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This Year's Model Updates:

The 2013 Nissan Altima sedan has been fully redesigned. The exterior and interior are completely new, with a focus on a more upscale look and feel throughout. Important engineering revisions markedly improve fuel economy, particularly for four-cylinder models, while updated suspension and steering designs maintain the Altima's reputation as one of the market's best-handling family sedans. The coupe remains mechanically unchanged, but loses its optional V6 and is reduced to only a single 2.5 S trim level.

  • User-friendly electronics
  • Strong acceleration and fuel economy for both engines
  • Smooth and quiet ride
  • Rewarding handling
  • Comfortable front seats
  • Solid interior quality.
  • Altima coupe has lower mpg ratings.
  • Tight rear headroom
  • CVT can be overeager during moderate acceleration, resulting in excess noise from four-cylinder engine

User Reviews:

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  • 2nd review after more miles. Still Junk and getting worse... - 2013 Nissan Altima
    By -

    The 2013 will probably go down in history books of how NOT to build and market a car. The transmission still isn't working right (2 dealer trips as of today, and still won't admit to hearing a clattering noise coming from transmission billed as being unusually smooth), but lets make some impressive titanium paddle shifters that don't turn with the wheel (stupid). That will take their minds off all of the clattering and squeeling under the hood. I honestly hope someone steals this car for (crappy) parts. It's pretty on the inside and outside, but it has the character of worn out old truck. Pathetic. Really

  • JUNK! Traded in after 9 months - 2013 Nissan Altima
    By -

    In the past I heard nothing but good things about Nissan, so with the new Altima body style and the available 3.5 liter option I decided to give it a try. This car was junk since the day I drove it off the lot. There was an issue with bolts in the front wheel area being installed backwards. The brakes always had problems where they would stick. A really loud rattle in the roof near the sunroof which Nissan claimed they never heard. A broken air vent. The blinker would stick. The passenger airbag would deactivate while driving with a 160 pound passenger in the seat. The manufacturer would do nothing about any of it. Go buy a Lexus or Toyota they are more reliable.

  • Which problem would you like to hear first? - 2013 Nissan Altima
    By -

    2013 Altima Lemon. When the right blinker returns to the neutral position the left blinker turns on for about 5 flashes, confusing the car behind you. Leaves got into the AC evaporator box causing a foul odor and Nissan says this is a maintenance issue, and I should avoid parking under trees. Now let’s talk about the passenger air bag light. Apparently it’s on a sensor and depending on what the sensor reads determines whether you get to have an airbag or not. According to the Nissan Specialist, “it’s a supplemental system”. so IT determines whether you smash you face against the glass. All of these issues are "normal operation" according to them. I should have bought a Honda.

  • Love the car, BUT... - 2013 Nissan Altima
    By -

    Overall a great car, drives and looks great. MPG on the HWY 39+ at 7- MPH. Nice handling and smooth ride. Only problem is a mysterious brake light that keeps coming on while the car is driving. Took it to the dealer once already and it's on its way back again. Wish we never had this issue as we really like the car. If it continue will have to label it a Lemon.

  • Rattle at times - 2013 Nissan Altima
    By -

    Road test car for noise over bumps I have a high pich rattle sound over bumps at times might be struts ,take car for long ride before buying over different roads and compare against another car of the same type.

  • Great Car All Around - 2013 Nissan Altima
    By -

    My past life was a Honda owner. I decided to purchase the new 2013 Altima 2.5 SV over the Accord EX. Honda owners tend to stick with Honda for whatever reasons. They both have the same features including CVT transmission, except the EX has moon roof, which I never use. By this comparison, the Accord EX is more expensive and the look on both cars is equally nice, depending on the color you choose. The Altima is an overall all around car with better MPG and acceleration, and drives smoothly and quietly on the road. The car is lighter and the ride is firm. One of the main reasons I switched from the Accord is because of its loud cabin noise.

  • Excellent Car - 2013 Nissan Altima
    By -

    With the exception of the boring interior design, this car is excellent, and even the interior is what you would expect from a mid-range sedan. The features that come standard on the SV model blew me away. I'm very pleased with leather-wrapped steering wheel, display screen and back-up camera! Looks great, drives smooth, comfortable to drive and good fuel-economy!

  • Common Complaints - 2013 Nissan Altima
    By -

    Steering: big problem with "drift"; easy to deal with in the city, but on a long highway trip? No way. Requires constant, irritating correction. Even using your fingers - after 50 highway miles, my forearms feel the fatigue. "Squealing": yes; some think it's the brakes, some think it's the steering. For me, the brakes squeal every morning upon leaving my garage. Door handle: lock popped out just by closing the door. Horn: Must push hard in the middle of the wheel (no more "polite" reminder to the driver in front of you that the light changed). etc., etc., etc. Nissan response/service: Very poor.

  • What a Lemon! - 2013 Nissan Altima
    By -

    Come on Nissan- whatcha gonna do for all of us? This cars SUCKS! And with so many of us having the same problems you'd think they do something fast. How many does it take for a class action suit? I have brought the car back 5 times already. So far they've supposedly replaced the entire transmission, replaced the torque converter, reset the computer and car still bucks, chugs, surges forward at exactly 25 mph. and vibrates when you come to a stop. And I've been told the same bs as everyone else, almost word for word. Do they actual have a pitch they say to all of us? I have filed complaints with everyone- PLEASE file your complaints. We need to speak out.

  • Review after owning car for one year - 2013 Nissan Altima
    By -

    I withheld judgment even after the numerous issues I've had but now it needs a new transmission at 12,000 mi. I've owned a '04 Altima and a '11 Murano. In a word, this '13 Altima is junk. Within the 1st mo of ownership I had a blinking navigation screen (replaced), leather trim on the center console backseat unfinished (replaced), heated seats wired wrong (new wiring harnesses both sides). Within 2 mos I developed the infamous "lugging" transmission (new torque converter and belts= no difference) Within 5 mos the driver/passenger windows = excessive wind noise (both outside mirrors replaced). Now clicking noise in transmission requiring new transmission. I'm just a my 1 yr ownership.

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