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This Year's Model Updates:

The 2013 Infiniti JX is an all-new model.

  • Easy access to roomy third row
  • Plenty of high-tech safety and creature comforts
  • Plush ride quality.
  • Continuously variable transmission slows acceleration and performance
  • Restrictive options packages.

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  • Great family car! - 2013 Infiniti JX
    By -

    We had a QX56 and loved it but the new JX does everything the QX did in a more user friendly, efficient and better riding way. Gas mileage has been decent while city driving in the high teens. The 2nd row has great leg room and the 3rd row can actually fit a 6ft adult comfortably.

  • Impressed - 2013 Infiniti JX
    By -

    Purchased an AWD JX with Premium Pkg and am impressed with the vehicle after 500 miles. Traded a 2007 Lexus GX and really don't miss it. Gas mileage has been about 20 mpg with mixed city/highway driving. Comfortable and well laid out interior. Overall a very nice vehicle.

  • CVT Transmission is this car's downfall - 2013 Infiniti JX
    By -

    We bought the JX as the family car. Loved the third row, and the fact that we did not have to take the car seat out to get to the third row. Also, even with the seats up, there was a small trunk. The interior room is great, especially in the rear. However, between the terrible CVT transmission, and the poor gas mileage, I doubt I would buy this again. This isn't a performance car by any stretch, but don't want it to be. However, there are times it barely gets out of its own way - this I blame on the transmission as it seems to be constantly hunting for the best "gear". Just makes it uncomfortable to drive. As for gas mileage, we are around 15... far below what we expected.

  • Passenger air bags are part time - 2013 Infiniti JX
    By -

    I was told to move to move around in the seat by the dealer. In 20 miles the light did not go off until we stopped the car and restarted it. Is Infiniti waiting for a class action law suit? Beware of this problem your sales rep won't tell you.

  • First Impressions - 2013 Infiniti JX
    By -

    Just took delivery of our emerald graphite JX35 AWD (fully loaded) with java brown interior. My first impressions are as follows: Appearance: As attractive as the JX35 appears in the photos, the vehicle looks even better in person. The exterior styling is very sporty without looking gimmicky. The dark plastic aeroskirts and underbody accents compliment the lines well. While the salesman admitted he was skeptical of the java interior with the dark gray dash and emerald graphite color scheme when we pre-ordered, but was very impressed when it was delivered. The dark brown leather looks very luxurious and breaks up what would be a monochromatic look. It’s definitely one of the smartest looking SUVs on the road today. Performance: The engine is adequate and the ride is more luxurious than it is sporty. For 90% of drivers in this class, it will perform admirably. Plows quite bit into the turns, but this isn’t a M series. Interior: Top notch interior. Seats are firm, but comfortable. I am a large guy over 6 feet, and I can fit in all three rows. The 3rd row would be tough for long periods, but doable for less than an hour. The 3rd row access entry space is big enough for an adult to gain access within to much trouble. Technology: It may take a year or more to get your hands around all of the features. The basic functions are intuitive, but like a really powerful smart phone, the vehicle’s capabilities likely far exceed the user’s mastery of the system’s functionality. The steering wheel controls are reversed from most vehicles, and the different interfaces will take a little while to familiarize myself with being a distraction. Non-Critical, but Quirky Issues: Due to the push-button keyless ignition, there doesn’t appear to be a way to energize the vehicle control systems within starting the vehicle first. There doesn’t appear to be a way to roll up and down windows, or play radio like you would with a vehicle in “accessory mode with a traditional turn-key ignition. There is a very poorly placed “SOS” button for the Infiniti Connect emergency notification system. The button is located on the overhead control panel, approximately ½-inch below the button for the driver-side overhead lamp. When the headlines are engaged, the button is back-lighted, but is easily confused with the overhead light switch in the dark. Yes, I pushed it accidentally on the first evening I drove the car. The response came from Infiniti in approximately 30 seconds and the call center representative was thankfully very understanding. While the odds of changing a tire yourself is remote with roadside assistance, the rear Bose Direct-Wave speaker and plastic rear hatch liner would need o be removed prior to accessing the under-body high pressure spare tire and jack. Remote start will not work with second key located inside of within close proximity of the vehicle. Once the second key was removed from the car, it started right up. While the DVD playing in the back can be viewed on the front heads-up monitor, the car must be stopped and the emergency break engaged before it will come up. No CD changer, but rather a hard drive storage system where you can burn hundreds on CDs onto prior to leaving. Unclear if the burn function works with audio books. Overall: I think Acura is going to have to re-design the MDX this year to match the JX35 main buying demographic. The bar has been raised in that price class. While not perfect and bordering on being too technologically complex, the JX35 hits or exceeds expectations for factors that matter to the 40-something $100K+ income female.

  • JX35 Birthday Surprise - 2013 Infiniti JX
    By -

    Its a pleasure to drive, handles great.

  • Living with the JX - 2013 Infiniti JX
    By -

    Traded an 08 CX-9 for the JX. The Mazda handled much better but the JX feels more refined. I also have a G35 and the JX is far from handling expectations for Infiniti which is becoming more disappointing after living with the car. It is quiet, I do like the CVT especially after 3500RPM, milage is good, lots of great tech, and great entry to 3rd row without massive rear doors. Build quality has not been great. In 2 months, had multiple rattles, had loose trim, and now the HVAC fan is making noise. Overall I give it a B. Not sure i would do it again now that the honeymoon period is wearing off. Bottom line-- test drive it multiple times before signing the papers.

  • Great Overall! - 2013 Infiniti JX
    By -

    I bought this car blindly without test driving so overall I am happy. However after reading other reviews and driving it for 2 months I can agree with them on some issues. For example, the acceleration is very disappointing but it helps that I have controls to switch to sport if I want to go faster because on ECO it goes at a snails pace. The controls for radio, air and phone are to far spaced and as a female my hands do not fit in the little compartment to charge my phone. The aux cord in the console is in the most awkward spot and is difficult to access. The Bluetooth rarely works correctly which is very annoying. We also have the entertainment/tech package and the way he dvd system works is also awkward with too many steps just to watch a dvd. My car is still under warranty and the leader in the back seat is splitting and spreading, I eager to see if Infinity will do anything about it. Also l, the look of the vehicle is pretty much s station wagon so I wish it was more stylish. On the bright side it is roomy and the 3rd row is easily accessible and my husband or 14yr old son can sit comfortably back there. Overall it's a good value and recommend to others.

  • Under Priced Luxury Car - 2013 Infiniti JX
    By -

    I don't get excited about cars these days but have really enjoyed the JX more than any other car I've owned or driven. My wife and I were considering purchasing a new luxury car next year and after research, narrowed down to the new M Class and the X5. We never considered Infiniti until we saw a teaser ad. After thourough research, I was at the Infiniti dealership the day it arrived. This car had more features and plenty of room for passengers than anything we've looked at. It has more than enough power. It has the best CVT we've driven. All the technology works great. The car practically drives itself. Great family our touring car. Test drive the car yourself rather than relying on reviews.

  • I Couldn't Be More Satisfied - 2013 Infiniti JX
    By -

    I researched this car way before it came out and compared it to competitors in its class. When comparing all the technology and pricing for each, this car won hands-down. I've had it for over a year and have 15k miles on it. It has been a pleasure to drive and carry passengers on long trips. I handles very well on windy roads, gets excellent gas milage for a V6 (24-26 mpg why), but most of all the technology incorporated into the fully loaded JX is awesome. Will never want a car without back up collision intervention, lane departure warning/intervention, smart cruise, Infiniti Connection, etc. I never get tired of driving this well designed and proportioned vehicle.

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