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  • Brand new Genesis - 2016 Hyundai Genesis
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    I took delivery of my new 2016 Genesis just three days ago so this is more about first impressions rather than a full review. Mine is the 3.8 with the Ultimate package, all the toys. The Genesis is a wonderful package of technology, safety, and quality wrapped in an easy to adjust package. The car drives and handles perfectly. The technology and safety features are what drew me to consider a Genesis. I came from a hybrid Toyota Avalon Limited that got great gas mileage, but was well behind the curve as far as technology and safety. Toyota does hybrid well, but I wanted features such as the dynamic cruise control, automatic emergency breaking, lane keeping assist, and so on. The Genesis delivers these, they work exactly as advertised and exude confidence when driving. The 9.2 inch screen for the nav system is as good as any I have seen on any car. I love the heads up display. The Lexicon sound system is far better than any I have heard. The only suggestion I could offer is to add a little more up-down range to the front power seats to make my wife a little happier.

  • Great car! - 2016 Hyundai Genesis
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  • 2nd great Genesis - 2016 Hyundai Genesis
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  • Never thought I go from a S550 Benz to a Hyundai! - 2016 Hyundai Genesis
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    I'm not bragging but I've owned Porsche's, an Audi A8, 2 Benz S Classes and 4 BMW's. The thought of driving a Hyundai was the furthest thing from my mind until I started reading reviews. This car out-handles my S550 in AMG trim with 19" Pilot Sports! The technology package wows me. Filling up the 18 gal. tank with regular costs $30 compared to double+ that for premium blend in all previous vehicles. I suspect the Genesis engineers reverse engineered the car to mirror image the features of an S class or 7 series Bimmer. Would I do it again -you bet! Pros: ~ Costs half what a new S class would run me. ~ Debadged with the Genesis "wings" front & rear, looks like an Aston Martin. ~ Crazy good sound system that handles all medias including songs on my phone. ~ Handles like a dream - take that ultimate driving machine! ~ Excellent fit & finish. ~ "Command" center very intuitive - better than most other high end vehicles. ~ Just feels, looks and drives like a fine automobile! Cons: ~ Less storage room than I'm used to. ~ No active bolsters or massage in seats. ~ Fuel economy around town 16-18 mpg. (but regular gas) ~ Motor lacks the ooomph and sound of the MB 8 cylinder More to come as the miles rack up.

  • 2016 Genesis - 2016 Hyundai Genesis
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    Nice car, feel I may have overpaid for a "Hyundai". Lots of bells and whistles. Nondescript design as I have lost it in a parking lot and confused it for Chyrsler 200.

  • 2016 Genny 3.8 Tech RWD is a price performer - 2016 Hyundai Genesis
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    I leased my Genesis 6 weeks ago on a very attractive 36 month/15K mile program. With dealer discount, competitive coupon and $3K lease cash, I was able to knock $7K off the $47K sticker price. Compared with Lexus or the Germans, an incredible value. Most of my research was online and via a major consumer magazine. My main focus in evaluating cars is value for the price, with safety, fuel economy, driving experience and luxury as secondary goals. Though I could afford it, I can't justify Lexus' price premium and don't dig the lack of driving dynamics. I'll never have another European car. So that leaves only a few choices. Coming from Acura, this is a real step up. Very impressive exterior styling, interior comfort, drivetrain, ride, handling and technology. For me, the 3.8 Tech is the sweet spot of price versus goodies. That last $3500 of MSRP for the Ultimate trim level did not make sense to me. My car had a serious fuel system issue at 225 miles that required 3 weeks to diagnose and fix. The dealer provided me with a brand new 2016 Genesis Tech as a loaner. Mine does seem fixed and it is hard to stay mad at this great car. I am glad it's a lease though. If I still love it in 2019, I can buy it for $25.5K plus tax. Pros: --Drop dead gorgeous on the outside --Serene and very lux on the inside --Major oomph in the V6, on regular gas no less --Decent fuel economy, 22 in mixed driving, high 20s pure freeway --Love love love the smart cruise--it starts and stops by itself in heavy traffic --Auto Hold is a cool feature --Autonomous Emergency Braking (see below), blind spot warning, rear cross-traffic alert --Comfy and very adjustable driver's seat with ventilated leather --Great color flat screen display and pleasing instrument cluster with nice switches on the steering wheel --Composed ride and predictable steering --Real-time traffic on the nav, essential for SoCal driving --Very good (though not great) Lexicon sound system --Big trunk Cons: --Ugly front grille --Autonomous Emergency Braking alerts too late --Horrible voice recognition --Wimpy steering wheel, should be thicker --Confusing controls and odd layout --Hyundai service department--it's not exactly a luxury experience --A new car should not have a fuel line/fuel pump failure at 225 miles! Overall, despite a bumpy start, the Genesis 3.8 RWD Tech sedan is the best and most refined car I've enjoyed in 40 years of driving.

  • Genesis AMAZING - 2016 Hyundai Genesis
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    Excellent car. 3.8 provides great acceleration. Transmission is smooth. Very quiet ride. Interior amazing and safety tech is excellent. Nit picking only real issues are the lack of a remote start on key fob (can pay for Bluelink service and use smartphone for remote start function) and the auto high beams need to be reset with each start up.

  • in love this car - 2016 Hyundai Genesis
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    This is the best car I've ever owned.

  • Great Value - 2016 Hyundai Genesis
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    Just moved to a Genesis after owning Infiniti. I think the Genesis is a better car than the Infiniti in just about every way, including the dealership experience, all at thousands of dollars less in cost. I managed to get my Signature edition for the price of a base model. Great ride, smooth transmission, plenty of power in the v6, very quiet, lots of headroom and legroom. The only nits I can pick are that the brakes are rather soft and need to be applied earlier, and the automatic windshield wiper goes way too fast for the amount of rain. Other than that I am simply loving this car. Get lots of looks and questions about what it is, especially since I changed out the Hyundai flying H badge on the trunk for a KDM Genesis wings logo in back.

  • Look no further... - 2016 Hyundai Genesis
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    Have had the car for just over one month with nothing but high praise for comfort, driving and handling (one snow storm with the AWD system and flawless). Everything is great, but the one thing that stands out is the quiet cabin. At a sustained 80 mph there's no wind or road noise to mention. The 311HP engine puts out more than enough acceleration and cornering is solid. The seats are extremely comfortable and there's ample head room in both front and back. If I had to pick one thing to complain about it's the headrest in the rear middle seat; it somewhat obstructs my view out rear view mirror. I'm sure the headrest comes out, but haven't felt the need to figure it out. My first Hyundai and definitely not my last.

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