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  • Overlooked Mini Genesis - 2016 Hyundai Azera
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    Great car, but right in the gap between Sonata and Genesis. I am now on my 3rd Genesis, a 2017 G80 Tech 6cyl; the past 2 were 8's. We just bought a 2016 Azera Ltd to replace my Wife's 2012 Sonata. The Azera has almost all the features of my G80, and few I don't have. If you are looking, and would love to have a front wheel drive car, but like the Genesis, look at the 16+ Azera Ltd

  • You Bought a What? - 2016 Hyundai Azera
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    I have owned many of the upscale brands including Mercedes to Lexus. I am very pleasantly surprised at how the Azera stands up to the higher-priced spread in comparison. The exterior style isn't necessarily a show-stopper but my black and tan Limited with 19 inch wheels stills looks pretty cool coming down the street. The interior is top quality with heated, perforated leather seating, a great sound system and plenty of room -- front and back. The 293 hp engine has plenty of acceleration and gets up to cruising speed on the highway very quickly and smoothly. And a big, big plus is high 20's mileage with regular gas. I considered a pre-owned 5-series Beemer but am very happy that I chose the Azera. This car has all the bells and whistles for under $40K... hard not to give it a chance.

  • Outstanding Car - 2016 Hyundai Azera
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    We've had the car nine months and we both like this car very much of different reasons. She's 5'2" I'm 6'2" and finding a good driving position is not a problem even before getting in as the switch is right on the door as you open it. Once started it is very quiet, so quite at times I'm not sure it's running without checking the tachometer. Before we leased we went to several dealers checking out the larger Buick, Toyota, BMW and Lexus, Toyota was the closes but ended up being about $3000 more. After driving all and keeping them for three days or so we both decided on the Azera Limited and we're very happy we did. Yep some of the other claim to get better gas mileage but have found Hyundai was quite honest on the mileage. Most reviews say 19 in town, we see 21. Not sure what anyone would want on a car that isn't there. For me that extra would be the sun shade for the back window, didn't think I'd ever use it but I pick up kids from school so I sit and wait. Our former car had black inside like this one and with that shade it's cooler inside. The back door windows have manual shades and the back is power, kinda wish the doors were the same. Everything on this car has been problem free and when the least is up unless major problems arise we will buy. Now for things that are odd. Control for seat is an odd place for someone with short arms, on the upper area of the door but you get use to that. Not crazy about the tires that came on it, tracking it not true so these tires will be changed, likely Pirelli. Two USB ports would be nice in the front, a better range of air flow from the center stack.

  • Never before, have I had such an incredible car. - 2016 Hyundai Azera
    By -

    Geez, where to begin on this car? Everything I have ever wanted in a car. The Limited model is truly a luxury car. I mean the outside is just plain oozing with style. It is gorgeous and makes a statement, and definitely makes an impression on the road and in parking lots.....it is just such a "sleek" design. The interior - reminds me of high-end BMW's and other cars with the ambient lighting across the doors and the dashboard (I didn't know it had the interior ambient lighting until later that night after I drove it off the lot.......I already was impressed with the car then I saw that added little thing - it just further blew me away. I swear - I am finding new things on this car every day - until recently I didn't realize the car has a ventilated glove box!! I was like what?? The car drives and handles like a dream - the technology is outstanding, the way the interior is made is so sleek and gorgeous - again "oozes" with style. Honestly - I have had my share of "lemons" and other cars in the past....I have owned sedans, SUVs, and trucks, and the Hyundai Azera stands out by far from all the rest. I mean it when I say it has EVERYTHING. I love the detectors (blind spot, collision, rear cross-traffic alert, a huge screen for the backup camera) - I love how the car is just "smart" and is truly, such a pleasure to drive. Why Hyundai doesn't advertise this dream car is beyond my understanding - I live in a big city and I think I have seen maybe 2 or 3 other Azeras on the road in the last 10 months I have owned the car. If you are considering this automobile - DO IT. Just do it - you will NOT be disappointed. Way nicer and full of amenities than a base model Genesis, and way more value and is just better in my opinion than competitors like the Nissan Maxima or the Toyota Avalon. Did I mention the huge panoramic glass roof? It is a dream on wheels - I will not be trading in anytime soon - again - the Azera is everything I have ever wanted in a car, have gotten NUMEROUS compliments from people on it, it will NOT disappoint.

  • Good alternative to the new Genesis - 2016 Hyundai Azera
    By -

    This new model came with all the technology features I was looking for in a slightly upscale sedan.

  • 1 Year with My 2016 Azera - 2016 Hyundai Azera
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    I'm now one year in with my 2016 Hyundai Azera Limited and I still love it! This a fantastic luxury automobile without the luxury price tag. Like others have stated, I don't know why Hyundai has not talked about this car. I've never seen an ad for one and actually discoverd the Azera when I visited a Hyundai dealer a year ago to look at a Genesis. The salesperson recommended the Azera because I could get all of the Genesis luxury features at a significantly lower price point. Of course now that Hyundai is launching it's luxury Genesis brand seperate from Hyundai they are not bringing the Azera back for 2018. This decision allowed me to buy my Azera at a deep discount which was a win for me. This car has everything you could ever want in a luxury sedan and it's beautiful inside and out with sleek styling and a very well thought out cabin of comfort and conveniences. Living in hot Texas, I love my ventilated seats and automatic sun shade for the rear window. I don't think I can ever drive another vehicle that doesn't offer ventilated seats! My only gripe with this car was the oversensativity of the lane departure warning system. Luckily, the car gives you option to deactivate lane departure warning which I did. I might've liked that feature more if it actually corrected the stearing rather than just beeping at you. Blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic control with the backup camera are terrific features. I would also have preferred the front seat adjustments to be placed on the side of the seats as in most cars rather than on the doors and slightly difficult to reach and adjust while also sitting back at the same time. You won't find a better luxury car in the price point.

  • The 2016 is even better... - 2016 Hyundai Azera
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    We had a 2014 Azera(base model) and were quite pleased with the car...but there were a few features that were not on that vehicle - mostly safety related - that I would like to have. We found a 2016 Limited with everything that we wanted. The driver's information and NAV systems have been significantly upgraded. Safety features like blind spot, rear parking sensors, and adaptive cruise control are a real plus. The 2014 is a good car, but we like the updates and the upgrade to the 2016 Limited model...well worth the value to us.

  • A Shockingly Luxurious Vehicle - 2016 Hyundai Azera
    By -

    You get a lot for your money buying Hyundai. The Azera is an excellent example. The competition cannot come close to the size, speed, comfort or amenities of the Azera at the price or even at a higher price. One thing to note is that the Infinity sound system is pretty good but lacks a bit on the high end, thoughyou can make up for that using the equalizer. The functions of the stereo are quite common sense and well laid out withactual buttons for many functions. The competition seem to rely far too much on the touchscreen. I don't find that I have to use the touchscreen at all for most actions as real buttons handle most common tasks from running the climate control to changing the volume. A lot of perks also exist, such as the automatic headlights. Not only do you never have to turn your headlights on manually, but even the brights are automatic. If a car is approaching head-on the brights deactivate rather quickly and reactivate once the car has passed. The timing of this feature is absolutely perfect. You COULD also manually control the lights and bypass the automatic functions, but the computer and sensors handle this so well that you won't mind relinquishing those tasks. All of the tech is bypassable including the smooth and responsive automatic transmission. The option exists to use the stick shifter to change gears manually in a small mini gate to the left of the main automatic selection gate. This can really make the large sedan feel sporty, rocketing from zero to sixty in a respectable time under 7 seconds. Of course, one also has an economy mode. I was able to squeak out 32 mpg highway and 28 mpg in-town while still driving a bit aggressively and fast. It will hold 80 mph at 2000 rpm, so you have plenty of room to achieve higher speeds. At 80, the fastest I went, the sedan feels remarkably connected to the pavement while also somehow feeling a bit light. It is like flying nore than driving given the smooth suspension. But cornering ath higher speeds was nonetheless snappy and the body did not noticeably roll. The wet road handling is OK, though the wide tires feel uneasy in heavy rain and the wheel wells really fill up with an alarming effect if you hit a large puddle. Still, the car never hydroplanes, the braking and suspension instead compensating well for the excess power that might otherwise be problematic in unfavorable elements. It does indeed have that Asian import look (many are US built), but the exterior style is well executed and modern. Not a boring car to look at. Rather the playful fins sculpted into the rear harken back to the 1957 Chevy while the aggressive hood and fascia definately remind you that this vehicle exemplifies the future. Somehow the sculpted wavy lines all work together to make for a sporty yet elegant body. Vastly prettier tha an Audi or BMW, and more exotic than a Mercedes or Cadillac, the exterior will make the owner quite happy and satisfied. You don't seem to get used to looking at this car. It sticks out in a parking lot, unapologetically shaming more expensive luxury sedans for being so boring.

  • Azera - Hyundai's Red Headed Step Child. - 2016 Hyundai Azera
    By -

    This is our 2nd Azera, replacing our 2012 Ltd. For some reason Hyundai does not advertise this car. In the 4 years of owning out first Azera, we only saw one TV ad for this car. I my opinion, this is the best car in it's price range - bar none. The styling is great, quality is fantastic, great acceleration, the back seat is like a limo, and the value for the money is unbelievable. The only minor problems we have with the car is the stupid placement of the control for the power seats, up on the front part of the door instead of on the lower part of the seat bun where they belong, and the gas mileage. It get about 20 MPG around town and about 27 on the road. I thought it would be better, but it does have 290 HP, so I may be dreaming expect more. This car is best deal going too. We got ours for almost $8K off list, which made it to good to pass up, but it was deal at list. If you are looking at something in the $35K range, check out the Azera - you won't believe the value.

  • comfort & safety - 2016 Hyundai Azera
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    The car is comfortable, very roomy. The technology & electronic features are over whelming..Not easy to set up.

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