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The 2012 Scion xB gets standard HD radio and new sound systems. There's also the latest Release Series trim level, the 9.0. Highlights of this limited-edition xB include unique Hot Lava paint and faux suede upholstery.

  • Spacious interior
  • Numerous optional add-ons
  • Responsive four-cylinder engine
  • Audiophile-friendly
  • Funky styling.
  • Funky styling.
  • So-so fuel economy
  • Distracting center-mounted gauges

User Reviews:

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  • Scion xB is the Champion of the Boxy Cars! - 2012 Scion XB
    By -

    In terms of overall quality, value, reliability and space, this car is unbeatable. I should know! I've owned five (yes 5) of them. I've owned a 2004, 2005, 2009, 2010 and 2012. Of them all, I still own the 2004 and 2012. Surprisingly, the 2012 is the one I am least satisfied with. Just AFTER the warranty my electric door locks stopped working and Toyota took a "tough luck" position on it and handing a several hundred dollar quote to repair them. This after purchasing 6 Scions and 3 Toyotas over the past 11 years. I love these cars and their value, reliability, ride and overall quality. However, now that Scion has discontinued the xB and Toyota has discontinued Scion, I'm thinking I may have to take a "tough luck" position with Toyota and look toward Subaru or Honda for my next car. Update. Recently I was involved in a car crash involving my 2004 xB. I was hit from behind by a huge Dodge hemi truck which was traveling at 50 mph. Traffic came to a complete stop in the truck did not see me stop. WhIle sadly my toaster is toast I have a newfound respect for the integrity of my cars. However: I am still quite annoyed that my 2012 has door locks that stopped working and Toyota could care less about me as a customer even after buying all these Toyotas and scions. I would expect my doorlock to quit so soon on a lesser quality cheaper product on the market. But not a Toyota product. And I would expect crappier Service and a similar attitude from the lesser brands on the market but not from Toyota. With Scion now dead if this is all better TOYOTA cares about their loyal customers it makes me feel like perhaps I owe them nothing and should look at their competitors for my next car!

  • Just what I was looking for - 2012 Scion XB
    By -

    This was the first car that I bought brand new. I did a lot of research over a couple years to find just what I was looking for. I was at the Cleveland auto show when I sat in the 2012 XB for the first time. It was love at first sight. It now had an arm rest, which is a must and adjustable steering. I love the electronic steering because I work real hard at work and would much rather not fight with the steering wheel after a hard days work. I was looking for a SUV that was good on gas, reliable, could haul just about anything and looked good while doing so. I love the center mounted dash because the steering wheel doesn't get in the way of what you need to see. I upgraded the radio, purchased the cold air intake and TDR muffler. The car felt sluggish to me because I traded in my Jetta turbo for my new XB. This improved the performance and gave it the pep I was looking for. You honestly can fit almost anything in the back of this beast. I purchased a 60 inch TV that fit it in the back, in the box but did have to move the front seats forward a couple inches. I moved everything in my house except for a few pieces of bedroom furniture and my kitchen table. Let's face it, you can not get by with just a sedan being a home owner. This vehicle has meet my expectations and has exceeded them. I look forward to owning this vehicle for many many years.

  • Best of both worlds. - 2012 Scion XB
    By -

    Best of both worlds: A spacious, sporty vehicle but with decent economy and great maneuverability. Love the center mounted gauges! In fact, since they are not hidden behind a steering wheel hub like most car's gauges, the Scion xB's center mounted gauges are very easy to read at a quick glance. The occupant compartment is spacious and airy, with plenty of headroom and wiggle room. Passengers often comment how much space the vehicle has and how comfortable and quiet it is.

  • The best overall vehicle I have ever had - 2012 Scion XB
    By -

    One of the best handling, efficient, goes like hell vehicles you would ever want (due to the Camry engine). I have hauled more stuff on my numerous trips between Scottsdale, AZ and Los Angeles on the I 10 freeway (75 to 85 mph in AZ and 70 to 80 mph in CA). I know that Scion has now been incorporated into the general Toyota brands but, if you get a chance to drive one you will be pleasantly surprised.

  • 2012 xB: A Great Car - 2012 Scion XB
    By -

    After stalking this model for a couple of years, I finally pulled the trigger and bought a used 2012 to replace by dying Saturn Vue. I couldn't be happier. The style is odd and will not appeal to many people, but funny enough, driving a box in today's world actually makes one stand out. Oh the irony. This is a fun car to drive, peppy and agile. The tight suspension and low profile tires makes it feel like a Porsche, minus the horses of course. I'm a big guy (6'/250lbs ) and I have tons of room. The seats are supportive and everything is within reach of the pilot's seat. It has more interior room than my extended cab Silverado. I'm averaging 28MPG. I love this car.

  • Love this Amazing vehicle! - 2012 Scion XB
    By -

    Very recently bought a used 2012 Scion xB Wagon, 2.4L I-4, 16-valve, ohc, 5-spd Manual, to replace my hard-driven '97 Toyota Tacoma Xtra Cab with 221,800+ miles. My Tacoma also had an earlier iteration of the same power plant as the xB. Consumer Reports review for the 2012 xB are all full red dots (excellent) except for Trim/Paint, which was half-a-red-dot (very good). The example I found and bought had been a personal lease vehicle, returned to its original dealership, with only around 15, 586 miles on it; very low for a 2012. I consider myself fortunate to have gotten this car. This is a very dependable, long-used Toyota engine design. Build and assembly quality is very solid. I have yet to put 500 miles on this vehicle, but I absolutely love driving it, and it's getting better as I'm becoming accustomed to the feel and handling. Positives: Handling: Very quick; sports-car like. Small turning circle accentuates this. Front-wheel drive also accentuates this, tending to understeer because the steering wheels are also the driving wheels. Cornering: like being on rails; flat, little tip; the boxy shape is deceptively stable. Very wide stance plus low profile; a box with a wheel on each corner. Center of gravity is pretty low; not as low as a Subaru or Porsche, which have boxer engine configurations that lay flat, but it's still great. The I-4 engine is tilted back slightly with the weight approximately centered over the front wheels. Most fun I've had since I first drove a '64 VW Beetle 4-speed. Clutch: Moderately light; easy to hold; an advantage in LA traffic. A bit grippy in 1st, shift to 2nd quickly and smooths out. Brakes: As much as I have so far experienced, the 4-wheel discs bring it to a stop really fast. Vented discs in front, solid discs in rear. Gearing: Surprisingly, what seems to me to be a little low; at 70 miles per hour, I'm running 3,000 rpm in 5th (my '97 Tacoma with same engine but rear-wheel drive, ran 2500 at 70 mph). However, I can see the logic of the design, because they've tweaked it to be just under its peak torque curve at common highway speeds. You can still accelerate away pretty well in 5th without downshifting. The tach doesn't show redline until 6500 rpm! If gearing were slightly higher, fuel mileage could probably be improved a bit, but it might not be as much fun to drive! Interior: Nice fit and finish. Little cubby bins everywhere, cup/can holders front and rear. Driver's seat could benefit from an infinitely-adjustable electric design. While this model features tilt-telescope steering wheel, and a six-way manually adjustable seat, the slightly odd driving position within the confines of the "box" cry out for more adjustability, particularly with the 5-speed, because of active clutching and braking. Automatic drivers won't care. The manual adjustable seat adjusts seat-cushion angle, seat-back angle, and forward-backward seat position. There is no height adjustment The seat adjustments, plus the steering adjustments mean most drivers can find a combination that is CLOSE to what they want, but they won't be able to make it PERFECT. Many Toyota models without electric seats suffer from this problem. Weakest spot, by far, Scion: INADEQUATE SUN-VISORS. The big windows, which contribute to great visibility for most drivers, ALSO puts one's head at a low angle compared to the top line of the windows, thus allowing indiscriminate BLINDING BY THE LIGHT. A simple fix would be to use sun-visors with those slide-out-the-end panels to extend them the full width of the window, thus keeping our eyes functioning. Don't forget to bring your "shades" when you drive, and wear headgear with a bill or brim. Inadequate cargo area lighting: One little light on the left side of the rearmost cargo area. Low, and manually switched. Better placed above, inside the top of the hatch frame to spread light over the area. Flat floor due to front-wheel drive allows for lower placement of space-saver spare, and a "storage tray" which rests on top of the spare, but under the floor panel. And in my particular car, carpeted/monogrammed mat on top of that. Storage cubbies around the spare under the floor panel, and open storage bins on right and left side of cargo floor. There was room for more storage on inside of rear roof support pillars, if it had been utilized. In the molded paneling, there are depressions as if some designer thought about making a storage bin, but just didn't follow through with it. As I said, I haven't had this car very long, but I anticipate driving it for a WHILE, and enjoying every minute of it. So far, have seen very few things to criticize. My biggest disappointment was reading in someone else's review that Scion will not be making the xB after 2016—is that right? That's a shame, because it's a great car. Of course, the up side is, that it'll make mine worth more down the road, because it'll still be desirable!!

  • Great Vehicle! - 2012 Scion XB
    By -

    We had to purchase a 2012 because I unfortunately totaled out my wife's 2008. We loved our 2008, but this 2012 is alot better. It seems to be a little quiter than our 2008, but has more features. It's nice to have the room of an SUV, but the driveabiltiy of a car - we fit 2 car seats pretty easily! It rides pretty good, but you can feel the bumps (sport tuned suspension).

  • A thing of beauty... - 2012 Scion XB
    By -

    I used a Galant I had for five years as a trade-in toward my Scion XB. I have to say, the XB blows the Galant out of the H2O. The Scion is a lot of fun to drive. It blends the practicality of an SUV with the safety of a sedan. It seems small on the outside but is roomy on the inside. It also comes with free maintenance for 25K miles. And by the way, I got the best deal around from Fitzmall.

  • Xb 2 - 2012 Scion XB
    By -

    Much improved from my 06 Xb. More room and power, better mpg with the same Toyota quality. Did change the tires for a much queiter ride.

  • Great value and space for the price - 2012 Scion XB
    By -

    Amazing on gas, well equipped, gets the job done, and room for our kids and all their stuff!

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