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This Year's Model Updates:

The 2012 Nissan Juke gets no significant changes.

  • Available all-wheel drive
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Comfortable front seats
  • Sporty handling
  • Lively performance
  • Relatively stiff ride quality.
  • Too much hard plastic in cabin
  • Polarizing styling
  • Less cargo capacity than most rivals
  • Limited headroom in rear seat

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  • Nissan Juke Gas mileage - 2012 Nissan Juke
    By -

    I'm not sure why all the fluctuation of gas mileage,but my 2011 nissan juke sv is getting 29 mpg on the highway. I do run on cruise control to get the best gas. In the city i hot rod and yes only get 23 mpg. I mostly run in normal,but i am very pleased with the performance. Overall I love this car, it does what i want it to and then some. I bought this car to drive and it has exceeded my expectations.

  • Fun ride - 2012 Nissan Juke
    By -

    No real surprises with my juke. The mileage is around 27 overall with 50% city driving. Peppy, agile and easy to maneuver parking lots. Seat is very comfortable snd supportive. Managed to fit an office chair in the hatch, but is tight back there.

  • fun to drive, just don't watch the gas guage - 2012 Nissan Juke
    By -

    The juke is alot fo fun to drive. Its very manuverable and has loads of power. You pay dearly for the powr it produces though. The epa ratings are extremely off. The sad truth is real life city ratings are 19-21 and if you drive very conservatively you may get 25-27 on the highway. Poor gas mileage and the high octane fuel recommendation makes this one rather expensive to drive. The rear seats are useless for adults, only very small poeple will fit back there.

  • PERFECT CAR - 2012 Nissan Juke
    By -

    Sheehy nissan manassas sold me a new juke perfect car AWD good in gas power everything wath i need in one car

  • fun to drive, just don't watch the gas guage - 2012 Nissan Juke
    By -

    The juke is great in town and nimble in traffic, but the horrid gas mileage and the need for premium gas makes it fairly expensive to operate. We average 19-23 on a mix of highway and small town driving. best we have achieved on the highway @ 60 mph was 26. Thats a far cry from the 32 the epa sticker promised. The seats are well bolstered and ok for short trips but are a little too hard for long trips. the back seats are useless for tall adults. No headroom and limited legroom. I am 6.0 tall and my head hits the roof and legs are jammed against the front seat. The only cabin light is in the front so the back seat and cargo area is really dark at night.

  • It's the little things - 2012 Nissan Juke
    By -

    I love my Juke. Love the exterior styling. I receive many comments - mostly favorable. It's the little things that I didn't notice during the test drive that are worth pointing out. For this price point, you kinda expect to have power locks and auto up windows on both front doors rather than driver only. Also, the vanity mirrors are not lighted. As the only covered storage compartment in the entire car (aside from under the seats), a light in the glove compartment would be a welcome adsdition. As most of my driving is done solo or with my dachshund, it is the perfect car for me. No major complaints just a couple of minor gripes...

  • The JUKE is fun, sporty, great gas mileage! - 2012 Nissan Juke
    By -

    Never bought a Nissan in my life. Was at car lot with sister in law, as she wanted an Altima (WHY? I thought). Saw this COOL looking, froggy car with black leather (heated) seats with red baseball stitching...looks inside like an airplane with the RED hard doors/dash. Exterior is the gun metallic. The car is for single person or SMALL family ..don't plan on putting four people's camping supplies in it for the week! THe back seat does go down, making it larger if no passengers in back. The gas mileage---one has to manually put it in "econo" mode...and drive it like Granny would. If you put it in sports mode and use the paddle shifter-like it was a manual trans, you get performance !

  • Fun little utility car with great value - 2012 Nissan Juke
    By -

    Test drive one, and you will fall in love with it's driving performance. With SL trim, it's a great value. Regarding MPG, with one week of ownership, what I found out is the following. If the car is driven as a small turbo punchy nimble car meant to be driven, my commute (60% HWY, 40% Local) gives about 22~23 MPG. But if I drive like my mother is sitting next to me, I was able to get 33~34 MPG on the same route. It's all up to YOU the driver how you balance MPG and performance; much more so than other cars that I had driven before.

  • Awesome - 2012 Nissan Juke
    By -

    I don't know why all the negative comments about MPG. If you put a lot of miles on a vehicle, use ECO. This car is zippy enough without having the turbo on all the time. I am getting 28 mpg combined highway and city. Can't complain about that. I love everything about this car.

  • My Juke - 2012 Nissan Juke
    By -

    I love this car so much! I don't have anything negative to say about my Juke. It is fun to drive, looks amazing, and catches everyone's eye. I've had several people stop me in parking lots and ask to look at my car. The Juke is definitely a hit with me!

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