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  • If you have bought it yet PLEASE DONT! Horrible - 2016 Hyundai TUCSON
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    As of September 25, 2015 I own a 2016 Tucson ECO model. Within one yes ONE week of buying it the gear shifter got stuck,. My car would NOT shift to reverse neutral, Drive etc. After several attempts I got it to go and took it to the dealer. They switched out the shifter for a new one (should have been a red flag at the time that it had to do with the transmission). In Jan 2016, at only 3,000 miles the car started jerking while stopped for over 2 minutes. It was pulling back and forth like if it wanted to continue to go, I took it back to the dealer and they suggested i tried higher grade gas. I tried switching up the gas I used and the problem continued. I took the car is a 3rd time, and this time they claimed it was a computer issue so they reset the computer and I once again drove off, WITH A VEHICLE THAT STILL MALFUNCTIONED. Finally, I took it in a 4th and last time before the determined the issue is the transmission and it needs to be replaced. When have you heard of a NEW vehicle needing a transmission replaced at only 4,000 miles???? Please save yourself the headache and DO NOT buy this Tucson!

  • DCT is a non-starter - 2016 Hyundai TUCSON
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    In March of 2016, I purchased a Hyundai Tuscon Limited with a 1.7L Turbo and dual-clutch automatic transmission. About a month later, when accelerating, the engine would rev, but the car would not move. Very dangerous in traffic! Took it back to dealer. Told they were aware of the problem - called "false neutral" - and Hyundai was "working on it." Told me to take it home and not come back until I heard from them. Needless to say, it kept doing it, making driving pretty scary. Reached out to Hyundai Customer Care. After several weeks, they finally called me back. Told me to take it back to the dealer, leave it, and I would be provided a rental. The dealer told me it could be weeks, or even months, before I get it back. I'm driving a basic rental car while my $31,000 Tuscon sits collecting dust.

  • Tuscon just shy of Outlander - 2016 Hyundai TUCSON
    By -

    Priced to compete with the Highlander it cannot match safety and resale. Outlander best of both worlds with all safety features at price of base Tuscon

  • Pricey for the car you get - 2016 Hyundai TUCSON
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    Need better performance

  • stuck - 2016 Hyundai TUCSON
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    Get a good. Dealer

  • Dangerous and done with Hyundai - 2016 Hyundai TUCSON
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    Dangerous car. I bought a 2016 Tucson and after owning a 2012 Tucson and New Genesis I thought this was a Quality product. Not so with this vehicle. Transmission would not go in gear when I stopped at lights or would slow down to 20 mph on the open road. Very dangerous. There is no fix at this point. The dealer who was great changed the clutch actuator and it worked for a month. After almost getting hit by a truck I decided I had enough of Hyundai pretending they never heard of this while there are hundreds of owners on the web complaining that they can not drive their cars, I decided to take a loss and traded it in on another brand of vehicle. I guess corporate profits over customer safety.

  • Well Put Together. We Love it. - 2016 Hyundai TUCSON
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    We had looked at the Tucson three years ago and were not at all impressed. This year we looked at the 2016 Tucson Limited and test drove it before we bought it. We were impressed with the changes. The interior quality was excellent with everything having a tight fit and the the driver and passenger electric seats are great. Very good visibility over the dash and hood. We love the push button start and auto tail gate opening as you approach the rear of the car. The BlueLink is easy to use and my wife loves it. The back up camera assist is huge.The radio sound system on the Limited is fabulous. And on this SUV the road noise and wind noise has been reduced significantly. The Navigation system is easy to use and we like the built in compass that shows in the rear view mirror and on the navigation system. The Limited has a 7" navigation screen plus extra safety features I won't get into. We love this car. The only down sides so far was that we paid a little more then we wanted to to get the bells and whistles we wanted plus the leather seats. But the apparent quality of the material, options we got and warranty sold us. One thing to note. We did not experience some of the more serious issues other reviewers noted regarding the Turbo Charger. We did note a slight hesitation in starting off after a "stop". The Dealer notified us a week later of a software fix which we had done and so far the engine in very very quiet as well as the transmission. And we get a smooth start. When the car is in idle you can't even tell it is running. Early days yet, but after looking at the material quality, road noise etc of Ford and Chevy this car has them beat. Now time will tell. If you want all the bells and whistles go with the Limited. We passed on the sun roof.

  • A sweet ride - 2016 Hyundai TUCSON
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    I love everything about this SUV except the low speed shifting points. I hope there's a software upgrade. A minor request would be better apps such as WAZE.

  • Couldn't ask for better - 2016 Hyundai TUCSON
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    Buy it, best in its class.

  • Another Tucson that could get someone killed. - 2016 Hyundai TUCSON
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    Purchased car four months ago and loved it until about 3500 miles when the transmission started acting up, at an intersection, step on the gas and car goes nowhere, just like you're in neutral. Took in in to the dealer was told the tranny needed a software update, got it back the next day took it for a long ride in the mountains and guess what happened. Dealer doesn't know how to fix it now, started a case with Hyundai, I am refusing to accept it back from the dealer until it is safe. Got a call from Hyundai a few days ago, they tell me they are working on a fix but it is three to five weeks out, they did however, offer to buy it back. I read the sample buyback letter and it looks like if I accept the offer I will pay for mileage, lose the money paid for gap insurance, and since I was about $1800 upside down in my trade in I will owe that money too, great, I will owe $3000 and have no vehicle. Awesome service for a defective car that could have killed someone. Thanks very much Hyundai, my fifth new Hyundai purchase will be my last.

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