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  • No flip rear glass ... No deal! - 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee
    By -

    Corporate Eliminated the flip rear glass in '14 ... Deal breaker. Toyota 4Runner has the power rear glass! SUV ... U = utility. Dog owners use this feature EVERY DAY!!! Reliability is still MIA. Currently own a 99 JGC ... Been following very closely long term USER reviews of each subsequent model release ... '14's QA was so bad, Chrysler fired their QA chief (who was subsequently picked up by Apple ... I can only imagine what's gonna happen to Apple QA). Chrysler CUSTOMER SUPPORT gets a big fat 0. Dealership shops are still a full month booked handling back logged '14 transitions and Electronic issues. If you're still hellbent on purchasing a '16 JGC, make sure you get the lifetime maxcare warranty ... You'll thank me at the 70k mile (1C4RJFCT7DC646203!

  • I hate the start stop - 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee
    By -

    I love every thing about this except the start stop function and that is my reasoning for the lower rating. It just is not working for me. It hesitates on start stop when you want to accelerate fast from the (A mode /Start /Stop Mode) into heavy traffic. The engine just can not start fast enough to react. The button to turn if off is deactivated on each start which is a problem. If I could turn it off forever I would have the perfect SUV. I was told everyone wanted this to save gas that is why they installed it. Well I like good gas mileage but lets be honest. Are you really buying this for gas mileage? Buy something else if you are if you are! It is a JEEP!

  • Complete loss of power. Nice when it runs. - 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee
    By -

    Sitting on the side of the highway just an hour ago with no power and I haven't even received my payment book yet:( I really want to like this car, but sitting dangerously close to speeding traffic in the sweltering summer heat is really dulling my enthusiasm. When it runs, life is good. Life is hell when it doesn't. On Edit: After two weeks at the dealership, the problem could not be found. The dealer gave us another new Grand Cherokee with the same options. Chrysler gave us an extended warranty on the replacement car. We are happy with the new Jeep. The old one is still out there and the problem was never diagnosed. The dealer is using it as his daily driver and being diligent in witnessing the problem first hand.

  • the car is great but - 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee
    By -

    the only complaint would be the start stop engine technology. I prefer the motor not stop at every traffic light. so I have to push a defeat button every time I go out in the car. I can see where start/stop tech. will cause the battery to drain down especially at night with the headlights on and the air running etc. In florida especially with the temps high in the summer this is going to lead to problems. I think that this feature is on most new cars, my sister was complaining about it on her new Jaguar also. I think it is a bad idea unless you have an electric car. I am going to find out if this feature can be permanently defeated.

  • Love my 2016 Grand Cherokee Laredo! - 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee
    By -

    I have only had the car for a couple of weeks, I find it to be very comfortable, easy to drive and pretty good on gas. I am still getting use to the engine turn off/turn on at stop lights and stops but I am sure I will get use to it soon enough. There seems to be enough power for me. Overall there is plenty of room for what I need from a vehicle and to me the styling is very sleek and strong looking at the same time, I get lots of complements on my new jeep. I am looking forward to being content for many years to come.

  • Jeep has stepped it up - 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee
    By -

    Honestly I had never considered a Jeep when I started my search, nor did I realize the following that Jeep brand has. I'm a young-ish guy, hit my early thirties and decided that I wanted to finally trade in the Murano SL I'd been driving for 7 years and upgrade to a moderate "luxury" vehicle as a reward to myself for hard work. I started with looking at the usual... BMW, Mercedes, Land Rover, etc. Then I decided to broaden my search to include the $35,000 - $45,000 range for new and used. That's when I came across the Jeep GC Overland and Summit models. As I looked over the features, every one of the features that I found so appealing of luxury vehicles was built into this thing. I'm a tech-person, so the touch screen, digital display in the drivers hub, adaptive cruise control, front and rear parking sensors, blind-spot warnings, reverse cross traffic warnings, ventilated / heated seats, powered lift gate... Seriously the list goes on... When I discovered all of these in a vehicle for at least $10,000 to $15000 less than the other brands I had looked at, I could no longer justify spending >$60,000 for the base model of stereotypical "luxury" brands. The test drive is what sealed the deal. Smooth with just the right amount of power. Love it. The only issue I've had in 2 months is a small rattle that was coming from a loose engine cradle mount of some sort. Took it back and they fixed it in a couple hours. I haven't joined the cult yet, but I can see why so many people stick with Jeep. I hope it holds up.

  • My fifth one - 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee
    By -

    It is the best value for your money ...... They just keep improving every year.

  • Great Bang for the Buck! - 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee
    By -

    The Grand Cherokee is a good, solid SUV. It handles well and is fun to drive. It has good road manners and gives excellent feedback to the driver. It is a Jeep and rides a little stiffer than the competition but it is never an issue. The gas mileage is a little below the competitors but should not be a consideration when comparing SUVs.

  • High Altitude Diesel 4WD - 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee
    By -

    Love my vehicle! Have the white High Altitude Diesel 4WD with every option available(including a CD player). Gas mileage is amazing, I drove from LA to Vegas and back on 1 tank. The Jeep with this package is beautiful, it is always catching attention. I was skeptical about getting a Diesel because of the loud sound, but honestly inside is pretty quiet. Standing outside by the hood of course you will hear the loud engine. The Diesel engine is a turbo so taking off from a stand still is pretty amazing, I've shocked a few people. Once you are driving though, it seems the Jeep takes a little bit of time to gain some speed. Safety and Fuel Economy were my top reasons for purchasing this vehicle. The forward collision warning with automatic braking, has saved my life many times. CD player I have never used, but the Uconnect system is very user friendly. The Adaptive Cruise Control allows for me to breeze through traffic allowing the Jeep to do all the braking and gas. The 19 speaker Harmon Kardon system is a serious beast! The air suspension allows for easy exit and entry for those who don't like to feel like they are climbing a tree to get in and jumping off a small cliff to get out.... This is my 2nd Jeep Grand Cherokee and first diesel and I am definitely happy with my decision to stick with the "Jeep cult."

  • Never thought I would own a jeep - 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee
    By -

    Was coming out of a 2010 Pathfinder and I liked it but the new ones? Not so much. As a an afterthought I looked at the Grand Cherokee Limited, test drove it and took a shot, the price was right. I have never been a jeep fan but, so far, after 2 months, I cannot find anything wrong with this car. Its comfortable, looks great, drives great. The technology package is awesome and the more I use the GPS the better I like it. Not sure what Jeep did to turn it around but its working. So far, it has been terrific

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