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This Year's Model Updates:

Hyundai simplifies the 2013 Hyundai Genesis lineup by eliminating the 4.6-liter V8 engine and base 5.0 trim levels. The larger optional infotainment display gains enhanced capabilities and additional switchgear.

  • Sensational Lexicon sound system.
  • Luxurious cabin
  • Base model's comfortable ride
  • Generous warranty
  • Smooth and powerful engines
  • Rough ride in R-Spec model.
  • Rear seat does not fold down
  • Disappointing braking with 3.8
  • Lacks all-wheel-drive option

User Reviews:

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  • Fun and Smooth, but beware of snow! - 2013 Hyundai Genesis
    By -

    I purchased this car about 2 weeks ago, and so far I'm relatively happy with it. The cabin is quiet, and the car is very powerful, making it very fun to drive. However, we recently saw our first glimpse of snow which resulted in a light dusting. Somehow, this incredible car was completely immobilized in a parking lot by a dusting of snow! I was nervous about purchasing a RWD vehicle because of this exact thing, but my fears were assuaged by the salesman and online reviews, all of which suggested that RWD vehicles have come a long way and are no longer a complete liability in bad weather. I still really enjoy driving this vehicle, but wouldn't recommend it for anyone who wants to use it as their primary vehicle where you may see even a little snow or ice.

  • Pass It on - 2013 Hyundai Genesis
    By -

    I purchased this car after looking at BMW, Benz, Audi, and GM. I found this to be the best value. I have had a couple of problems that were taken care. The front and rear bumper had what was described to me by auto body repair technicians was bleed through. A product used to keep the bumper from cracking was turning my white pearl bumper into orange spotted eye sore. They told me that it was fallout and I said "hell no" and they repainted the front and bumper. The arm rest is cracking and I have an appointment on Monday. The rear camera goes blue screen on at least 12 times and they tell me that I have to recreate the problem for their techs (Good luck) in the shop. well, other than those things, I have received many compliments on my Genesis.

  • DON'T Buy A Genesis Thinking It's a Luxury Car - 2013 Hyundai Genesis
    By -

    Don't buy a Genesis thinking it's a luxury car. My car has wind noise, lots and lots of wind noise. Engine sounds funky, although nothing has broken yet. It sounds like it's coming apart. At 15 months, all of my clear coat has peeled off. Of course, not under warranty.... But, the worst thing about this car is that if you buy one, you have to take your "luxury" car into a Hyundai dealership and talk to Hyundai service people for every little thing. And, that, is akin to being treated like a skunk at a wedding. Wind noise: Not their fault. Vibrations: Not their fault. Paint peeling was caused by a "rock chip" even though it started in the back, around the trunk, first. Washing the car removes paint. "Sweet." Part of the reason one purchases an upscale car is for the upscale experience. I own Porsches, Mercedes Benz, Infinity, etc. All are acceptable. Hyundai is like a cattle call. Did I save a few bucks? Yes. But after 15 months of this, I regret not just going down to the local Porsche dealership and dropping 125,000 on a Panamera. Life is too short to suffer with Hyundai and the untrained ruffians who work there. Oh, and in this car, you are either burning up or freezing to death. Climate control is awful. Freezing in winter, heat up, and cold air blows.... somehow......

  • Lot of car for the money - 2013 Hyundai Genesis
    By -

    For the money I don't think you can get a better luxury sedan with regards to price to feature ratio. I got the R-Spec version which comes with just about all available options PLUS 400 Horsepower. Other cars in the same class with similar features that I looked at cost at least $10,000 more. Aside from a few minor annoyances (no display of current climate settings, trunk lid design that lets water flow into trunk when opening) I've been very pleased with the car.

  • nice ride II - 2013 Hyundai Genesis
    By -

    Updating my previous review from August 2013, now have 27k miles on the car. Still have the same opinions as before, it could use a little better handling and maybe brakes that weren't quite as soft, but overall an excellent car. I have had no problems with the car and only have done oil changes and tire rotations, so very low cost to own. I actually average about 23 miles per gallon, but most of my driving is highway. If you can put aside the the lack of name brand, this is an excellent car for the money.

  • 62% decrease in value in 1 months!!!! - 2013 Hyundai Genesis
    By -

    I purchased my Hyundai Genesis from Hyundai of Asheville, NC in Sept. 2013. By the time the dealer made their "add ons" and taxes, I paid a little over $50,000 for this vehicle. It rides and drives like a dream! Since the last part of 2013, I have become disabled by a neurological disorder that came on suddenly. It is becoming harder and harder for me to get in and out of the Genesis because it is low to the ground. My solution would be to trade the Genesis for a Santa Fe Limited, which would make it easier for me to get in and out. I found out that I was horribly upside down due to the Genesis depreciating 62% in 11 months! Stay away from this vehicle!!

  • 2013 genesis 3.8L Sedan - Little things - 2013 Hyundai Genesis
    By -

    Just purchased the car, used, with 27K miles. Have driven about 1500 miles so far. Positives: I do like the looks and the way the Genesis drives - quiet and comfortable, plenty of power. Complaints: Interior pieces break off - AC vent direction knobs came loose and blew out Gas mileage takes a dive (avg 14) if you accelerate much. You have to be real careful with the acceleration to reach the 18 MPG city advertised low end I have not driven car long enough to judge the reliability, so gave it a 3 for now, especially since some little plastic interior pieces have broken already.

  • Is this thing really a HUNDAI? - 2013 Hyundai Genesis
    By -

    Having spent ample time in the seat of Mercedes' SL 55 and an AMG 63, I had low expectations of the 5.0 R-Spec Hundai. Uhhhh...WOW, was I wrong. For about 1/3 the cost, the Genesis Sedan is a fantastic luxury muscle car that hangs with the big dollar Europeans. Oh yeah, and for under $40K total, it came with a bumper to bumper 100K mile warranty. The Genesis has so far averaged roughly twice the gas mileage of my two previous Mercedes. Really? a Korean 429 HP luxury sedan that gets 27 MPG? What's not to like? Great price, fast, comfortable, reliable. The Germans had better up their game really soon, because I just bought two of these things, for less than my last European.

  • RSPEC 2013 by brian125 - 2013 Hyundai Genesis
    By -

    So far in 2 weeks here is my review..I love the sound system, very quite inside the cabin, very fast and fun to drive. The ride is jittery on bad roads just like the reviews. On the highway this genesis rides like any luxury vehicle. So the Positives outweight the negitives so far. Im a big guy at 6'1 250 and the drivers seat and position is very comfortable with plenty of head and leg room. I bought this vehicle for 38.3k plus taxes 20% of the msrp.

  • Door Liner broken within 3 weeks for New Car - 2013 Hyundai Genesis
    By -

    I brought Hyundai Genesis 5.0 R-Spec on (09/07/2013). Within one month (10/04/2013), I noticed that the rubber lining on driver side door which is glued has come off. Very disappointed that such thing happened. I compare it to my 18 year old Honda Civic which has 150,000 miles on it. Honda Civic which is one third the cost of Genesis and 18 years older has all it's liners still intact. I got a reply from their customer support. Surely the reply was not drafted by a person who is in customer support but was by a lawyer because language was not apologetic but it was stating that customer misuse can lead to such problems.

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