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  • My fun little turbo-juke - 2016 Nissan Juke
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    I love my little juke - it flies along very nicely. Still aclimating myself to the cameras and using them for parking. It's a tiny car but, I have to repark to get it straight, when I use the cameras. reverted back to the mirrors. Mileage is awesome. This is a one-person car so the back seats rarely get used.

  • Amazing for the price! - 2016 Nissan Juke
    By -

    I LOVE MY JUKE!!! I realize this car won't be for everyone so let's get the obvious negatives out of the way first; Cargo space is limited (but there is a split folding for extra room). The back seat is not for adults especially on longer journeys (headroom as well as leg room will be tight). There is a blind spot that requires more attention when you are changing lanes. The ride is a little stiff and road noise can be annoying at times. Now let's get to the good stuff! This car is sporty, really sporty. The 4 cylinder turbo charged engine will do 0-60 in 7 secs, this would rival some 2 door coupes. The CVT is responsive and I have no trouble accelerating when I want to, and there is an option to shift up or down via the center gear lever (if you want/need to have that control). The steering is right on point and super responsive, and you can "feel the road" in the steering wheel. I live in Colorado and the Juke is a blast in the snow! It has 7 inches of clearance so you won't have to worry about "plowing" through deep snow with your front end and the AWD works like a champ. The AWD does everything I could ask it to and you can switch it to FWD only if you want to save on gas mileage. Speaking of gas mileage, I average 34 MPG in this thing, and I live in the city. The bluetooth as well as the voice command system work well and calls through the speaker system come in clear. Bottomline: I have two young kids and came from a coupe. Having 4 doors as great and they will not outgrow the back seats for at least 6 or 7 years from now. I don't need a lot of cargo space (we have my wife's vehicle for that). For me this car is a perfect combination of what I want. It is fun, great on gas, amazing in the snow, and reliable (10yr/100,000 mile bumper to bumper and lifetime powertrain warranties). If you are looking for a vehicle to commute in that looks fantastic, you will not find ANYTHING else that is this good for the price you pay!

  • RIPPED OFF BY NISSAN - 2016 Nissan Juke
    By -

    Dont buy it has the same problem Toyota had with the

    accelorator getting stuck so if you want to die buy

  • Zippy Jiffy Jukie - 2016 Nissan Juke
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    My Juke is just fabulous! I quite like the interior lighting on the floor, the lighted Juke logo on the threshold by the doors. It's a fast zippy car, very economical to run, but is a bit small for a family car. It's a one person car

  • More compliments than on my Caddy - 2016 Nissan Juke
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    I love the spunk of this car! And especially the custom colorization. Since I was purchasing the car, I purchased all of the color accents that I could. The car is a beautiful dark blue, with red accents. I get compliments on the car daily. Everyone loves the look of it and especially the color accents. I previously has a Cadillac ATS and before that a Caddy CTS. Obviously both of the Caddys road smoother. But frankly, I got tired of the exorbitant repair and maintenance bills on cars that were only a few years old. Also, there was so much technology on the Caddy's that it was constantly in the shop. One even a needed a new transmission when it was just 4 years old. So I was looking to downsize, have a car with less electronics, better mileage and just a simpler ride. The Juke is all of that and more! I can't say enough about how happy I am. I purchased it in June of 2016 and it really does get 30 mpg. And I have had no problems in the year and a half I've owned it verses the probably 8 times the Cadillac was in for service during the first year. Often, the service visits were recalls or simple technological glitches, but frankly I don't think a new car should be in the shop at all in its first few years. And that's the case with my Juke. Yes, the back seat is small, but it is typically just me and my husband and my mom and I fit in the back just fine. Yes, the trunk space is smaller than my previous car, but the seats lie down easily, so it's actually better then than before. Love, love, love it! Thank you Nissan for a solid, sporty car that spends more time on the road and less time in the shop.

  • Just Not That Impressed! - 2016 Nissan Juke
    By -

    I test drove Several Hatchbacks. The Juke was quirkey in looks and I liked that. But upon driving it, the handling was sloppy and the headroom was terrible for my boyfriend as a passenger and anyone sitting in the back seat. Also, the Cargo area was not sufficient. I train dogs and not having enough head room for even 2 dogs was a problem. Trying to squeeze in a weeks worth of groceries would not have happened either. For the money, I chose a Jeep Renegade. I'm very happy.

  • Sooooooooooooo fun to drive; great gass mileage - 2016 Nissan Juke
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    I LOVE my juke. My favorite attribute is the ruby red accents that adorne the interior including the seats and insides of the doors

  • Just bought our Second Juke - 2016 Nissan Juke
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    Juke's are an absolute blast to drive, so we just purchased our second, a 2016 new with 1000 dealer miles on it. We didn't even take it for a test drive, since it is essentially the same car as our 2012 Juke. BIG MISTAKE!!! For some reason, this one is a DOG when you step on the gas. We alerted the dealer and they are going to take a look. We suspect possibly bad gas from sitting on the lot for so long, but unsure until they check it out. Crossing our fingers that this car will be as fun and worry free as our first Juke, once we get this initial hiccup straightened out.

  • Great looking vehicle but lots of cabin noise - 2016 Nissan Juke
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    I test drove a couple of Jukes and really liked them. However they seemed to have a lot of road noise. This was the only reason I did not buy one. I would also like for the "pigtail" on top to go away. I think the "pigtails" on the top of vehicles looks dorky.

  • One Happy Juke Grandma! - 2016 Nissan Juke
    By -

    Do your research! Once I drove a Juke I was not surprised by the few things Because I already knew about it....from my research.

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