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This Year's Model Updates:

For 2012, the Hyundai Tucson gets small changes designed to help boost fuel economy, including low-rolling-resistance tires and a new Active Eco system that modifies engine and transmission response. GLS models also get the same upgraded suspension and outside mirrors with built-in turn signals as the Limited. Hyundai has also retuned the suspension for a slightly better ride quality.

  • Classy design inside and out
  • Strong value.
  • Sporty handling
  • Simple controls
  • Good fuel economy
  • Firm ride
  • Pokey acceleration with base engine.
  • Below-average backseat and cargo space

User Reviews:

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  • I LOVE my Hyundai!! - 2012 Hyundai TUCSON
    By -

    Before buying my hyundai in November 2011, I tested out a few other SUVs and out of all of them I loved the Tucson! I was given a really good price and was able to do a trade-in. I love traveling, so I'm always in my car. Very cozy, and I enjoy all of the accessories inside and out. There weren't too many color choices when picking out the vehicle, but I'm not complaining. I get compliments from everyone around town. I actually feel safe when I'm driving in the car. Very good choice when changing from a sedan to SUV! Now my SUV has tinted windows, street-glow and a system, which the vehicle handles everything VERY well! I've had the Tucson for 8.5 months and have gone about 11,500 miles

  • 2012 Tucson Limited FWD - 2012 Hyundai TUCSON
    By -

    Owned for 7 months, have racked up 14000 miles. As weather conditions vary in central Midwest, it's handled well in snow. Safety features, quality all positives. Just returned from 3500 mile driving vacation, avg'd 29.7 mpg - included interestate, local hwy and city driving. We were very pleased with performance & comfort. Suspension would be a bit better (for Arizona hwy driving--roads stink) and some road noise but not so bad as to want to trade. Yes, there are blindside issues but I've gotten use to them & have adjusted. At purchase, very few colors available - mostly all dark - I couldn't get my 1st or 2nd color choice.

  • Love It - 2012 Hyundai TUCSON
    By -

    I've owned my 2012 Tucson GLS for two months now and just love it ! It handles well..rides great..and just an all around in & out attractive vehicle. Is it the quietest..or the smoothest..or have all the bells and whistles..NO, but it didn't cost me 45,000 or more either ! The mileage is VERY close to what is stated, I'm getting 21-22 around town. I have the Iris Blue and get compliments on the car all the time. I have no complaint at all. Worth the money.

  • My New Vehicle - 2012 Hyundai TUCSON
    By -

    The Tucson is a very stylish midsize crossover. I love the look of this vehicle, it’s still hard for me to believe it’s a Hyundai. The only downfall so far in the seating....the seat needs to be a little wider so the seatbelt won't dig into your hips.

  • Good SUV - 2012 Hyundai TUCSON
    By -

    Hyundai continues to surprise. This is fine, reliable SUV. Packed with safety features and excellent build quality. Over 5 thousand miles and no problems. Gas mileage is good too. Between 25 and 30 mpg if you stay within speed limit. If Hyundai addresses road noise, ( loud on course pavement ) this vehicle will move to the top of the class.

  • All the Thrill of Watching Grass Grow - 2012 Hyundai TUCSON
    By -

    Driving this boring car is almost as much fun as watching grass grow. Hopelessly underpowered, it takes forever to get up to highway speed, and merging into highway traffic is a religious experience. The ignition often doesn't want to release the key, resulting in the epic "man vs machine" battle. The bolt holding the driver's seat in place on its track has come out on its own several times, leaving the seat at the lowest position, which is lovely if you are tall or don't mind sitting on the floor. This car has a rough buckboard ride. Driving in the rain with the standard tires is rather unnerving as the car feels as though it is slipping and sliding rather than rolling smoothly forward

  • Tuscon: Overpriced Disappointment - 2012 Hyundai TUCSON
    By -

    I purchased a Tuscon because I wanted the style and improved gas mileage over my heavy Chevy. I had owned a number of Hyundai vehicles and had largely been pleased with them. Two Sante Fes and the Luxury Hyundai. This vehicle did not match up. My son said, "You don't drive this car. It drives you." Constantly have to correct steering. Can't control acceleration. Won't accerate, then takes off whining. I was happy the day I bought it and the day you sell (albeit at a loss). Miserable in between. Dealer unable to remedy any of the complaints. Sold at 12,000 miles. Whew. Will never buy another Hyundai. Got my Equinox back and love it as well at the real 32 mpg.

  • My 2012 Tucson story - 2012 Hyundai TUCSON
    By -

    My Wife and I bought a new 2012 Hyundi Tucson on Dec 28 from San Francisco Hyundi. Less than 3 three months later the engine needed to be replaced because the engine gasket was bad and leaked coolant into the engine. The only thing everyone cared about was what Hyundi Motors Company said. The service department knew what the problem and the solution was, but they were told to wait by Hyundi Motors Company until the gasket could get tested. Hyundai motors wanted to make sure they knew what the problem was. I didn't buy this car from Hyundai so they could keep it in the shop testing it. They could have at least filled my tank when they were done fixing it.

  • Great Car with a couple of annoyances. - 2012 Hyundai TUCSON
    By -

    6 months & 4000 miles later ... All around performance is great. Gas mileage is a bit off the sticker's EPA estimate, but not by much. I wouldn't hesitate in buying another Hyundai.

  • Fun but needs more - 2012 Hyundai TUCSON
    By -

    I bought the Tuscon straight out of college, and it was the closest thing I could find to what I wanted in my budget. I would say it has a low-budget feel to the inside. If you do a lot of highway travel, it is loud. It could have used another layer of insulation on the bottom. After 70 mph there is a high squeal coming from somewhere in the window. The dealer hasn't been able to figure it out. There is also a smell of mildew in the car from the AC. Both things are apparently common, but the dealer hasn't been able to figure out. For the price point, its a great vehicle. I have moved large pieces of furniture. It's very spacious. It has some get up and go for a 4 cylinder.

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