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This Year's Model Updates:

The 2012 Scion xB gets standard HD radio and new sound systems. There's also the latest Release Series trim level, the 9.0. Highlights of this limited-edition xB include unique Hot Lava paint and faux suede upholstery.

  • Spacious interior
  • Numerous optional add-ons
  • Responsive four-cylinder engine
  • Audiophile-friendly
  • Funky styling.
  • Funky styling.
  • So-so fuel economy
  • Distracting center-mounted gauges

User Reviews:

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  • Best of both worlds. - 2012 Scion XB
    By -

    Best of both worlds: A spacious, sporty vehicle but with decent economy and great maneuverability. Love the center mounted gauges! In fact, since they are not hidden behind a steering wheel hub like most car's gauges, the Scion xB's center mounted gauges are very easy to read at a quick glance. The occupant compartment is spacious and airy, with plenty of headroom and wiggle room. Passengers often comment how much space the vehicle has and how comfortable and quiet it is.

  • 2012 xB: A Great Car - 2012 Scion XB
    By -

    After stalking this model for a couple of years, I finally pulled the trigger and bought a used 2012 to replace by dying Saturn Vue. I couldn't be happier. The style is odd and will not appeal to many people, but funny enough, driving a box in today's world actually makes one stand out. Oh the irony. This is a fun car to drive, peppy and agile. The tight suspension and low profile tires makes it feel like a Porsche, minus the horses of course. I'm a big guy (6'/250lbs ) and I have tons of room. The seats are supportive and everything is within reach of the pilot's seat. It has more interior room than my extended cab Silverado. I'm averaging 28MPG. I love this car.

  • Great Vehicle! - 2012 Scion XB
    By -

    We had to purchase a 2012 because I unfortunately totaled out my wife's 2008. We loved our 2008, but this 2012 is alot better. It seems to be a little quiter than our 2008, but has more features. It's nice to have the room of an SUV, but the driveabiltiy of a car - we fit 2 car seats pretty easily! It rides pretty good, but you can feel the bumps (sport tuned suspension).

  • A thing of beauty... - 2012 Scion XB
    By -

    I used a Galant I had for five years as a trade-in toward my Scion XB. I have to say, the XB blows the Galant out of the H2O. The Scion is a lot of fun to drive. It blends the practicality of an SUV with the safety of a sedan. It seems small on the outside but is roomy on the inside. It also comes with free maintenance for 25K miles. And by the way, I got the best deal around from Fitzmall.

  • Xb 2 - 2012 Scion XB
    By -

    Much improved from my 06 Xb. More room and power, better mpg with the same Toyota quality. Did change the tires for a much queiter ride.

  • Hip to be square - 2012 Scion XB
    By -

    I've had my XB for a few weeks now after trading in an old Matrix. You can't beat the roomy interior of this small package. It really is a small SUV in my opinion. This years upgraded stereo includes bluetooth which works very well and is easy to set up. Driving around town, up and down hills, intercity or on the Freeway's are pleasant. On my first few tanks of gas I'm getting 22.5. I was hoping for 2012 the six speed transmission would be added to boost fuel economy. I like all the cubby holes the XB has for storage. The factory tinting looks dark yet at night it doesn't have a dark cavern feel. I found the gauges very logical mounted to the right instead of normal centered.

  • Perfect for every Day and Trips!! - 2012 Scion XB
    By -

    I traded my Black 2007 on a white 2012 I liked the last one so much!! Granted, I only had 24k miles on it but never once did I have any kind of problem. The 2012 is a huge improvement, the instrument Cluster is much better, they have made much better use of the available realestate by showing the outside temperature and time without having to toggle through the display. Also, the sliding Armrest is way better than the skinny drop-down one. It's a perfect cummuter, although city mileage isn't great, I get a 22.4 average constantly, but that's with a 1.8 mile commute with 5 traffic lights. The standard is awesome with HD Radio, Bluetooth and iPod connection etc. Great sound.

  • Traded from Rav4 - Surprised and Satisfied! - 2012 Scion XB
    By -

    I had an 04 Rav4 that blew a head gasket with 120k miles. Unfortunate and unlikely, but it happened. This brought us to the dealer to repair the Rav4 or buy a new one. After considering a new Rav, and much deliberation, we decided on a 2012 Scion xB instead. I must say it was a good decision. It's hard to get the cargo, features, and quality for under $20K. We are very happy with our decision. Cargo is not much smaller than an SUV in the Rav4 class and the TCO is much lower. Smaller tires and engine, similar MPG's, cheaper oil changes, insurance rates, etc.

  • 2012 Scion xB Review - 2012 Scion XB
    By -

    This car is great! It has the 2.4L 4 cylinder, and a 4 speed transmission. After 5 months of owning this car I can say 2 things about it, 1.) It is near indestructible, and 2.) You can fit almost anything in it. I highly recommend this car. It is great for work, play, and family! I got it when it had 14,xxx miles, and it now has 24,xxx miles.

  • Made the Jump from XA to XB--Love My Scion! - 2012 Scion XB
    By -

    With my little Scion XA paid off, I figured it was time to go new car shopping. My daughter is tugging me on one side to look at a RAV4, my fiance is tugging me on the other side to look at a Honda CRV, both are tugging me to check out the Nissan Rogue. So, I go to test-drive a Rouge. Nice, but for me, it just seemed a tad too wide--and since I am blind in my right eye, it could be --well, kinda not that good. OK? So I firmly put my foot down and went to look at the Scion XB. I test drove. I immediately felt comfortable. The car is deceptively large--it appears to be not that roomy from the outside, but once you get in, tons of room. Smooth Ride. Great Car!

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