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Born in Japan, Suzuki is an automaker that has made a name for itself by crafting vehicles that emphasize value and affordability. Through the years, the brand's lineup has included sedans, wagons and SUVs. However, in late 2012 the company decided to stop selling new vehicles in the United States.

The company was founded by Michio Suzuki in 1909 as Suzuki Loom Works. By the 1950s, its focus had expanded beyond just loom machines to include both motorcycles and automobiles. In 1955, it rolled out the Suzulight, a compact car that proved to be a harbinger of a new era of Japanese lightweight vehicles. The automaker expanded its lineup to include a truck in 1961. Like its sibling, the tiny Suzulight Carry pickup distinguished itself with its featherweight specification. By the end of the decade, the Suzuki lineup had grown to include the Fronte passenger car, the subcompact Fronte 800 and the Carry Van full-cab van.

In 1970, Suzuki rolled out the Jimny, a four-wheel-drive sport-utility vehicle that resembled a playful version of the Jeep CJ-5. The automaker's roster continued to grow throughout this decade, with the addition of the Alto and the subcompact LJ80.

The 1980s saw Suzuki partnering with General Motors when GM acquired a 5 percent stake in the company. GM made this move partially in response to the growing popularity of subcompacts in the U.S. market. After the purchase, Suzuki products were rebadged and sold as GM vehicles on American shores.

In 1985, the carmaker launched an American outpost, and for the first time, Suzuki-branded vehicles became available in the U.S. The company's first model was the Samurai; available as either a convertible or a hardtop, this compact SUV met with immediate success. However, the Samurai's glory days were short-lived.

In 1988, Consumer Reports published an article in which it deemed the Samurai unsafe, saying it was more likely than most to roll over during certain maneuvers. Suzuki took the magazine to court (and eventually won) but the bad publicity from the article cast a pall on the Samurai that never quite lifted. Suzuki soldiered on, though. By the end of the decade its total aggregate car production had topped 10 million units, and its line had grown to include the compact Swift and the Sidekick, a compact SUV.

During the '90s, Suzuki expanded its reach to include territories like Egypt, Vietnam and Hungary, and launched new models like the Cappuccino convertible and the lightweight Wagon R. On U.S. soil, Suzuki rolled out the Esteem, dropped the beleaguered Samurai, introduced the two-seat, T-topped X-90 and replaced the Sidekick with the Vitara and Grand Vitara.

Suzuki and General Motors purchased ailing Daewoo in 2004, and two of that manufacturer's vehicles were rebadged and given new life as Suzukis. The Suzuki Forenza and Suzuki Verona both had former lives as Daewoo cars.

Through the first decade of the 2000s, Suzuki continued to evolve and improve its models, culminating in the Kizashi, a midsize sedan that was good enough to challenge segment front runners. But with overall sales and consumer interest stuck on a downward trend, Suzuki finally announced bankruptcy and termination of its U.S. vehicle operations in late 2012. The company plans to honor existing warranties, and some Suzuki dealers will continue to provide parts and service.

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  • Value with Extras and Power - 2006 Suzuki Aerio
    By -

    This was my first Suzuki purchase and it was a good choice. The car has ample room, comfort and offers good performance. Its 155 horsepower delivers over 30 mpg in combined city/hwy driving. I have owned it for six months and had zero issues.

  • First year of new Grand Vitara - 2006 Suzuki Grand Vitara
    By -

    The Grand Vitara is a well done, real 4 wheel drive SUV at a reasonable price. Suzuki was not prepared for release of this new model though. Its service techs have not been trained on repairs, and parts are not available for many weeks if needed.

  • Solid Vehicle AND Value - 2005 Suzuki XL-7
    By -

    2003 LX_7 Limited 4x4. Well constructed with thoughtfulness and care in detail execution. Solid in feel, construction, handling and performance. Well appointed and laid out interior. No gizmos: everything you need is there where you need it ... and it all works! Very smooth engine provides steady push rather than neck-snapping, wheel-spinning antics. Smoothest automatic transmission I've ever experienced in a moderately priced vehicle. 2 to 4 wheel drive shift on the fly works impecibly. Best truck-based mid-size SUV road handling in its class. Great road handler as well as city parker. Tremedous cargo and people volume, though more of one means you trade-off on one for the other.

  • Megamega Tire Eater - 2005 Suzuki Aerio
    By -

    Our car eats tires. We also lost our AWD. Our dealer has fixed the viscous coupler joint and aligned the tires. We still have a serious vibration at 55 mph and above. Our current tires are wearing fast.

  • liked it - 2001 Suzuki XL-7
    By -

    I have had this truck through all kinds of weather, on the beach & road. I can tell you the 4 wheel drive system is excellent. Its a nice smooth truck with decent power & good handling. Enjoy!

  • Grand Vitara - 2004 Suzuki Vitara
    By -

    I am very pleased with the quality and thoughfulness of the construction of my Suzuki Grand Vitara. I don't agree with Edmonds that it is underpowered. I find the power to be adequate for my needs. I am also pleased at the number of features that are standard in the Suzuki that other makes charge for. I recently went on a long weekend road trip and found the Grand Vitara handled and drove quite well. The "suggest a style" menu does not include the EX models, of which mine is.

  • You can't find any other car for this price and performance during 2001. - 2001 Suzuki XL-7
    By -

    Had the car from dealer's lot brand new. Few facts about this car: 1) the engine bay has a flex bar across it 2) the frame is liquid filled to reduce vibration 3) came with direct electronic ignition as opposed to plugs and wires. 4) has third row of seat. 5) OEM tires are exact same as Lexus RX300, Dueler HT. The front brake wears out lot quicker than what I'm used to. Amazingly, the rear drum brake has never been changed and it always passes the inspection. It's on 170,000 mile now. Comes with lot of upgrade if you really into it. I installed rear catch net, rear door net storage, window rain deflector. Overall, you can not find any other car like this even today 2013 that is true 4x4

  • Very pleased with my purchase - 2004 Suzuki Verona
    By -

    After having driven Accord for many years, I was convinced that I could not be as satisfied with anything else. So I am pleased to say that I am happy with the Verona. I researched before I bought and I have waited now for 6 mos and 14000 miles to make any statements of my own. I would recommend this car to anyone looking to make an intelligent car buy. It looks nice, it drives nice, it has been reliable and of course the standard features make this a hard act to follow. I don't believe you will be disappointed.

  • dollar for dollar - 2004 Suzuki Verona
    By -

    I have had multiple problems with my new Verona none however being mechanical. Most of the problems are head lamp seal was bad, weld maks showing on the C posts, mild wobble in the driving, engine power loss when slowing to a stop/start however the new computer chip corrects it, and flickering or the outside temp numbers. all have been fixed with mild to medium wait time for my car. The car is smooth while driving and very stylish all in all very good deal for the price you pay.

  • Great Car - 2004 Suzuki Verona
    By -

    The 2004 Verona is a great car. I just got this car last month and I absolutely love it. The interior is quite spacious with plenty of room to store items. (My sister has a Camry and the Verona's interior measures up to it inch for inch). The wood trim looks and feels real. I haven't had any problems with the car yet but time will tell.

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