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The 2014 Nissan Versa Note is the hatchback companion to the Versa sedan.

  • Large cargo capacity
  • Roomy interior with an adult-friendly backseat
  • Many available convenience features
  • High fuel economy with CVT.
  • Low base price
  • Bland performance and driving dynamics
  • No telescoping steering wheel
  • Noisy engine
  • Low-quality interior materials.

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  • Great first car - 2014 Nissan Versa Note
    By -

    The Note is pretty good considering it is one of the cheapest cars you can buy new at the moment. Manual windows, locks, pretty much everything besides the side mirrors is manual. The interior is very cheap and plastic feeling. At the same time however, the interior is simple and easy to navigate. The back seats have some of the best space for any small car on the market. You can easily fit two 300+lbs 6 foot high people in the back with no problem. The 1.8L motor does the job just fine producing 109HP. It isn't very quick, but I have yet to have any problems merging onto the highway or driving on any road. I'm happy with this purchase.

  • Awesome - 2014 Nissan Versa Note
    By -

    Great fuel economy, surprisingly quiet for a car in this category, road noise to a minimum, very smooth due to the CVT. Huge rear passenger space and good cargo space, usually hard to get both but the Versa has it.

  • Great ! - 2014 Nissan Versa Note
    By -

    I purchased the 2014 Nissan Versa Note and have since put just 900 miles on it. So far I love the car. I traded in my 06 Mecedes C Class. I decided I wanted to get a simpler car that would save me a lot of money. I do not regret the decision one bit. I am averaging 39 miles per gallon, and have more room in this car than the mercedes. Is it very powerful, NO but if I wanted powerful I would not have looked at this car. Its very simple car that will get you from A to B and allow you to put more money toward more important things. Spending 30+ for a car just does not make much since any more.

  • I like my 2014 Nissan Versa Note 5 Speed - 2014 Nissan Versa Note
    By -

    I am in outside sales and drive about 49,000 miles per year. I selected Nissan because the dealer is very close to my home. I wanted an economy car with good gas milage and I wanted a stick. The 2014 Versa Note is a nice looking, professional enough, economy car. First, the EPA gas mileage puts it in the low 30's combined. I am averaging about 38 MPG combined, which does include a lot of interstate, but also in town and awesome TN Backroads. I like the 5 speed, which gives me great control. ANOTHER GREAT FEATURE, the Versa Note has a computer driven feature that allows the engine to maintain a safe speed on a steep mountain decline. This is an awesome feature.

  • the mobile command center - 2014 Nissan Versa Note
    By -

    Have had the car for about 9 months.....gas mileage is as claimed......the ride is more than decent for a car of it's size.......and it handling is very good....i was pleasantly surprised for a car of it's size.....the seats are very comfortable, have taken it on some 4 - 6 hour car trips and did not feel beat to death as I have in some small cars in the past.....all in all, I am very pleased with the car so far

  • Great little car - 2014 Nissan Versa Note
    By -

    We got our blue Versa Note on 7-12-13. I have to say we did a lot of research on this vehicle and others, Honda Fit, Hyundai Elantra, etc., what drove us to the new note was it's claim on fuel economy. Well after driving it for almost 2 weeks now I can say that there fuel economy rating is pretty spot on, we are getting 34 in the city, and the few times that it has been on the highway we are getting 42 on the highway. I am quite impressed with that. It has a nice quite ride for a car of its size also. The exterior is stylish, but the interior is the same as the versa sedan which bland. But the controls are all easy to get to and work well, the back up camera is quite handy. Updates coming.

  • Excellent Car for all around town driving at 40mpg avg - 2014 Nissan Versa Note
    By -

    We just bought our 2014 Nissan Versa Note and I have to say it is great. You can't hear the engine below about 2000 rpm which is the usable economical range. I am getting about 39 to 40 mpg average by watching the mpg constantly. Key is 25 inner city and 55 freeway on cruise. Lots of interior room except the driver door touches my left leg. We got the SV model at 500 of base which included everything. Very easy to park in tight spaces which is something we required. Has euro styling better than competitors. I am learning more about this car every day. Uphill is not good so go 20 to maximize economy. No sun roof.

  • Underpowered? - 2014 Nissan Versa Note
    By -

    Only if you're a car reviewer who is jealous you weren't assigned the Murano convertible to review. It's a small engine car, no doubt, but I have experienced none of the sweaty palm moments reviers warned about entering the interstate. I was leary of the CVT but acceleration is smooth and there when you need it. Braking is excellent. My only complaint so far is the steering has that mush 70's GM feeling. You don't feel as much close control taking corners, but I find it more than adequate in the city driving I do. Parking in the crowded urban neighborhoods I visit is a snap, and the passenger compartment, especially the back seat, is huge and comfortable.

  • Say No To Versa - 2014 Nissan Versa Note
    By -

    I have had this Versa Note for less than 3 months with under 1,000 miles on it. Yesterday I noticed the oil leak spots on the driveway. The worthless dealership says I have to wait 6 days for an appointment to bring it in. If I had known the heap was made in Mexico I would never have bought it. This leak is due to shoddy, sloppy workmanship. One more thing, the worthless dealership said they may have to keep the heap overnight! I don't know which is worse, the dealership or the car. Meanwhile, I have to keep checking and adding oil for the next 6 days while waiting for the worthless dealership appointment.

  • Disappointed Owner of new Versa Note - 2014 Nissan Versa Note
    By -

    I purchased this car in July 2014. I have spent dozens of hours @ dealerships & talking to Nissan Consumer Affairs. Wasted efforts. Still... I have a navigation system that is defective & has yet to be replaced - seems that since it is such a new car, the parts are hard to come by. The inside ceiling has come out of the rubber tubing that hold it in place - interior cheap & is uncomfortable in long rides. Cupholders to close to dash to use. Car has a difficult time in elevations or hills - I turn off the A/C & sometimes use lower gears to make it. The car is noisy when idling, esp. for such a small engine. Very crowded. Storage usage above rear cargo area, blocks rear view. Don't do it

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