capacity
  • Strong V6 engine
  • No V8 option
  • Cramped third-row seat.

User Reviews:

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  • Got What I Expected... - 2012 Toyota 4Runner
    By -

    Purchased a 2012 4Runner 6 months ago. After 10K mi. the vehicle still performs as it did on day 1. The 4L engine is the largest V6 available in a mid sized SUV. Fuel mileage avgs 19-20 mpg with the best at 23 on longer road trips. If you actually test drive this SUV you will notice a stiff ride, similar to that of a truck...that's what I like about it. Ample storage space satisfies the needs of our family and all our stuff. Dashboard electronics work as expected and nav system got me up north without a problem. Biggest complaint would be lack of headroom. At 6' I'm at the upper limit without hitting my head on the roof. Compared to similar SUVs out there this is a great buy.

  • Don't be fooled by the great reviews! I think people don't know any better! - 2012 Toyota 4Runner
    By -

    I am very disappointed with this SUV! I purchased my 4 runner in 2011 and have 27,000 miles on it currently. My main issues are as follows: 1) Price to value - MSRP on my limited was $43,000+ in my opinion after owning it and driving it - its really a $33,000 SUV (or should be priced this way.) Very tinny sounding when you slam the door - seems like poor quality, somewhat underpowered, many interior features cheap and plastic, Handles poorly - (See consumer reports negative reviews) - I ignored them when i bought mine. Nav/Bluetooth very antiquated - Nav way behind the times. Bluetooth sound quality when on your phone is poor. Trunk area - slight tilt Groceries shift milk falls out/breaks

  • Classy, Comfy, & Sophisticated - 2012 Toyota 4Runner
    By -

    I have had my 4Runner for only a month, but I have already driven it over 3,000 miles, and I'm in love with this car . . . or is it a truck? I bought an SR5 with black exterior and tan leather interior, with the premium options package, and everyone who sees it or rides in it comments on its comfort, appearance, and leading-edge features. For a beefy SUV, this vehicle has an exceptionally comfortable and quite ride and performance when you need it. Also, the sound system is incredible! The Entune System is a little complicated and, frankly, somewhat finicky, but it's worth with it to have Bing and Pandora at your fingertips in your car. Love it!

  • It is what it isn't - 2012 Toyota 4Runner
    By -

    Dollar for dollar, the latest generation 4runner is the best body on frame suv ever. Obviously, this is not a car. It is not a crossover which is nothing more than a tall car in suv clothing. The 4runner eats rocks and mud for breakfast and then with one pass through the car wash rolls down main street with class and style. It is not designed to slalom like a sedan. This is intentional. The 4runner ride is exceptionally smooth and the off road capabilities and reliability are not comparable to any other vehicle in this price range. If you want nothing more than a tall car buy a Durango, Equinox, Cherokee, Explorer or even a Highlander. If you want a real suv buy a 4runner.

  • So Far Its Great! - 2012 Toyota 4Runner
    By -

    I have about 500 miles on it so far. I am 6'2" and if i put the seat all the way back i can barely reach the petals and still have room in the back seat to spare. You don't buy this SUV to get 40+ MPG but i avg. about 19 MPG so far and the engine isn't nearly broke in yet. Purchased the Premium Package with the SR5 and the leather interior is awesome! sun roof is good. Entune Nav is somewhat complicated. Took a few different techs to show me how to use it. Make sure you have Unlimited Data on your smartphone because having Pandora and Bing is awesome but it can eat up data packages quickly. I highly recommend this vehicle!!

  • Wasn't expecting this... - 2012 Toyota 4Runner
    By -

    After having a horrible experience from the 2005 Nissan Pathfinder, I decided to buy its Japanese made rival, the 4Runner. The car was outstanding at first, but it had major problems after 17 days. The service engine light and traction control light had turned on. The car was basically unable to accelarate, it shook alot too. After 12 days of fixing, we got our car back. (the whole transmission was replaced) The transmission started leaking red liquid and the car sometimes still shakes alot.

  • Poor Rear Bumper Design - needs a recall - 2012 Toyota 4Runner
    By -

    Nice car, but the body panels (specifically the rear bumper) need to be redesigned. (see below). I am already having to replace it before I've even made my first payment, and Toyota is out of the part because it is in high demand because is a common problem with their current design.

  • one of the last old school suvs - 2012 Toyota 4Runner
    By -

    had 4runner for almost 4k miles so far and am very impressed overall, averaging about 20 mpg, this is a truck so dont expect it to ride like a car on the pavement but handles off-road very well i live in alaska and our last winter we got over 12ft of snow didnt even notice it with 4runner in 4wd. seats are comfortable and like the driving position and roominess of the cabin and overall has a very old school feel to it with lot of functional new high tech stuff thrown in. my only real gripe with it is poor paint quality scratches easy and no cross bars or running boards included in a 35k vehicle is disapointing, 4runner is built to get you anywhere you need to go anytime..

  • Fun and Awesome!! - 2012 Toyota 4Runner
    By -

    I love my '12 4Runner. I previously drove an '08 Highlander which I liked very much but it had a very hard ride. I originally never considered the 4Runner because I thought it was too much of a truck. Once I drove it, I realized I was wrong. The ride is smooth and quiet with minimal road noise. The ride is also very soft and floaty. Some people may like this, others not. The vehicle does dip a bit when breaking though. When I hit bumps or ride over RR tracks, I don't feel a thing. I have the sport seats, w/ 3rd row and Entune/NAV package and it is fun to use. The HD radio sounds great for stock. Heads turn when I drive by and I can say this is the most fun I've had driving a car.

  • Makes Me Laugh!! - 2012 Toyota 4Runner
    By -

    I laugh every time I read the reviews about the 2012 4runner because they are all way off!! People, please remember this is not a sports car or a preppy crossover which all of the experts unfairly compare this truck to. What these so called experts do not realize is that there is nothing out there comparable to this burly, reliable, beast of an SUV. Consumer reports with the 4-foot red-head who bashes the 4runner is ridiculous! She has the truck going through a slalom and says there is too much body roll! Really!! This truck is solid as a rock, will run for 300,000 miles and looks tough as nails. Do yourself a favor and test drive this truck and do not listen to the bad reviews....

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