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  • I love my lancer! - 2016 Mitsubishi Lancer
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    This is the third Mitsubishi I have owned and it has been great, and the dealership I bought it from was also excellent. I got it for $14,000 brand new, have had no issues like all of my other mitsu's. Its disparaging see such poor reviews on vehicles like this that are clearly superior to thier american counterparts, like the dart, cruise or focus, that all blow up or the infotatinment system needs to constantly be messed with, or push button start going out at 20,000 miles or trannies going out @ 50,000 miles. Enjoy your fords that will rust out in ten months [non-permissible content removed].

  • Big Mistake - 2016 Mitsubishi Lancer
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    I was excited to purchase the Lancer because it offered a sporty styling with AWC at a reasonable price. After owning a 2016 Lancer SEL for a little over a month I hate the car. Driver ergonomics are deplorable: - Leather seats that are uncomfortable (I feel like I've been sitting on a metal folding chair after a 20-30 minute drive. Lower back support and seating side support is almost non-existent. - A dead pedal foot rest gives no room to stretch out my left leg. The only way to extend my left leg is to put my foot under the brake pedal - not a safe thing to do - or keep my leg bent in a very unnatural position. The alternative is to move the seat back which then leads to over extending to reach the steering wheel. - Move the seat forward, and the center console arm rest no longer exists. - Without a telescoping steering wheel, arms must be almost straight to reach the wheel. (Note: I am an average size, 5'9" male driver) - The clock is so tiny and so far away from the driver, it can barely be seen. Put on polarized sunglasses and the display screen for the clock, back-up camera, and entertainment system become almost impossible to see in daylight. - Move the tilt steering wheel down, and it covers a good part of the speedometer. - A tiny collection of icons between the tach and speedometer are busy and difficult to decipher at a quick glance. The fact that the outside temperature is part of this tiny display clutters the display and is not convenient for any passengers to view. - The self-dimming mirror is a joke. Street lights "trick" the sensors into thinking it's daylight and the result is blinding glare from the rear view mirror. - The sunvisors are extremely flimsy. They seem to be nothing more that plastic covered card board. And there is no extender on the flimsy visors for when the sun hits at just that annoying "over the shoulder" angle through the side window. - Significant lack of storage space and small cup holders are major inconveniences. - Leather seats and steering wheel are made of a rough texture leather - not supple or smooth. - At highway speeds, road noise is quite loud. - Headlights also seem dim compared to my previous two cars. Added to these horrible ergonomics, my car features a "thump" in the trunk when going over some bumps. The car was "delivered" with 17 miles on the odometer - dirty on the inside and outside, including pine sap blobs that ate through the clear coat. The dealer's fix was to have the finish "wet sanded". After 3 weeks I had a loud thumping in the driver's side rear quarter panel. Had to schedule an appointment with service department. The back-up sensor was banging around inside. They "fixed" it with double-sided tape. Only one "outlet" in the entire car; no usb port. Radio/entertainment center sounds very tinny and cheap. And the horn sounds like something that comes from a child's tricycle. I am SO sorry that I purchased this vehicle.

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