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This Year's Model Updates:

Hyundai adds a 5.0-liter V8-powered model to the lineup, increases horsepower for the base V6 and makes an eight-speed automatic transmission standard across the board. The 3.8 and 4.6 models also gain new low-rolling-resistance tires.

  • Generous warranty coverage
  • Sensational Lexicon sound system.
  • Luxurious cabin
  • Comfortable ride in non R-Spec models
  • Smooth and powerful engines
  • Missing all-wheel-drive option
  • Rear seat does not fold down
  • Rough ride in R-Spec.
  • Disappointing braking with 3.8 and 4.6

User Reviews:

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  • Good but no cigar better options out there - 2012 Hyundai Genesis
    By -

    Hyundai is trying to build a luxury brand, but, I think maybe they are 5 - 10 years away. I have had several major problems with my vehicle and Hyundai seems to like stating owner problem can not be duplicated and leave it at that. I had problems with the dash lights flickering from night time brightness to daytime brightness and Hyundai could not duplicate. I also had problems with the power windows and locks been driving vehicles with this equipment since the 1990's with not problems. The service experience needs to be addressed if this is truly a luxury vehicle should I be in the same service line as an Accent? All of my service has been done by the dealer, very expensive and my car had been returned with greasy hand prints on the interior, come on Hyundai up your game. Every time something needs to be repaired the parts are never on-hand and must be ordered. The vehicle rides like a truck the ride is harsh and punishing. The high points of the vehicle is the engine is very powerful for a V6 gas mileage is OK but not great, the A/C is powerful, the trunk is large but no fold down rear seats. The low points besides the harsh ride, there is a lag in acceleration which is dangerous and annoying, the vehicle at times can seem like the power steering is not there, the warranty assistance from Hyundai, I called their Corporate Headquarters to deal with my problems the person I spoke with was less then helpful and surly . The resale value sucks, you save on the purchase end but boom get stomped on the resale value. Would I purchase another Genesis no, I will part company with Hyundai and go with a more main stream brand

  • 3.8 Economy disappointed - 2012 Hyundai Genesis
    By -

    I have read reviews that say 30MPG on highway, most I have had is 22.4 Should I have it checked? I have had MBZ 500s and the Genesis is a lot more car, I probably will not go back. There IS a surprise, if you are second owner the warranty is only 5 yrs 50,000 miles NOT 10 Year. after 5 years you are on your own. I didn't find this out until I had purchased the car. This was the only negative think I would say. I can find no reason for the big drop in pricing for 3 years..if you are thinking of buying one DO IT you will not be disappointed!!!

  • I didn't want this car. But I'm glad I have it. - 2012 Hyundai Genesis
    By -

    I bought an Audi S4 from a Hyundai dealership and literally 5 days later it blew up. Long story short, I bought where is as is (car had 100K on it, and a new motor - so I didn't really care and I was willing to take my chances) After a bit of a fight, the dealership - they said "hey, if you buy this, we'll take the paperweight S4 in as a trade. I obliged. I'm a brand snob, I'll say it - BMW and VW/Audi have been my jam since I was in my early 20's. (TT, Jetta, 318i, M3 sedan, S4....) Well, I bit the bullet and swallowed my pride and took on this "cheap" korean wannabe luxobarge. My complaint: The car isn't ugly, it just doesn't have an identity - it's not unique or special in any way - until you drive it. The car is fantastic. 27 MPG on the interstate a low of 17 when driving around crowded Kansas City streets.... but who cares, the car has the most FANTASTIC stereo I've ever heard ANYWHERE. Car, house, boat... anywhere. There isn't much else to say - don't let your brand loyalty sway you from this car. It rules.

  • Changed my perspective of Hyundai - 2012 Hyundai Genesis
    By -

    This is the first Hyundai I have ever owned. I've been driving a couple of Mitsubishi Lancers and a Chrysler 300. So vehicles that stand out compared to the original smo joe car. I work at a dealership and this car came in well priced. Had to jump on it! Beautifully designed and amazing comfort. 0 complaints

  • Wasted money when fuel system keeps failing - 2012 Hyundai Genesis
    By -

    Car looks & feels great until it stalls at the intersection, or sputters when accrlerating between 20 & 40mph after the repair. Hyundai doesn't seem too interested in repairing performance issues. Their solution is to keep having the customer purchase expensive fuel parts to guess a fix.

  • Three years later and no complaints - 2012 Hyundai Genesis
    By -

    I bought my 2012 Genesis 5.0 new and as my 2nd Hyundai. My first Hyundai was a 1987 Sonata. So, I had a brief 25 year interlude between Hyundai's, but man on man what a difference a generation makes. I immediately changed the wheel, trunk, and steering wheel emblems to the Korean wings (removing or covering the flying 'H') and no one knows what I'm driving. I've had people in parking lots as me how I like my Bentley -) And I tell them just fine. The 5.0 V8 gets V8 gas mileage in the city. On the interstate for traveling I average 30+ miles to the gallon thanks to Hyundai's economy mode. What, exactly, does ECO mode do? I dunno - I dun-care, but it works! Driving comfort is second to none. Get up and go is gone up and went. Living in the metro DC area and driving the beltway frequently I've found myself having to yell, "whooo nelly" when I accelerate to get onto I-495 as she will ever so smoothly go to speeds in excess of the speed limit in zero-2-nothing flat. My only issue - on a very few occasions I've turn on the car and the auto steering wheel positioner won't engage leaving the steering wheel in 'up', or parked mode. I turn her off - restart - and every time I've completed this drill all worked fine. Truck space - two sets of golf clubs and extra room to spare. Back seat - lots of compliments from passengers in the room they have. Front seats - why oh why didn't they add the passenger vent (cooling) system? Newer models are so equipped, but, that's not enough to warrant a new version of the same car. Ride: I am so happy I have the V8 and not the R-Spec version. The ride is so smooth on both city and highway roads. Tire tread wear is holding up nicely - no issues. All other wearable items and not to much for wear. All in all I couldn't be happier and I'm looking forward to getting all of my warranty (ten years) out of this car.

  • WOW! MB E350 vs Hyundai Genesis 3.8 - 2012 Hyundai Genesis
    By -

    Traded my 2011 MB for 2012 Genesis after 2.5 years with the E350 4-Matic. Should have done this years ago. I bought in April 2015. It was a leased turn-in with ONLY 5783 miles. First noticed great acceleration...3.8 vs 3.5! Second, fuel economy... 19.5 around town 32 on the road vs 18 and 28. The great cost savings feature: regular fuel for the 3.8 vs hi-test for the E350! As others have reported, there is a slight lag gear shifting in city driving but NOT on the highway. Mine has the fantastic technology package...front parking sensor is very convenient rear camera with parking sensor is great active cruise control does not allow me to sneak up on a slower driver. BTW, great dashboard graphics on the active cruise. Vent seat is great...but, would like vent in passenger seat as well. Genesis's leather seats are far superior compared to the MB's faux leather. My E350 driver's seat developed a crack near the sown seam at 51K miles. I had the 6-year/100K warranty. The MB dealer would not honor...saying crack was due to fair wear. That's BS! My girl friend's 2012 GLK 350 has 90K (she's a manufacturer's rep), has same seat faux leather material, she's in and out all the time, and her seat has not cracked. (Yet one more reason why I traded!) Per another review, I assume the tech package comes with rear privacy curtain. I like this feature...MB had same. Overall, the Genesis 3.8 with tech package is by far superior to my MB E350. And for less, $$$, one gets a LOT more automobile. Oh yes, if you like the Genesis wing emblem, this can be ordered to replace the leaning H emblem....front, rear, and on the wheel rim hub covers. Last comment....WOW! is a great way to describe this automobile.

  • For the value it's the best midsize luxury car! - 2012 Hyundai Genesis
    By -

    I bought my Genesis a few months ago and it's a 2012 with 30,000 miles. It's very comfortable and seats 5 easily with lots of room. It is very quick for its size and definitely turns heads. The only downside is the gas mileage is 22 mixed and city 18. It's a great car for the value!

  • Pleased from Day One - 2012 Hyundai Genesis
    By -

    After a decade of driving Cadillacs -- mostly SRXs -- I decided to see what else I could find in the $40K range. After looking at BMWs and Audis, I drove the Genesis 4.6L and took it home that night. Looked very nice, had far more features for the money. And I have been 98% delighted ever since. Great warranty and pretty good dealer support for normal maintenance. Only problem -- really, the only problem -- is a mysterious failure of the entertainment center once every 80 or so starts. On for 15 seconds, then off for 15 seconds. Can't find a way to correct it once it occurs ... but after being off for a few hours it is back to normal, and normal is very, very good with great sound syste

  • Never a problem! - 2012 Hyundai Genesis
    By -

    My 2012 fully loaded Genesis V6 has 55,000 miles and very reliable.

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