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  • Classic Jeep lines! - 2016 Jeep Patriot
    By -

    The Patriot feels solid and well built. I have no problem reaching freeway speeds or traveling over the mountain passes in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. It has very comfortable front seating with excellent head and leg room. I opted for the air conditioning and the Power Value Group which includes; Body Color Door Handles, Illuminated Entry, Speed Sensitive Power Locks, Keyless Entry, Automatic Headlamps, Power Heated Fold-Away Mirrors, Power Driver 1-Touch Windows, and Body Color Liftgate Applique. I was also able to negotiate a great price on this smaller SUV. Best value for your money in this segment of the SUV market.

  • Made it through "Snowmeggedan" - 2016 Jeep Patriot
    By -

    My husband and I just bought our Patriot on Tuesday 01/19/16. We live in the Great Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee. Our purpose for purchasing a 4x4 was for me to be able to get off our mountain ridge to make it to work. Our Jeep Cherokee is a freaking mountain goat so we decided to look at the Jeep product line again. We chose the Patriot. Less than 24 hours after purchase I had to challenge this vehicle with the ice/snow obstacle course of our three switchbacks and it handled it with ease. I love the stability and especially love the Hill Start Assist. Looking forward to the next snow storm.

  • Jeep allows you to pay for what you value - 2016 Jeep Patriot
    By -

    The 2016 Patriot is a decent value. Don't rely solely on professional reviews, drive one yourself. What you get: 4WD, air conditioning, satellite radio,roof rack, auto dimming rear view mirror and Bluetooth for $17,000. For that price it comes with steel wheels, manual locks, windows, side view mirrors and a manual 5-spd transmission. I chose Jeep because it let me pay for features I value instead of having to pay for automatic conveniences that I don't need. The seats are comfortable, the heat and A/C work great, the transmission shifts just fine for a non-performance application and highway mileage tops 30 mpg. The sound system is more than adequate (for a middle aged man). Seriously , how much volume does one need for Fox Business? Jeep lowered its powertrain warranty to 3 years/36,000 miles. Resale value is soft for the manual trans models. Crash test scores aren't impressive. I like driving the 5-spd manual and appreciate the hill assist feature. A decent vehicle for the money.

  • I Loooove my 2016 Jeep Patriot - 2016 Jeep Patriot
    By -

    I owned a Jeep years ago and loved the space and the feel of a jeep. And now here I am again! I have exactly what I wanted with space, entertainment and look all in one beautiful Jeep. It handles the road great and if I would have read the reviews first I may have changed my mind but I'm VERY pleased I purchased and then read them. I am one satisfied owner :-)

  • what's not to like for $17K - $28K ? - 2016 Jeep Patriot
    By -

    Look, you're not buying a top of the line Lexus or Acura. If you've got 21K to spend on a comfortable, modern ride with the classic Jeep styling, THIS IS IT! This is the most economical SUV on the market. For 21K (Latitude 6 speed) it's far superior to my previous purchase of a 25K bottom of the line KIA Sorrento. It is more comfortable, more head room and doesn't flop all over the road like the KIA.

  • Classic Jeep looks - 2016 Jeep Patriot
    By -

    2016 Jeep Patriot Sport 4dr SUV 4WD (2.4L 4cyl 5Manual) with Power Value Group and air conditioning.The Patriot feels solid and well built. I have no problem reaching freeway speeds or traveling over the mountain passes in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. It has very comfortable front seating with excellent head and leg room. I received a great price on this smaller SUV. The Jeep Patriot is the best value for your money in this segment of the SUV market. Test one for yourself and see if it fits your lifestyle.

  • LOVE THIS SUV - 2016 Jeep Patriot
    By -

    I have never owned a Jeep product. I always stuck with Honda or Toyota. This vehicle tops all of those. The head room and leg room is wonderful, I am 5'9 and I have lots of room.

  • I've only put 200 miles on it, but I love it so fa - 2016 Jeep Patriot
    By -

    I bought mine (Altitude) with 3,500 miles on it for $18.9k. I'm very pleased thus far. It's a pretty basic suv. It reminds me of the old Cherokee Sport versions pre- 2002 - right before they started making the Liberty. Auto dimming mirrors (actually performs very well, maybe the best dimming mirror I have ever driven with); Cruise Control; AC; Fog Lights; Auto Headlights; remote start; bluetooth (can sync my music pretty decent sound); touch free phone (works really well, and I usually never use touch free phone system because I usually hate it, but this works very well, no yelling needed); steering-wheel buttons; voice command; sirius; power windows/mirrors; heated seats; heated mirrors. Also, I'm not sure what this feature is called, but I'm pretty sure its a variable transmission - meaning that I can drive it in automatic, or I can flick the shifter and it then turns to a manual 6speed transmission. I think thats very cool and enjoy it. Scared me the first time as I had no idea I had transferred it to manual and couldn't make it up a hill. I thought I bought a lemon before I realized I had engaged the manual transmission, lol. I mention this also because i have read several reviews where people say that sometimes their Patriot won't go over 40mph because of "overheating." They probably engaged the manual transmission without realizing it and don't realize they're driving their car in 1st gear. It's only a 4 cylinder engine, but it gets up to 80mph in a hurry. It's fine. I've read some reviews that criticize the weak pickup of the engine, I'm not sure these people understand its a 4 cylinder carrying an SUV body, it's not an V8 engine, lol. Nonetheless, the engine is fine (though I haven't had it packed full of stuff, nor have i towed anything with it). The ride is smooth, quiet, and comfortable. I'm 6'3'' 200lbs. Plenty of leg room. Also, It is the only car, other Jeeps included, that my head or hair does not touch the roof. I do not have to slouch. That's awesome if you're a tall person. Gas milage is fine. I drove 160 miles (all highway) on a half a tank, so that's over 300 miles on a full tank. I believe it holds 13 gallons and costs somewhere around $30 to fill. The windshield is gigantic. You have a lot of windshield vision as well as passenger front and back window vision. Driver side rear window vision is spotty. Just be careful switching lanes. I love this Jeep. It's basic, yet it also has enough features to make it a very enjoyable experience.

  • Professional car reviewers are worthless - 2016 Jeep Patriot
    By -

    It's a Jeep. I bought a 2016 and I really like it. I have owned a lot of new cars, I buy them for myself , my wife and my son. If you read the reviews you would think it is a terrible vehicle. But I test drive cars myself and I don't listen to what car snobs have to say. If you option it properly it is an unbelievable value. First, I bought a Sport with Freedom Dive 1 and the 2.4L motor with the 6 speed auto. This trim is not included in the drop down list for some reason. So my final cost was under 17K with discounts and rebates ( before taxes and license)- for a 4WD SUV. The interior is pretty basic but the seats are comfortable and the appearance is nice overall, I love the dash and the gauges. The visibility is great and I feel comfortable maneuvering in traffic. It has Blue tooth, AC , and a year of free satellite radio. Cargo capacity is really good. Steering in well connected and ride is pleasant. The motor is quiet but does transmit some vibration at idle, I don't really mind it as it is a minor issue. My last three cars were a BMW128 convertible, a Chevrolet Volt, and Jetta TDI. I have to say I like this one as much as the others. Apparently I am not alone as they sell a lot of them. As a last note my wife, who leases a new Range Rover Evoque. Drives it every chance she gets -

  • I don't get the Jeep thing - 2016 Jeep Patriot
    By -

    I got this 2016 Jeep patriot as an unwanted upgrade at enterprise. I wanted something that got good gas mileage and they had no cars. I was told this this would but it consistently got only 21 MPG. Soooo where to start, the engine sounds like an angry sewing machine, and it doesn't do much to the motivate the CVT that has trouble changing gear. It idled rough... It had 5341 miles it should run great I would think. It rides like a truck, rough and bouncy, and there is tons of oversteer. The front seats lack lumbar support, they are manual with minimal adjustability. The radio made a terrible high pitched noise when I plugged in my phone into aux and it was plugged into the outlet. The door sills are high and I smack my feet on it getting in and out. There is no visibility out of the back windows unless you lay the rear seat down, the roof line gives poor visibility out of the rest. I've driven jeeps I like and lots of other SUVs that were great, but this has to be the worst. There was nothing that stood out as good beyond the braking performance.

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