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  • My 2014 Nissan NVP SL review - 2015 Nissan NV Passenger
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    I am very satisfied with my 2014 Nissan NV SL. I use this van for my business deliveries and personal use. Camping, road trips, etc. We dont have any children so I store most of the seats in my warehouse. I wanted the passenger van for the rear air conditioning. We drove our van from Florida to California for a Cross Country trip in 2014. We averaged about 18 mpg. We drove thru a lot of rain and It was a very comfortable and stable vehicle. The V8 Nissan Titan engine is a 500k mile engine. It has been tested many times by delivery and trucking companies. This is why Nissan gives you a 5 year or 100k mile bumper to bumper warranty. Many people are scared about driving this van because of its size. But with front and rear sonar sensors, large mirrors and the back up camera. It is easy to drive. The front and rear sensors also monitor the front and rear sides of the bumpers making it easier to park close to objects. Our Nissan NV is a Tow Monster. It pulls our 5000 pound travel trailer like its not even there. I have plenty of power to pass a vehicle if needed. The 5.6 liter engine produces 317 hp. I have owned Chevy and Ford vans and there were not very comfortable and had little cockpit room. The Nissan NV is the only vehicle made that has the engine forward like a pick up truck giving the driver plenty of room and comfort in the cockpit area. I dont have any negatives to say about my NV. This is a wide vehicle. The only modification I would like to see from Nissan is for them to add amber side mirror marker lights.

  • Not for a family - 2015 Nissan NV Passenger
    By -

    I went from a Honda Odyssey to this van since our family grew and we needed more room. we have all the kids in boosters or car seats. Here are the pros: * smooth drive *comfortable driver configurations (however the shift stick gets in the way of adjusting the ac.) * handles the road well * great warranty * people move out of your way and let you into the lane Cons: * very wide turn which make it difficult to maneuver in shopping parking lots and carpool lanes at school * Ac has no power in the back since it is such a long run from the front * seats are poorly designed so car seats do not sit well and safely * they claim you can configure the seats in so many ways, but you cant and are limited to a few * essentially it is a truck with seats inside - *the cup holders are on the floor and there is no storage pockets or space so things fly all over the place, *the floors are uneven since they just put down padding in between the runners but once you use the van for a few month the padding starts to cave, * there are not enough car seat anchors so you are limited where you can put them, * the lights are poorly placed, * there is no rear controls for the ac only by the driver, *the seats dont move or recline at all. * there should be a second sliding door for easier access * the v8 drinks gas , I get only about 7-8 miles a gallon (I only have 4k miles on the van) * It is a very high step to get in and out and my little kids keep falling out of the van There needs to be a mom involved when they update this van or it wont sell well.

  • Outstanding large family van - 2013 Nissan NV Passenger
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    With the expected arrival of our 6th child, our Toyota Sienna minivan was going to be too small for our needs. The thought of diving a huge 12-passenger van did not appeal to us. The choices for a long time have pretty much been either Ford or Chevy, which have limited features, and the Mercedes van, while nice, is just too expensive. So we were very pleased to learn that Nissan has started selling 12-passenger vans, at about the same price as the Ford and Chevy vans. When we saw all the options available on the NV, we started to get more excited about it. And after about 2200 miles, weve been very pleased with it. It drives surprisingly well for a large van. I highly recommend the NV.

  • Poor not a family vehicle. - 2015 Nissan NV Passenger
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    I will not recommend this as a family vehicle. Ventilation is very poor especially in the back, your kids will sweat like a pig.

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