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The 2014 Nissan Versa Note is the hatchback companion to the Versa sedan.

  • Large cargo capacity
  • Roomy interior with an adult-friendly backseat
  • Many available convenience features
  • High fuel economy with CVT.
  • Low base price
  • Bland performance and driving dynamics
  • No telescoping steering wheel
  • Noisy engine
  • Low-quality interior materials.

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  • Versa Nightmare - 2014 Nissan Versa Note
    By -

    The Powertrain is only warranted for 60K miles. My transmission needed replacing at 63K. Nissan will not budge on 60K. Plan on spending $4,000 on a new transmission (and only one year old!). If you can afford the $4K, you still have to live with the heat shield rattles. A thin, flimsy piece of sheet metal held on with a screw and an undersized washer. I would never consider any vehicle made by Nissan after this experience.

  • Great first car - 2014 Nissan Versa Note
    By -

    The Note is pretty good considering it is one of the cheapest cars you can buy new at the moment. Manual windows, locks, pretty much everything besides the side mirrors is manual. The interior is very cheap and plastic feeling. At the same time however, the interior is simple and easy to navigate. The back seats have some of the best space for any small car on the market. You can easily fit two 300+lbs 6 foot high people in the back with no problem. The 1.8L motor does the job just fine producing 109HP. It isn't very quick, but I have yet to have any problems merging onto the highway or driving on any road. I'm happy with this purchase.

  • Bought it as a commuter. Exactly what it is. - 2014 Nissan Versa Note
    By -

    So I bought this car as a commuter. Currently have 45,000 brutal miles on her. I drive 100 mile round trip to work over Donner Summit in the Sierra Nevada's of Northern California. (Ever heard of the Donner Party) It's a 5,000 foot elevation gain from my house to work. The car, during the very steep sections, noticeably struggles. About 4k rpm's during the steep sections. Fuel economy suffers also while driving up the summit. But, let's be realistic. I spent $13,500 out the door for this car. For the price, I am more than happy with its performance. I hate it when people compare a $13k car to some other $30k+ car. Fuel economy. I average 35mpg average. I also drive 75-80mph up a 40 mile, 5,000 foot elevation gain. So gas mileage gets murdered on the way (20mpg) up but averages like 60mpg on the way back. This car has some space. I am amazed, when I lay down the seats, how much money I can blow at Home Depot and fit all the goodies in the woman car that I drive. Realiability. I change the oil every 4,000 miles. That it literally all I have done besides some fresh new tires. Never had a single problem. Ever. Snow: I chain up when there is mandatory chain control, but if I don't have to, the car gets around great with the continental true contact tires I bought. I have owned a couple Nissans before and they have always been reliable. I have been impressed with this car as it has a tough daily drive and has not given me a single problem.

  • Awesome - 2014 Nissan Versa Note
    By -

    Great fuel economy, surprisingly quiet for a car in this category, road noise to a minimum, very smooth due to the CVT. Huge rear passenger space and good cargo space, usually hard to get both but the Versa has it.

  • Zoom Zoom - 2014 Nissan Versa Note
    By -

    This car is a great commuter car. I drive about 1,000 miles a week to an from work. I love this car it has great fuel economy, it is comfortable on long distance travels and is zippy. It is easy to park, and the Bluetooth hands free phone connectivity is a plus since a lot of my employees call at all times of the day. The only down side is there is not much storage with the back seats in their upright normal position.

  • 2014 27,000 Miles no issues simple and functional - 2014 Nissan Versa Note
    By -

    This is a 2014 bought Jul 14. Did not want a CVT so the base model was only available. Basic operation no issues. Braking, accel, paint, tires, oil consumption (none), Radio, Dash indicators, visibility, fuel consumption 33-40, manual trans 5 spd, long trips great, steering, traction great in rain, cross wind in Tx good, internal room for 5, internal room for stuff surprising for a little car. Purpose of this car was for long trips (3500mi) thus 27K mi in 1 year. Only expense is oil and oil filters every 5K miles. Tires like new. I use synthetic oil and now Wix/Carquest filters. Car power is good enough and can get to 80+ ramping on freeway in Tx. Would like a 6 speed but 5 works. Need to rev to 5k rpm to get full power. Has coolant Temp indicator that I require. Few cars I checked still had a temp gauge. I have can have pain with my lower back on long trips. This car has seats that beat any other cars I have driven. Don't know why but I have driven 1500+ miles (2 Days) and arrive with no back or knee issues. I didn't notice at first but after a few gas stops on first trip I realized I had no pains while pumping gas. My wife had the same experience. I have also noticed my lower back can be hurting and after a few hundred miles it feels great. Secret is the lumbar support, there is no adjustment. Just the best seats for long trips. Can pack a lot in the back. Great leg room in back and can seat 3 adults in back. Baby seat attachment points for 3 seats in rear. Storage with back seat up is good for trip. I wish It had auto door locks, cruise, 6 gears, see through rear head rests, 13 gal gas tank, and arm rests both front seats. Windshield wipers with a faster setting. Rain-X fixed this. Average Mileage indicator over states and sometimes under states actual average mileage. The gas pedal is not positioned well for long distance but I can position my foot so it is fine. Cruise would take care of this. Driving experience has been great in town or on highway. In Tx, speed limits up to 85 no issue. Rpm is about 4200 at 85 and mileage drops to 30 or so but power is not an issue and tracks as well as any car I drive. One of my first trips was to Chicago and hit extreme rain storm on highway. We were 1 of the few cars driving with high winds, dumping rain, and hail. No problems. I was extremely surprised at the traction and stability, don't think the traction control activated, just rock solid steering and traction. Continental tires may be the reason. Around town is great with small turning radius, visibility, fuel 36+, and great AC. Mileage ranges 30 -40+. Speed and hills make a difference. Flat: 80 = 30-32, 75 = 33, 70 = 34, 65 = 35-36, 45 = 40 At times on flat road at 45 I got 40+ When I take it easy at 65 flat roads I get 36-38 mpg. I did not want CVT nor too much technology so decided on this car. It has hand crank windows but does have power outside mirrors. I have to remember to lock the rear hatch and would be nice if it was power lock. Glove box is good. Drink holders are functional but could be better especially holder in door. Would like a better spot for 2 cell phones. I use an inverter for 120V computer or cell phone power and works fine using 12V power port. At night, cannot see key ignition location with door closed. 27k+ miles This is a 'simple' car with AC that covers Tx. 105+ days, gets good gas mileage, long distance driving comfort, plenty rear leg and head room (6' 2), plenty of space for luggage or groceries, no maintenance costs, uses no oil, paint looks good, good traction, and tracks well in cross winds. Does not have a CVT and car computer is not impacted by outside hackers. Good little car.

  • Great ! - 2014 Nissan Versa Note
    By -

    I purchased the 2014 Nissan Versa Note and have since put just 900 miles on it. So far I love the car. I traded in my 06 Mecedes C Class. I decided I wanted to get a simpler car that would save me a lot of money. I do not regret the decision one bit. I am averaging 39 miles per gallon, and have more room in this car than the mercedes. Is it very powerful, NO but if I wanted powerful I would not have looked at this car. Its very simple car that will get you from A to B and allow you to put more money toward more important things. Spending 30+ for a car just does not make much since any more.

  • Easy, cute and reliable! - 2014 Nissan Versa Note
    By -

    Our 2014 Versa Note has about 40k miles on it. We bought it used four months ago from a dealer; previously a rental. We were looking for an economical, comfortable, newer, fuel-sipping, around-town vehicle that I (a mother of kids in various after school activities) could safely do all of my driving around town in. The Versa Note has delivered. Sound system is very good, use of interior space is excellent, gas mileage is very good, and it it's own way it is really fun to drive. Pickup is slow, but that is to be expected with the CVT. Once you're rolling, there is plenty of power. For a sub-compact car, the inside feels great and modern. Back seat is huge for the size of the car, and both front and back seats accommodate surprisingly tall people without a problem. Plenty of leg room. And somehow, the rear hatch area accommodates gigantic loads of groceries. The split rear seat is handy if you need extra room for carrying a small bicycle, etc. Our German Shepherd even fits in the way back. An added unexpected bonus of driving such a small car is that when our whole family is in it, it is incredibly easy and nice to have a conversation among us all because we are all relatively close together. Also easy to clean, being so small! All in all we love it, but it is definitely not a luxury car, so don't expect the super smooth ride. And go for the SV model at least if you can, because who wants a newer car with manual roll-down windows? But coming from our 2000 Subaru which finally bit the dust, it feels great, modern, and a big improvement in many ways. It is a little bumpy and jerky on the road since it is so little, but you get used to that. Not uncomfortable at all, but it drives more like a small motorcycle or scooter than a gigantic luxury liner. For long trips it may not be the absolute most comfortable car out there, but for cruising mostly around town it has rocked (we have a minivan as our other car to use for camping and trips). Love to squeeze the Versa Note into those tight parking spaces that the big trucks pass right by :)

  • I do not feel safe in this vehicle - 2014 Nissan Versa Note
    By -

    I thought this would be a good upgrade from the 09 versa hatchback and boy was I wrong. Everything that has gone wrong with the car, has, it is a 2014 and already rusting, the bumper fell off, the engine sucks, and the front end is a lot smaller that the 2009. I do not feel safe in this vehicle and as soon as I can pay it off, I am trading it in for something safer. The USB port doesn't work, I have to bring it in for maintenance all the time. It is just a poorly made car. The gas mileage is good but the rest has a lot of issues. My biggest concern is the safety. If I were to hit a deer or another vehicle, I am not sure I would be ok. If I lived where it doesn't snow or sleet, I would probably like the car more but it is not made for the northeast weather.

  • Poor resale value - 2014 Nissan Versa Note
    By -

    I have purchased this car and now regreting for my decision. Only one good part is fuel economy. In all other senses its a bad decision in view of facility, performance and resale value. Its resale value is remarkably low, even in next day of your purchase. There will be even 5000-6000 USD difference for low mileage excellent condition. So i will not suggest this one for many of hose people with over three family size and need to look for a resale or trade in option.

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