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  • Good car - 2016 Hyundai Sonata
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    The 2.4L engine is a little noisy but has good power and good fuel economy. The handling and ride is good, and I like the interior and the layout of the dash. We got a nice discount from list price, and the dealership gave a lifetime drivetrain warranty.

  • I like the car very much. - 2016 Hyundai Sonata
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    Purchased new Sonata; Silver, SE in March 2016. 2300 miles on the odo. Replaced OEM Khumo Solus tires with Continental TrueContacts at 900 miles. Transformed the car's ride and handling, much quieter, as well. I'm breaking in the car using the manual shift mode because the full automatic-normal setting lugs the engine. Have recently begun driving in full automatic in the Sport setting. The shift points in Auto-Sport are very close to the shift points I was using in manual shift mode. The engine stumbles when moving away from a dead stop in full-auto but not in manual shift mode. Hoping Hyundai soon owns-up to this fault and issues a TSB to increase the engine idle speed. Slight rattle from the glove box area over rumble strips. Will wait until it is constant before taking to the dealer for repair. I will change the oil and filter at 3000 miles per the owners manual and will use Mobil 1 Full Synthetic with factory oil filters. By accident, I discovered the mat in the trunk is reversible. Access to the engine air filter and cabin filter is very easy. Getting 29.8 mpg so far.

  • living the dream - 2016 Hyundai Sonata
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    I love the car I chose. I am very frugal so to me I spent more than I wanted. Love the safety features but wish you did not have to purchase packages to obtain them. I guess you pay for the quality you get. I am happy every time I get in my car to go somewhere. It is a joy.

  • Had it for little more than a month. I am happy! - 2016 Hyundai Sonata
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    I purchased a 2016 Honda Civic EX in January. Had nothing but issues out of it. Besides the ride being a little too firm for me. You could never ignore the road noise. Also mine came with a few manufacturer defects and Honda would not address them appropriately. So I sold it and got a Hyundai Sonata Sport instead, based on a recent rental car experience (new SE 2016 Sonata) a few weeks earlier. The engine is tepid, let's be honest, the Honda Accord I tested accelerated much better. However I am no longer a speed demon and it accelerated well enough and passed others cars with no fuss. The entire is absolutely quiet, almost to luxury car level (compared to a previously owned Lexus ES300) and at times you feel you are floating on a cushion of air. It is large inside, easily fitting me and my relatives with plenty of legroom in the back seat. It gets decent mileage (I'm averaging 37 on the highway, although the rental I had did 39.6 with a constant speed of 70mph). The exterior is simple, not as exciting as the Optima, but I think it will look better in the long run than the Optima. The interior looks more upscale than the Accord and it has soft touch plastic in areas, where the Accord has clothe, such as your arm rest. Felt the clothe would be harder to keep clean. The entertainment system had 'knobs', and big easily read buttons, placed in a logical manner. The Civic & Accord touchscreens with slide volume control drove me crazy. Lastly, I've only taken it into service once to replace a defective radio. Hyundai ordered me a 'new' radio and install it with no muss and no fuss. I wanted an economical highway cruiser and with this car, I got one.

  • Love this car - 2016 Hyundai Sonata
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    Excellent vehicle,,smooth ride

  • 2016 sport/limited - 2016 Hyundai Sonata
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    Great overall value. Comfort level is good with seats, multi position electric drivers seat is roomy and comfortable, however, my knee seems to be pinned against the shift console so I have to move the seat back further than I'm comfortable with. Same with my previous sonata(2011).. Technology features with android auto are great. Didn't come with garage opener remote. that option was 10 times the cost of ordering another remote and clipping it to the visor...So far with econo function engaged I'm averaging 35 mpg.

  • Good car, TERRIBLE corporate support ! - 2016 Hyundai Sonata
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    I returned to the dealer the first thing the next morning after I discovered there was a paperwork error that overlooked applying the Hyundai BOOSTUP savings program in my purchase. BOOSTUP is a savings matching program found on the Hyundai web site. To date, I have recieved, through my dealer, my original $500 deposit, but NOT THE HYUNDAI MATCHING. AFTER 8 MONTHS ! "Things take a long time to be resolved with Hyundai" said the Sales Manager. Wow, do they ever. This was confirmed by the BOOSTUP customer service rep, who said the very same thing. The Williamsburg, VA dealer has resubmitted documents requests several times from Hyundai, as have I. Neither one of us have gotten a satisfactory conclusion to our requst to have the matching BOOSTUP processed. Stall, stall stall. Hyundai owes me $ 500. IT'S THAT SIMPLE. My overall rating is soured by the failure of Hyundai to resolve a simple problem. In short, the Sonata seems to be a good value, but don't count on Hyundai to back the dealer or the customer. This is an issue that Edmonds does not include in its review questions. The customer support by the manufacturer is overlooked. For that, I rate Hyundai one star.

  • Had Everything, but Interior Flatlined the Deal - 2016 Hyundai Sonata
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    If you like the Camry, the Sonata needs to be at the top of your test drive list! This is an outstanding feature packed, comfortable, great daily driver. And the different configurations and add on pkgs allow you to get what you want without having to shell out $ for things you could care less about. My favorite feature on the Sport version are the seats. They have the sports fabric down the middle, w/leather side bolsters, and you still get the heated seat feature. The Sonata Sport and the Chrysler 200S are the only mid size sedans I found that offer this combo. I really tried to convince myself to get this car; it had everything on my checklist for a fantastic price. But, the interior read bland, plastic, and souless to me, I just couldn't see myself being happy driving it everyday. Ended up purchasing the 2016 Kia Optima EX w/premium pkg instead - liked the sportier exterior & interior styling much better.

  • Fantastic Upgrade!! - 2016 Hyundai Sonata
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    I love it!!!! I was trying to get out of my '14 Sentra SV that I felt I was over paying for. Only 1.5k miles on the car and I love the change to a larger sedan, I get almost the same gas mileage as I had with my Sentra by driving on the freeways a bit more that surface streets. It has the power for me to navigate traffic with ease. I also ended up getting the sport edition with quite a few of the additional packages, and I love everything I got, and its definitely worth the ~$100 difference in my payments. My only wish is that the BlueLink last longer, or was less expensive to renew. It's definitely worth looking into, it's about 10 times the car other manufacturers were trying to sell me.

  • 2016 Sonata Limited 2.4 L all options - 2016 Hyundai Sonata
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    I'm in a unique position because I bought the 2016 Sonata for myself and my wife got a 2016 Camry XLE a week earlier. I'm very familiar with both. I'm glad I got the Sonata, it's much better (more comfortable) than the Camry and my wife has been driving those since 1994 so I know that car well. There are many things that I don't use but I knew that going in. The moon roof is only usable at night or late in the afternoon due to the sun. The lane departure warnings (where the car watches the lines in the road and beeps if I cross them) is annoying most of the time so I have that turned off. I would definitely turn it on if on a long highway trip where I might be tempted to get tired and drift. The blind side monitor is great (the outside mirror lights up if someone is in either blind spot). Dynamic cruise control is of little use to me because if the traffic is that heavy, I don't want to be on cruise control anyway. So why did I pay for so may things that I have little use for? To get the what matters most - automatic emergency breaking. That's what is supposed to stop the car if someone stops in front of me and I don't see them or if a kid runs in front of the car and I don't see him. My guess is that within 10 years AEB will be as mandatory as seat belts on all new cars. I like a big car that moves over the road with no noise and I got that with the Sonata. It's not rated as a large car but it feels that way to me. It's hard to believe that this has a 2.4 liter engine. The car moves as effortlessly on the highway as 5 liter V8 cars that I've owned. I drove this for a month in Phoenix over the very nice freeways that they have during low volume traffic (weekends, etc). Those people seem to have one speed that they all drive at (80 mph) and the Sonata did that with no wind or road noise and the tach was hovering at about 2100 rpm. Mixed mileage is about 30 or 31 but if I keep it at 65mph on the highway, I'll get over 40 mpg. The GPS is a little better than the one in the Camry but giving it directions by voice is a hit or miss proposition and to type a destination, you have to be stopped. Mine has memory seats which is great if on a long trip and my wife does some of the driving. I have it set so that the seat does NOT move back when I turn the car off. All in all, this is probably the best car I ever owned and I'm very particular.

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