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  • 2015 Nissan Rogue a Solid SUV option - 2015 Nissan Rogue Select
    By -

    I bought my 2015 NIssan Rogue Select S certified Pre-owned approx. 3.5 weeks ago. I chose the Cayenne Red exterior, gray interior, with the convenience package. I test drove a Ford Escape, Jeep Compass & Grand Cherokee, Chevy Trax & Equinox, and Subaru Forester. I chose the Nissan for the comfort, options, gas mileage and price compared to the others. I will start with the interior & seating- The first thing I noticed compared to some of the other models were the soft material in the Rogues seating. I found the front seats to be very comfortable, plenty of leg room with a high back & comfortable head rest. Im 59 and my husband is 64. We have no problem with space or comfort. I was surprised at the reclining/sliding seats offered in the second row seating which gives passengers more room. If you have to set in back its not a bad ride. I opted out of the third row seating, its small and cramped for this model. So please keep that in mind. My display is 4.3" color, rear view monitor, Illuminated visor mirrors, illuminated steering wheel. On my steering wheel are audio controls, bluetooth controls, and cruise control. The screen does offer hands free blue tooth. The back-up camera is very convenient and easy to see. I have Sirius radio, a CD player, Ipod/MP3 hookups, USB ports. I used the SIrius free trial, its nice but I wont subscribe. The radio is average, easy to pre set with 6 speakers. The controls on the steering wheel has made things very easy. I dont have to look away or reach over they are right at my fingertips. Kind of a nice safety feature for me since I love music. Its convenience is well worth it. I will say the steering wheel is a little smaller than my Dodge Charger. A side note on the Hands Free, you have the capability to switch to manual controls easily, I love that option over my moms Ford system! Cargo space is actually quite spacious. Its not a truck so if you have expectations of it offering full size truck capacity you will be disappointed. I believe my overall space is around 70cu feet with the second row seats down. Its more than adequate for a grocery shopping trip or to haul luggage, camping gear, sports gear, ice chest, etc. I have went to Lowes and bought some wood for my deck and it fit nicely with seats folded down. There is an option for a hide cargo system, I actually like this if I want to leave anything of value its great for concealing. The AC/Heater gets very cold, and there are plenty of vents throughout the vehicle. The performance is not bad. I have heard a lot of people knock passing or going up a hill, its not a 6 or 8 cylinder vehicle! I have the 2.5L FWD. I dont have a problem going around someone or getting on the highway, I also dont put my foot all the way in it either! If I wanted to drive like that I would get in my 2009 Charger and go for a drive! I drive 95 miles to work every morning and have not had a problem reaching speeds of 80mph. While driving at this speed, its smooth, easy to handle, and I dont have any blind spots others seem to have. I adjusted my mirrors to fit my view and no issue there. If you are going up a hill it is a little more noisy but nothing major. I have my radio set at 15 so most of the time I rarely notice any noise. The brakes react well, and driving in rain has not been an issue. I have never hydro planed so far and I love the Traction control. I live on 5 acres off a private dirt road which is why I wanted a small SUV or truck. The Rogue has handled well so far. When it gets muddy I dont have a problem getting through the road, it rides smoothly over the bumpy road, and handles well. That was my main reason in purchasing a small SUV was the country roads! So far its performed well. I get roughly 25.5MPG average mixed highway/City driving. This is not a muscle SUV or Truck, if you want a mid size economical SUV that handles nicely in various road conditions this SUV would be worth the look.

  • backup camera - 2015 Nissan Rogue Select
    By -

    does the backup camera make a noise when backing up? Mine dont?

  • Overall Good buy. - 2015 Nissan Rogue Select
    By -

    We bought our Rogue Select because it was a good value. I like a lot about my Rogue, but there are a few cons. We got the third row because we often have cousins and little ones at our house and wanted to be able to fit them all in for trip to the pool and other outings. The problem is once you get all those bodies in, theres not much room for gear and bags in the back to accommodate all of those people on your outing. The third row is tight, so it really only works for little ones and only when you move up the middle seats. I got complaints about airflow when the kids were back there. The gas mileage is great, and the seats are comfortable and I really like the style of the dash and the exterior. We got the back-up camera, which I am glad we did, because the rear blind spots would make pulling out extremely difficult; almost impossible. My biggest complaint is that the front seat will not go back very far. I am 53", but it may be that I just have long legs and a short torso, because trying maneuver my right (size 9) foot to hold down the gas is awkward and somewhat uncomfortable. Make sure you have the back floor stopper affixed before you go shopping because it can be difficult to get it set up after you have your hands full of groceries. If you put that up and there is any tilt to your driveway - everything will roll out when you open the hatch, leaving you with a mess of broken glass jars and exploding gallons of milk.

  • 10k mile review (Get the Convenience package!) - 2015 Nissan Rogue Select
    By -

    One of the big reasons we bought a Rogue Select was price, it was $3000 dollars less than any of its competitors around here. Before we went shopping, the Mrs. demanded that whatever we buy have a backup camera, so we ended up forking over the extra $800 for the Convenience Package, which included the backup camera, steering wheel controls (including cruise control, which isnt included in the base price), Bluetooth, and a few other things. If we hadnt opted for that, this might be a different review. Ill explain why. Ride and Drive: No complaints here, the Rogue has peppy acceleration, and smooth handling. It gets a little loud if you stomp it, but overall performance is surprisingly good, and it absorbs bumps well without losing road feel. Interior: The overall impression is about what youd expect from an entry-level crossover, with a few really good things. The seats are extremely comfortable on long trips, and they support well, for feeling so soft. The steering wheel controls (convenience package) are very easy to get used to, an hour behind the wheel will have you changing stations (or Ipod), answering your phone hands-free, and manipulating the cruise control without taking your hands off the wheel or your eyes off the road. A big problem with the Rogues overall styling is that there are HUGE blind spots in the rear, the backup camera helps a lot when backing in somewhere, but the driver has to be careful changing lanes in traffic. Rear seat room is decent, two adults can ride comfortably, three may be a tight fit, depending on size. The rear seats dont move back and forth. Cargo room is pretty good, considering the outside of the Rogue is smaller than most crossovers. Mileage: Not great, we get around 23 city, but we get 30 hwy on long trips, maybe due to the spoiler. I dont know about long term costs, but the Rogue engine is tried-and true, so I assume well be fine there. I like it, it does everything very well for the price. If youre thinking about about a Rogue Select, seriously, get the convenience package. Without the steering wheel controls, Bluetooth for the phone, and the backup camera, I wouldnt like this car nearly as much as I do.

  • Mile per gallon not like Nissan stated 26/33 MPG - 2015 Nissan Rogue Select
    By -

    Bought Nissan 2015, model S in March2015, mileage 5,500. My girlfriend drove it from Freno, CA to Santa Ana CA costed the whole fuel tank with 250miles (to red mark) and car stated 20 miles to run out the fuel completely. I tested it 24.8 MPG on freeway. As advertising on Nissan website stated 26/33 MPG. We had dealer technicians tested twice came out with 26.2 MPG on freeway ONLY. Would anyone may share the experiences with the reality for cars and SUVs when most the manufacturers stated those figures, how exactly come along? Nissans representative said that Nissan didnt put out those MPG figures. Those came from the department of environment bla blah blah...

  • Tammie H - 2015 Nissan Rogue Select
    By -

    The Nissan Rogue Select was cheaper then all the other SUVs and I wanted just a basic one. I opted for NO Sunroof I did request a backup camera and the hands free phone. We LOVE our SUV!!! It is SO comfortable and the second seat is very roomy compared to the other SUVs. Not a problem on gas it uses the 87 oct not 91 like my Mazda. Its very reliable and I feel safe in it! I am 5 9 and so we are tall people and when we go out we usually take our vehicle with comfort. My dram vehicle was an SUV I am 44 and I am so glad that I picked the Nissan Rogue Select. There only a slight difference between the Rogue and the Select. We made the right buy!!!! I do have to say that I would buy this vehicle again BUT do NOT get it with the luggage racks/rails on top. They cross winds will hit it just right and makes an AWEFUL sound!!!

  • Rogue Warrior - 2015 Nissan Rogue Select
    By -

    We have a 2015 Rogue Select. Before I tell you why about some things, let me tell you our first SUV was a Chrysler Pacifica (used) that we loved. We were in a situation where we needed another SUV since the Pacifica was on its last leg and after driving a Jeep Cherokee we found the Rogue Select for about the same price. Happy we didnt go with Jeep. The Rogue is a good car for entry level, which is what it is for. If you are looking for well built interior parts, you wont find it there; its a lot of plastic but easy to clean! The Rogue Select is fun to drive and easy to maneuver. It has a sport mode which increases your RPMS and decreases your fuel mileage as you drive but fun in hills. We just took the Rogue on a 500 mile trip through hills and it did great, I drove. However the blind spots are horrible, my husband and I about ran two cars (both of us did this) while driving because we did not see it, even checking our mirrors! The back up camera is nice but distracting and doesnt beep when approaching an object..found that out. The car is noisier than I would like and the sound system is sub-par at best. This is an honest review. The car handles great in rain, I feel comfortable in it and for the price it is you probably wont find a better SUV that handles and drives as good as the Rogue Select. I do miss the conveniences I had with the Pacifica such as dual climate control; multiple USB ports; smoother and quieter ride. However that SUV had drawbacks too and thats not the review here. If you want or NEED (as was our case) an entry level SUV then I would suggest this.

  • For Me It Is a Fleet Vehicle... - 2015 Nissan Rogue Select
    By -

    I have driven the Rouge Select for 30k miles in the first 11 months of being assigned to the vehicle. Some days I may only drive a few miles running my kid to school, other days I will drive as much as 733 miles. First off, if you are in the market for a cheap suv / crossover / tall wagon that will get you from point a to point b and is better than public transportation, you may actually appreciate the Rouge Select. It is make from the left over 2013 Rouge parts and offered in the same year as the new Rouge, for a lot less money. So for as far as "value" goes, its not bad. There are many annoyances I have with the Rouge Select however. The small overlap crash tests are rated at marginal (better than poor) by the IIHS. The headlights are horrible / dangerous when it is raining. I ended up installing some good aftermarket LED fog lights to help (no factory fog / driving lights on my model) just dont tell my employer... The sun visors are small and fixed, so I typically spend my mornings that I drive south with one hand on my head to block the sun. In the evenings driving north, same thing. It always sounds like the rear right door is ajar or window is open, especially when the roads are wet (my coworkers experience the same thing). The front seat is uncomfortable (no adjustable lumbar in mine). This has been to the benefit of my chiropractor however. The OEM tires are, well, made by the lowest bidder and were never intended to be driven on ice or snow (mine is a FWD not that that matters when you are sliding through a red light asking for forgiveness to the person who has the green). Snow tires helped a lot! The OEM tires have about 20k miles on them and will need to be replaced soon. Bluetooth is ok at best for phone calls, but it does not stream audio so you still need to use the auxiliary input (more cables, thanks). It does have an iPod button however (do they still make iPods?). The back up camera is decent except when there is dew or rain as it is not well protected and collects water. It gets decent gas mileage (I am averaging a little over 27 with 80% highway miles), but, the gas tank is too small (still a gas tank from a car). I will only be able to get 350 to 400 miles on a tank when on road trips if I overfill the tank. Less if I am mainly in town. The brake rotors needed to be turned at 25k miles (same with my coworkers). Considering how many miles I put on, the car spends a lot of time with the cruise control on and not braking. My personal vehicles will go 60k or so miles before brake work is needed. The ground clearance is nice for when there is snow. Power is adequate from a dead stop for the class it is in. Passing power from 50mph is, well, kind of scary / boring / not that safe. There is a lot of drama coming from under the hood, but not much going on in the ways of actual acceleration. This is the first CVT vehicle I have driven, and it is different. I get that it helps improve the fuel mileage especially with the CAFE standards the auto manufacturers need to meet, but I do appreciate a hard shifting automatic. Speaking of gas mileage, if you are fortunate enough to live in a state which allows a choice at the gas pump (I dont as everything has a minimum of 10% ethanol), if you pay a little extra and get fuel without ethanol, you will get 10% or so better gas mileage with the Rogue Select. It does haul a decent amount stuff when you fold the rear seats down, remove the passengers side head rest and lay the seat all the way back. I have brought home a lot of home improvement stuff in it. At the end of the day, you may find the Rogue meets your needs, BUT if you travel a lot like I do, pass this one up, spend a bit more and get something that is comfortable, or ignore my advice and give the money to your chiropractor. P.S. I am in the process of giving the Rogue back and using my own vehicle for work.

  • Still a Great Car! - 2015 Nissan Rogue Select
    By -

    It has been over a year and I LOVE my Rogue Select. It is comfortable, runs great, is reliable, and suits all my needs. I typically drive in stop and go traffic, and get 22 to 24 mpg. I recently took an 1800 mile round trip with most of those miles on the highway, and was pleased to get 30 miles to the gallon. Cant speak highly enough about this Certified Pre-Owned Nissan Rogue Select. Recommend to anyone on a budget who wants all the perks of a SUV.

  • shakes rattle and road noise - 2015 Nissan Rogue Select
    By -

    high road noise, rough idle, front passenger seat shakes when idling,seat belt buckles rattle against the interior side panels, doors are poor quality,fan comes on in the off position.I took the car to the dealer three times to fix fan switch and they said that there was nothing wrong with the switch and that they would fix it but I would have to sign a disclaimer form.I traded the hunk of junk and lost a lot of money.

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