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This Year's Model Updates:

For 2015, the Scion xB is unchanged apart from a newly standard rearview camera.

  • Numerous optional add-ons
  • Spacious interior with above-average rear legroom
  • Responsive four-cylinder engine.
  • Noisy ride
  • Disappointing fuel economy
  • Poor rear visibility.
  • Distracting center-mounted gauges

User Reviews:

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  • Great value. - 2015 Scion XB
    By -

    It's too bad the xB is being discontinued. It's a good value that with a few improvements would be phenomenal. We are a family of 3 and this is a good alternative to a crossover. The pluses include fantastic use of space, comfortable seats, and punchy acceleration. You can pack this car easily for vacation or road trips. The sound system is great. A few improvements that I would suggest include, mediocre fuel economy and an outdated transmission. They're likely related. With another gear or two mileage would improve as would passing on the highway. Acceleration around town is great though. Lastly Edmunds complaints about the center mounted gauges is just silly. Not destracting at all. To sum up this is a great car for a small family who needs some versatility, but not a big SUV.

  • Best car I have ever owned. - 2015 Scion XB
    By -

    Take a long test drive. This is the smoothest and quietest car I have ever owned and this is my 43rd car. Acceleration is great and transmission is so smooth I never feel it shift. Being an older driver I find the seating position and easy of entry and exit to be great. Cargo capacity is better that the RAV4 that I replaced with this Scion. Dollar value is exceptional

  • Big interior and Great Price - 2015 Scion XB
    By -

    Just purchased 2015 Scion xB and I am averaging 29.3 MPG for the first 3500 miles on the road. The vehicle is a manual transmission model. Not sure why others are reporting poor MPG. I live in the midwest with very few hills and I have a manual transmission so perhaps that might be the reason. Plenty of stop and go traffic and some highway driving and still achieve 29 MPG. I actually like the center gauges. At night I do not have the annoying gauge lights below me while viewing the road. It is quite easy on the eyes. Also the digital speedometer is a big plus over dial gauge. We place an iPad on the passenger side dash and lays there flat nicely. I am a 6'4" person and this vehicle is unbelievably roomy (headroom and leg room are stellar) even in the back seat. I initially was not keen on the boxy look of the vehicle but after tinting the windows and installing fog lights myself the exterior is very appealing. I have several comments on the look and the BIG interior. Reliability with Toyota Camry engine should be well above average. I do not observe the road noise as others have stated. I looked at a Kia Soul. You will be very disappointed in the interior size. Very small. Initial features of the car are not great. Get the vehicle for $17K with no options and then add aftermarket or the Toyota options yourself. They are available at lower prices from online Toyota dealers.

  • Hey, we now own TWO of the things! - 2015 Scion XB
    By -

    We purchased our first one (light, metallic silver color) back in September, trading in an 11 year old Scion xA model that had performed superbly, but was a tad too small for serious long highway work. The new xB is excellent for serious long highway work, and is a REAL car instead of a pint-sized runabout like the xA. I love everything about the car but the 4-speed audio, since it tends to "hunt" between 3rd and 4th gear at speeds below 45 mph on hilly roads. However, while the Scion owner's manual has nothing but cryptic info about the "S" transmission mode (the standard choice would be the "D" mode), I have discovered that if you leave it in that mode (which allows for manual shifting, but also shifts automatically on up to 3rd gear) the hunting ceases. Use the "S" mode for moderate-speed city driving and you will do fine. The transmission is probably responsible for the only so-so gas mileage but it is probably bulletproof in terms of reliability, just like the engine (which was used as the standard Camry engine until 2011). Anyway, last week we purchased a SECOND xB, trading in our ten-year-old xB, which had been as solid and reliable as the xA first traded. This new one (bright white in color) has the same features (including the 4-speed auto), and seems to run as well. The older xB and xA models had manual transmissions, and it did not take long for us to discover that switching back and forth between the old xB and the new xB required more mental-operation work than we (wife and I) old timers could deal with. Now, both of our cars operate the same way. Right after I got the first one I replaced the ugly plastic hubcap stock wheels, and I will be doing the same thing with the newer one this week. I hate hubcaps, and particularly hate plastic ones. Ugh! Whatever, both cars are terrific and if they are as reliable as the two previous models we will be driving them for a long time.

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