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  • Honda Quality isn't what it used to be! - 2016 Honda Odyssey
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    After loving my 2005 Odyssey for almost 12 years I decided it was time to update. I didn't put a lot of time into research because I knew what I wanted. Well you know what they say about 'assuming'. I assumed that the new Odyssey would be as good if not better than my last version; I was unfortunately wrong. First, the only way I could get both Navi & Rear Entertainment is to upgrade to a Touring; even though that combination used to be available on the EX-L. Fine, I can upgrade. I will start with the changes I find inconvenient. There are at least 4 cup holders missing; 2 in the front that used to pop down from bottom of the dash and the two on the sides of 2nd row seats. There is no good spot for kids in the second row to put their drinks. The tray on the center console is very shallow; it is not even deep enough to hold a stack of mail. There is a large storage box in the center console now, but it is so deep it is not realistic to go digging in there while you are driving; and to open it up means you can't store anything on the top tray. There is now only one glove box, rather than two; I found the little glove box was just right for registration and insurance cards, now just throw them in the big hole. The hidden compartment in the floor of the second row is now gone. With the old version of the rear entertainment system, it was one button push to control it from the front; that is not the case in the new version. The entire menu / control system is very difficult to use; no longer a quick touch but now you must dial and toggle and dial some more, and then go find the button to push. Fortunately my kids are now big enough to control it from the back but I don't think it would be doable with younger children (which surprisingly was the big selling point over the Toyota when I bought my first one). It is nice to be able to synch your phone and you can even voice tag your most used contacts. Only problem is that the voice tags don't seem to work, it actually brings up every person with a J in their name except for the one I want, even though that person is my number one favorite. Now for the more serious concerns. The windshield had a very bad distortion, so much so that I had a headache the entire day after I drove it to work. Imagine wearing someone else's glasses or looking through a fish bowl; that was the effect. Every person I had get in the driver seat saw it (except those at the dealer). Now today, the first time I use the windshield wipers because it rained, the passenger side wiper arm pops off while I am driving. I have only had the car for about 10 days, but if this an indication of Honda's quality I am concerned.

  • i love my car - 2016 Honda Odyssey
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  • Lindy Lou - 2016 Honda Odyssey
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    My odyssey is 2 weeks old. About 1000 miles. Absolutely love it. Pleasure to drive. Gas mileage appears to be very good. Traded in my 2002 odyssey. The 02 was a great van. 180000 miles. Nothing major. I highly recommend the 2016 Odyssey

  • 2016 Honda Odyssey EX-L w/navigation - 2016 Honda Odyssey
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    Research the vehicle value. Test drive, but don't purchase on the spot. Challenge the lowest price with an even lower price and send your offer to the dealership. Rule #1: Best prices will be found at high volume dealers. Dealerships with low inventory have to make their profit off the customer, not incentives from the manufacturer. Don't believe the old line: You are asking me to sell my vehicle for less than I paid for it...how can I stay in business without a profit? Case in point: Every dealership I called was quoting $37,000+ drive out (list $38,900) and two said $35,700 was the lowest drive out price possible. One dealership, Honda of Conyers, knocked off over $7K the list price and sold me the van for $34,934 drive out with 1.9% financing for 4 years. The reason for them to deal was they received the van from another high volume dealership and it had sat on their lot for 60 days or more. According to Donald Trump (Art of the deal), any deal you can't walk away from is a deal your are too emotionally involved with to get a good deal (paraphrased). Case in point: I originally negotiated a purchase with a Honda dealership for $36,000 drive out and was sitting at the finance managers desk with $1500 cash and a certified cashiers check for $8500. The finance manager and subsequent sales manager told me their dealership had a "policy" against taking cashiers checks and told me I would have to cash the check and bring them the cash. I told them if they wouldn't take the check I was walking out...and they refused to waive their policy, and I walked. Praise God, because 5 days later Honda of Conyers agreed to sell me the same van for $1066 less and would have taken my cashiers check (but I had subsequently cashed it in preparation for a cleaner deal). Also, Internet sites like Edmunds and TruCar have their favorite dealerships, and don't actually give you access to all the possibilities. Most will only provide 1 or 2 dealership prices, not necessarily the lowest. In fact, Honda of Conyers was not mentioned by either site and they were the lowest. Good luck and be that educated consumer!

  • Good but not great - 2016 Honda Odyssey
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    electronics in the way of trip meter, digital readouts of computer system is very very limited all you really get is an estimated MPG readout, no elapsed time or average speed or trip information on start engine to stop the engine on a trip. Trip mileage is the same as ti was on my 2001 Chevy pick up truck. There is no way to program what you want to see out of the computer and sensors. The front arm rest are not adjustable there are only a couple of preset positions none of which suit me or my wife. the power seats only go up and down they do not tilt the seat bottom and they are angled just a little to much to the back for my bad back. The analog speedometer and tachometer are white numerals on a light silver background and are hard to see during the day and there is no digital MPH readout only analog. Ride is great, gas mileage is OK. Also i hope you like some shade of silver or black or white because that is the only color that was on the three dealers lots we looked at. All in all not sure why I went ahead and bought the Odyssey!

  • love my Honda Odyssey - 2016 Honda Odyssey
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    Had a 2005 Honda Odyssey which had 183k on it. Needed a new car and got another Honda Odyssey (E-LX with rear navigation). My purchase price was fair (but on the higher end), but they gave me more for my trade in than they should have, so it balanced out.

  • Love the vehicle; hate the buying experience - 2016 Honda Odyssey
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    After 12 years, 222,000 miles and raising 3 children with our 2004 Odyysey EX-L, we decided to buy another one. It's still an awesome vehicle for the intended purpose. This is my wife's daily driver, so she has to be happy. If you get car sick easily beware of this van's tendency. In the beginning the transmission was jerky as it was wearing in, and that was bothersome. But after 700 miles now it seems to be smoothing out. Everything else is great. My only other advice is to avoid contact with Honda dealerships as much as you can. We contacted multiple dealers as we were looking at both gently used and new vehicles and the experience was bad at every one. We've bought other vehicles in the past from Honda and other makes and had good impressions, but this time we truly felt like just a number to them. It was so disappointing!

  • Traded in our 2012 for a 2016 LOVE IT!!! - 2016 Honda Odyssey
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    Traded in our 2012 EXL for a 2016. I am in love!!! I love the subtle changes Honda made, I won't miss my old odyssey at all because they are a lot like. They added the touch screen stereo I really liked this feature a lot. I like that the EXL is now equipped with camera with your blind spot on the right. The truffle leather interior is beautiful we got a pearl white exterior so very pretty. Rims are stylish. Very happy with our purchase.

  • Family car - 2016 Honda Odyssey
    By -

    We are very comfortable with 2 boys in this car. I love my Honda.

  • Odyssey vs Pilot - 2016 Honda Odyssey
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    I went to buy a 2016 Pilot. Wanted it bad, was dreaming about one. Family is growing, was thinking a Pilot would do it. Or is OK it has a smaller trunk, OK that 3rd row is smaller, OK it is 5 grands more - such a nice car. Well, after trying Pilot and Odyssey (just to prove myself that Odyssey is no match for a 40yo alfa male) I almost cried. Pilot is a truck, plain and simple. I felt that I'm driving an 18 wheeler. Attach wheels to my house, give it an engine - that's how it I felt. Parking garage at work? OMG, not in Pilot. Odyssey is a car like. Not as silent as Pilot, but so much easier to drive. Feels much secure. Acceleration is about the same. So much easier to see what is around you. Dung, I hate minivans. But unless I'm in the middle of a desert in Texas Odyssey still would be my choice. Also, 31k for SE OTD with 0.9% apr is so much better than 37k with 2.8%.

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