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This Year's Model Updates:

The 2015 Jeep Cherokee gets an engine stop-start system on V6-equipped models, slightly improving EPA fuel economy estimates. A rearview camera and automatic headlights are now standard on the Latitude and Trailhawk models, and a new frontal-crash mitigation system is optional.

  • Trailhawk offers unique off-road capability for the segment.
  • Smooth and quiet ride
  • Spacious passenger quarters
  • Smooth and refined V6 engine
  • Abundance of available high-end tech features
  • Sluggish performance with four-cylinder engine
  • Less cargo capacity than other small crossovers.

User Reviews:

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  • Issues, Issues, Issues - 2015 Jeep Cherokee
    By -

    I want to start by saying that I love the comfort and styling of this car. I have the 6 cylinder, but that was not in the drop down menu. Jeep may have a serious problem with the Cherokee. Bought my first jeep on a Monday and started to have parking break issues. No fix after three trips back to the dealer to rectify the issue, so the dealer swapped out for another. I drove the new one for 300 miles and had a transmission code, which forced me to limp it back to the dealership. They swapped out the transmission module and they think that this may fix the problem. I sure hope so. I do feel that if you buy a vehicle in excess of $30,000 there should not be trouble the first week.

  • Uconnect and Jeep - 2015 Jeep Cherokee
    By -

    Trailhawk doesn't let you turn off the radio can only is mute it and then you have to turn off the touch screen or else the station info keeps displaying. When start car next time it's all back on. Tech at it worst. Do not buy if you don't like constant distraction!

  • Love It! - 2015 Jeep Cherokee
    By -

    I'm a few months into my lease with a 2015 Latitude V6 4WD, and I couldn't be happier with it. It's the smoothest, quietest, and most comfortable car I've ever had. I took it on a 500 mile road trip with 4 adults and a fully packed trunk and averaged 26mpg according to the trip computer. Not bad for a V6 with almost 300hp. I've read mixed reviews about the 9 speed transmission, and I don't know what all the complaints are about. I've had zero issues with mine. I'm really impressed with how quiet and smooth it drives. I feel like a lot of the bad reviews I've read are unwarranted and people just don't know how to drive their car, or they don't understand its features.

  • Beauty with no brains - 2015 Jeep Cherokee
    By -

    DO NOT BUY THIS CAR. There are trasnmission problems starting at 1k miles on my 2015 Jeep Cherokee Limited. The car is well built and looks great from exterior and interior. But the mechanics are a failure. My jeep stated hard shifting at 1k miles. I even had a time when I couldn't move the vehicle. I have been to the dealer several times and they haven't been able to solve my issue. Seems that I am not the only one with this issue if you search over the internet for "hard-shifting" issues with Cherokees you will understand. I am very disappointed that I have to take my new car to the dealer every couple of weeks where I get no solution to the problem

  • She's one purity ride! - 2015 Jeep Cherokee
    By -

    I have had my first Jeep for 2 weeks and she has 601 miles. My combined MPG right now is 23.8. The fit and finish of this car is top notch. I am 5'11" and hubs is 6'4" we are both very comfortable driving and riding in this SUV. I haven't had any issues with the parking break. I do have the 4 cylinder, it does have a bit of "thrust" between 2nd and 3rd gears either at the downshift or up shift. I don't feel this is an issue, this a big car for the engine and transmission. That being said the actual ride itself is awesome! She floats down the road, you don't feel like you're going 75mph! IF the radio is off you do have some modest noise from the wind and road. Features are very nice!

  • Don't buy a Cherokee - 2015 Jeep Cherokee
    By -

    2015 models with v6 engine idle rough and have an automatic engine stop switch that shuts engine off at stop lights. Wear and tear on starter over the life of the car must be significant. Had ours at dealership for four days with 575 miles only to be told the rough idle is the nature of the vehicle and is normal operation. We drove at least four more Cherokees and all had the rough idle, some worse than ours. It is so bad that we traded back at a substantial loss just to get out of it. Beware, if you test drive a v6 Cherokee, make sure to drive it enough to get it to operating temperature and observe the automatic shut down and then put it in park and check the idle. Good luck after that!

  • It's a LEMON - Needs new transmission at 5000 miles - 2015 Jeep Cherokee
    By -

    Very disappointing experience! Leased the Jeep Cherokee 2015 without knowing there has been a history of transmission issues. Found that out after the car died on the highway. My Jeep had been skipping gears,running sluggish and hesitating but I never imagined it could be a problem with the transmission. I waited over 3 hours for the Chrysler Road Side Assistance to show up and tow me to the nearest dealer, it took 3 days to get an approved rental while they replace my transmission. My biggest regret is I still have 2 1/2 years on the lease.

  • I love my jeep! - 2015 Jeep Cherokee
    By -

    This is my first brand new car....i have always had a chevy, but once i test drove this Jeep- it was mine! im a convert for life! I LOVE my JEEP!

  • Blue tooth Connection/Windshiled availability - 2015 Jeep Cherokee
    By -

    Bought this Jeep a month ago and I like many things about it... but two problems. First I took a rock in the windshield and glass companies and dealers do not have access to glass... all on backorder. Still driving with broken windshield and not likely to have new glass for weeks. Second, the blue tooth connection works fine with my Galaxy 5 phone for making and receiving calls but can not playback voice mail messages. Messages can not be heard on phone or on speakers... I have to stop the car and turn it off to listen to voice mail messages on my phone.

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